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The primary objective of Apollo 11 was to complete a national goal set by President John F. Kennedy on May 25, 1961: perform a crewed lunar landing and return to Earth. The following recording was taped by radio armatures monitoring the lunar landin:
Neil Armstrong, "The Eagle has landed…"
NASA, “What’s there?” ON THE MOON
NASA’s Mission Control asked the question to Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren, “What’s there???”

Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong replied, “These babies are ‘enormous!” “Oh my God, you wouldn't believe it!” “I ‘me telling you, there are other spacecraft out there lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They’re watching us!”

Mission Control, “Ignore them! Just do your job.”
We were warned never go back to the moon!

Ben rich, former head of Lockheed Skunk Works said:
“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity…..” “Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”

After Carl Sagan placed the gold music recording and the gold plate with drawing and measurements of the male and female human forms along with a description of our DNA and our planetary system it was launched toward the star constellation Hercules.
Arecibo, the largest radio telescope in the world sent a radio message in the direction of Hercules. Why Hercules?

Twenty seven years later a complex crop circle appeared in an English field next to a large radio telescope. It was almost an exact replica of gold plate that was placed in the Pioneer Satellite. Upon further inspection it was discovered that it described humanoids three and a half feet tall who were silicon base life forms with a triple spiral DNA. Was the Pioneer satellite sent in the direction of planet Serpo?

One day later another crop circle appeared in the same area depicting an alien gray-like figure holding a disk containing digital information of some sort. Deciphering the data the disk contained the following message: “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises, much pain but there is still time.” “There is good out there. We oppose deception.” Conduit closing. (Bell sound).

Was the Pioneer satellite sent in the direction of planet Serpo?
In the 1950’s Ike Eisenhower had made a deal with the gray aliens to trade DNA for technology. Our government sent twelve astronauts, ten men and two women to the planet Serpo located approximately twelve light years distant. The astronauts traveled in one of the large alien flying saucer spacecraft in a journey that lasted nine months.

Ten years later eight of them returned to Earth with volumes of information and film footage. The trip back to Earth was accomplished in a much larger spaceship only lasting six months.
 This makes sense if the planet Serpo is in the direction of Hercules because the galaxy gravity is strongest in the direction of Earth from Hercules. In my book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES I plotted our course through space from Hercules to discover that our sun was born in Orion.   
Two of our astronauts’ one man and one woman elected to stay on the planet Serpo and two had died on the arid planet Serpo in an accident. Serpo is a rather arid planet smaller than Earth with one ocean and a population of approximately 500-thousand people. If you want to know more type Serpo into any search engine…

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With just 45 days before the FCC order reducing the Internet to a public utility takes effect, we actually have some good news today!
The inventors of the Internet are headed to court to try to stop the FCC from regulating it.1
No, Donahue, it isn’t Al Gore – sorry to disappoint you.  This group is made up of pioneers who were actually responsible for shaping the Internet we use today.  And they know that FCC regulation will destroy everything that makes the Internet great.
As they put it: “a regulated company cannot serve two masters – regulator and customer – the regulatory requirements to which a regulated company is subject always trump customer needs.”2
They officially filed their petition for a stay with the FCC yesterday and plan to take it to court in two weeks. But it’s simply impossible to predict what the courts will do, and the future of the Internet is too important to be decided by judges.
Send a letter to Congress and let them know you strongly oppose the FCC order to regulate the Internet by clicking here.
Donahue, I am counting on you to stand with the pioneers of the Internet against Obama, Tom Wheeler, and the FCC.
On June 12 – just 45 days from today – Obama’s plan will come into effect.
Unless Congress acts or the court grants a stay, we could have just 45 more days of the Internet these pioneers created.  The Internet that has been such a remarkable free-market success story.
Donahue, as I said, your support is crucial to make this happen. Democrats are finally coming to the negotiating table. We must keep the pressure on.
It’s as simple as clicking here to make your voice heard in Congress.
If you don’t act now, we might be witnessing the beginning of the end of Internet freedom.
Phil Kerpen
President, American Commitment
1. Kathryn Bachman, "Internet pioneers to file lawsuit against FCC net neutrality order," Katy on the Hill, April 16, 2015.
2. Voice Exchange Communication Committee, “Declaration of Daniel Berninger,” FCC filing, April 27, 2015.
Want to support our work? We're working nonstop to protect economic freedom. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

PAID FOR BY AMERICAN COMMITMENT, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. This email was sent to Donahue Wait. To remove yourself from this list, click here.

