Monday, May 20, 2013

Who were those guys with guns???

Subject: Who Were Those Bad Guys With Guns?
Commentary from Paul R. Beane on KFYO radio on 1/24/2013:
Good afternoon, I'm Paul R. Beane, and I'm your right-wing gun nut.

You know me and my fellow gun owners are responsible for all the carnage in our streets and our schools. Never mind that Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my entire collection of firearms. Most of which I have owned since childhood, when I saved my pennies and nickels in order to purchase them, and each and every one is in perfect working order. It is the responsible gun owners of today who are being blamed for all the shootings. Obama calls us the right-wing gun nuts, clinging to our guns and to our religion.

But let's take a little closer look. The Fort Hood shooter is a Muslim and a registered Democrat. The Virginia Tech shooter wrote hate mail to George Bush and his staff and was a registered Democrat. Aurora Colorado shooter was a staff worker on the Obama campaign and took part in Occupy Wall Street. He was a progressive liberal and guess what? A registered Democrat. The Newtown, Conn, shooter hated Christians and was a registered Democrat. The Columbine highschool shooters were too young to vote, but both of their families were progressive liberals and registered Democrats.

And one more thing...not a single one of these killers was a member of the National Rifle Association. So I have got it figured out how to make this country much safer; leave the guns alone and lock up all the Democrats!

I'm Paul R. Beane, and that's the way I see it!

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