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All Jade Helm Roads lead to Walmart
The absurdity of the Midland Walmart story in which the store had to be closed because of plumbing issues is amazing. In Midland, the Walmart is closed and we see a plethora of military activity at the store. Since when did the military service Walmart plumbing? Yet, there are some Americans who still believe this cover story.
All roads related to Jade Helm lead to Midland, Texas. Midland is at the heart of Jade Helm. If Jade Helm could be turned back in Midland, the globalists would have to find another means to subjugate the American people.

“I Don’t Know Nuthin”

In the past several days, I have talked to six people from both Midland and Odessa, Texas. Some of these people who form the economic backbone of the area, and they have figured out what is coming. I know there have been multiple private conversations about what to do about the growing Obama administration cancer growing right in their backyard among local business leaders.
In Midland, the number one Walmart, with regard to per capita spending in America, is suddenly closed, without warning, fires its employees and the former store is now a hotbed of reconstruction and military activity at the site and is crawling with military and the DHS personnel and vehicles. Where is the outrage?
From local business leaders, I have been able to ascertain that the cover story regarding Walmart’s faulty plumbing being the reason for the closure is a complete fabrication. The Midland, TX. Walmart had its plumbing updated six months prior to the closure of the store and no new plumbing permits have been obtained.
Unfortunately, every person I have spoken to is afraid to put their name on what they know to be true. They want to tell their story, but they are afraid of any consequences associated with standing up, exposing tyranny and doing the right thing. In this time of extreme crisis, we do not have the time to play games. If one is not willing to speak out ad be accountable for their statements, then do not masquerade as a freedom fighter. Since Saturday morning, I have spoken with five men and one woman and each one expressed fear and concern that they and their family would be victimized if they spoke out and they told what they knew. I am looking for people with courage in Midland who are outraged by this takeover and are willing to investigate and go on the record.
To the people of Midland, Texas, your city has been taken over by the Obama administration. Some of you are feeling the consequences of the takeover, the rest of you will soon feel the consequences of the takeover. Despite the fact that you will soon live in modern day Auschwitz, you remain relatively silent. Many of your people are being used to retrofit this Walmart, the economy has negatively been impacted by the closure of the Walmart, the military vehicles are at the closed Walmart for all to see and yet, the business and political leaders of your community “don’t know nuthin”.
Right now, today, there should be people in the streets protesting the military takeover of Walmart in Midland. Instead, we have a couple of people with video cameras attempting to covertly get the word out of the military invasion that has come to their town.

What We Know

Look at the following video it is shaky and unprofessionally produced, however, it shows the world what is going on in Midland where evil is triumphant because good men and women are saying nothing.

In the following video, please fast forward to the 22 minute mark, which is a must watch. At the 22 minute mark, Pete Santilli reports on his talk show how he has inside information that Walmart, Facebook and the DHS, (Editor’s Note: Pete has the documentation to support his position), have partnered to install facial recognition software in every Walmart because at some point in time, 85% of all Americans go into a Walmart.  (Pete’s report can be accessed at the 22 minute mark on the tape). In the same Santilli presentation, he played an ABC report which stated that plumbing permits for the closed Walmarts were not acquired and that includes the Walmart in Midland, TX.
Coincidentally, the following video also references the great work done by Deborah Tavares on Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare (Circa 2025). I say coincidentally, because Deborah was a guest on my show last night and she spoke of these revelations. On page 101 of the report, available at Deborah’s site, there is a reference to the fact when we take vaccinations, we automatically have a bio-identifier implanted in our system that can be scanned to identify where we are at any given time. I have learned from my sources, that these markers are not totally reliable because they can biodegrade over time. Yet, the intention is clear, DHS is attempting to tag us before they bag us.

Walmart Is Part of the Purple Command Structure

My sources tell me that the Walmart Supercenters are going to be used as a multi-purpose facility. The Walmarts that are open will indeed be used to identify everyone who enters their store and the information will be instantly relayed to DHS. Therefore, if you are a person on the Red List, you better stay out of Walmart. In fact, all Americans should be encouraged to stay out of all Walmarts.
It is not just Walmart that Red Listed people must worry about. The problem for any people who have been “Red Listed” is that they do not know how many other public venues will have the same capacity for facial recognition. Four years ago, when I was investigating Intellistreets technology which included plans for DHS to install facial recognition software in every traffic camera and light pole, I learned that most traffic cameras are already tied into the NSA and DHS database with facial recognition. There can only be one reason to possess this technology and that is to identify and to eliminate political enemies of the state.
The military term “Purple Command” means that a facility has a joint use function. For example a military base may play home to the Marines and the Air Force. This is looked at as a cost-savings measure. However, it is also a means to unify the military under one strategic command in a Gestapo type of approach that will be needed to control the military and its personnel in the coming purge.
The Purple Command structure of Walmart, at this point, appears to be two-fold. The Midland Walmart as well as the other closed Walmarts, as I have identified before, have been converted into a military logistics operation. It is clear that tunnels are connecting the Walmart under the guise of plumbing supplies. Additionally, an inordinate amount Walmarts are located near railroad tracks and this certainly helps to confirm this intention. The question that is not being answered in these Walmart conversions is what is the Obama administration preparing for? I will address that issue in the conclusion of this article.
Back to Midland for a moment, I was told by two people that there is construction going on inside the Walmart in which many of the product shelves have been replaced by much bigger and much more sturdy shelves capable of sleeping two at a time. This was their words not mine. This speaks to a second purpose for this Walmart and that would be slave labor. Does this sound far-fetched?  It does not when one considers Executive Order 13603, issued by Obama, which calls for “unpaid consultants” to do the work assigned to them by the Department of Labor in Section 502.
Again, the credibility of this part of the report is compromised because both parties were to afraid to provide any identifying information. My media colleague, Paul Martin has been told EXACTLY the same story and Paul is not afraid to use his real name. People of Midland, your community has been invaded by the Obama administration and you need to put eyes on this Walmart and begin to release credible accounts that can verified. You will never know if you could turn this back with enough attention unless you try.


All Jade Helm roads to lead to Midland. In this former Walmarts lies the clues which tells us where the Jade Helm crisis is headed.
The latter development, listed above, with the notation of the installation of sleeping facilities speaks to the fact that we are looking at the second (purple) purpose of the Walmart takeover and that is most frightening of all. The closed Walmarts will be used as work camps for the receipt and distribution of military hardware. This explains all of the military vehicle activity we see at the Midland Walmart.
What are these Walmart centers and the 133 closed Target centers in Canada preparing for? Who are going to be the combatants. That will be the topic of tomorrow’s article.

Dollar Substitute???

Friday, April 24, 2015

U.S. Dollar Substitute to Go Public on Oct 20th 2015?


First Look: U.S. Dollar Substitute to Go Public on Oct 20th?

The International Monetary Fund is one of the most secretive and powerful organizations in the world.

They monitor the financial health of more than 185 countries… they establish global money rules… and provide “bail-out” assistance to bankrupt nations.

And on Oct 20th of this year, the IMF is expected to announce a reserve currency alternative to the U.S. dollar, which will send hundreds of billions of dollars moving around the world, literally overnight.

According to Juan Zarate, who helped implement financial sanctions while serving in George W. Bush’s Treasury department, “Once the [other currency] becomes an alternative to the dollar, rules of the game begin to change.”

And Leong Sing Chiong, Assistant Managing Director at a major central bank, said this dollar alternative “is likely to transform the financial landscape in the next 5-10 years.”

According to currency expert, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud (recently featured on CNBC, and Bloomberg),

“I’ve been active in the markets for over two decades now… but I’ve never seen anything that could move so much money, so quickly. Hundreds of billions of dollars could change hands in a single day after this announcement is made.”

“The announcement will start a domino effect, that will basically determine who in America gets rich in the years to come… and who struggles.”

Dr. Sjuggerud says if you own any U.S. assets—and that includes stocks, bonds, real estate, or just cash in a bank account–you should be aware of what’s about to happen, and know how to prepare.

Experts say this announcement, expected Oct. 20th, could trigger one of the most profound transfers of wealth in our lifetime.

But as Dr. Sjuggerud explains, if you understand what’s taking place, and can get ahead of this move, you can not only protect your money, but safely make a small fortune in the next few years.

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud and his research team have put together a full analysis on not only what this announcement means for the economy, but also how it could affect you, your money, and your investments, personally.

Source: The Crux


Yes ladies and gentlemen, THIS is Obama's top adviser.  
Seems as if his promise to fundamentally change America is in full swing.
Had enough yet?

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Alaska Frontier Nurse

Autobiography of Lois Kroll, Henry's mother
While working for the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky and as Public Health Nurse in Alaska, Lois delivered more than 200 babies.
Lois first came to Alaska in 1937 after answering a small newspaper ad requesting a Public Health Nurse in Seldovia, Alaska. She applied for the position and to her surprise was accepted. When the Alaska Steamship Company ship, Aleutian arrived in Seldovia she remarked in her diary, "I met the outgoing nurse and inherited her cat and the boyfriend."
Upon arriving in Seldovia, Lois discovered that the landscape was dotted with outhouses. The people had no running water and were drinking polluted well water. Influenza, colds, and dysentery ran rapidly through the population. She immediately petitioned the Town Council to raise money for a pipeline and organized a group of men to install the water line from a makeshift dam at Fish Creek. Her job consisted of inoculating the population against typhoid, diphtheria, and smallpox and generally improve the living conditions and health of the people. Her territory was Seldovia, Homer, Kenai, Anchor Point, Port Graham and English Bay. The city of Soldotna didn't exist yet.
Having babies is a life and death matter. The stress of this occupation can wear heavy on a person after a few years. Here in her own words is her story titled, Frontier Living written for the Seattle, Ballard Senior Center 1990.
Send Check or Money Order to:
Henry Kroll
513 Peninsula Avenue
KenaiAlaska   99611
Phone: (907) 740-0386
Author - Lois Kroll
Published 2014
85 pages with illustrations
$20 Paperback + $5 postage

Mad Trapper of Alaska

Legendary pioneer and bush pilot.
This is the story of Henry Kroll I, who ran away from home at age eight and was raised by the Nez Perce Indians, learning their language and culture. He later became a circus strongman, chopper pilot, commercial fisherman, and deputy US Marshall. Henry was a constant source of invention and excelled at everything he did. He was fluent in seven languages. As a musician, he played every instrument. Every day was an adventure. From trapping live wolverines to defending himself from a bear with an axe, there was nothing he couldn't do. Read about the adventures of this fascinating man.
Send Check or Money Order to:
Henry Kroll
513 Peninsula Avenue
KenaiAlaska   99611
Phone: (907) 740-0386
Factual accounts by various authors, Henry Kroll
Published 2014
100 pages, well-illustrated
$20 Paperback + $5 postage

Die with the Most Toys: Stuff you didn't learn in school

A Self-Help Guide
This amazing self-help guide provides the reader with an abundance of sensible, hands-on, and usable information. The author has put together IRS regulations, and tax tips for the financially affluent, proven business ventures for the middle class, and tips on how to get ahead, for the less affluent. This book contains powerful information on how to shop for second-hand furniture, appliances, bargain food, and other household items, as well as suggestions for reducing the cost of utilities. Very enlightening!
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2008
107 pages, well-illustrated
$15.99 Paperback - ISBN: 1436300746 and ISBN-13: 9781436300742
$24.99 Hardback - ISBN: 1436300754 and ISBN-13: 9781436300759
eBooks available at Barnes and Noble

Cosmological Ice Ages

Light years ahead of our present level of science the Authors, Brad Guth and Henry Kroll plotted our sun's course from Orion to Hercules to discover that we are in a 105,000-year elliptical orbit around a white dwarf star. At our closest point of one-tenth light year this star doubles the incoming invisible, ultraviolet light striking Earth creating the many layers of coal, oil and limestone laid down between ice ages. These are carbon-based, resources taken out of our atmosphere by plant growth using an invisible ultraviolet light from space. The same process that made the gypsum sheet rock on the wall of your house also made the oxygen you are currently breathing. You can't drive a car without a neutron star!
Send Check or Money Order to:
Henry Kroll Phone: (907) 740-0386
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2006
387 pages with illustrations
$31.35 Large Paperback ISBN-10: 1425170625 and ISBN-13: 978-1425170622
eBooks available at Barnes and Noble

Cosmological Ice Ages Book Two

Ice ages can come on in as little as ten to twenty years and last over 90,000 years. Most arable land is covered with mile-high sheets of ice. People can't grow food and have to move south or starve to death and freeze. We have less than fifteen-thousand, years between ages to develop technology to get off the planet to live in space, colonize other worlds, leave a record of our existence and we are screwing it up again. It is crucial for humanity to do this. Once humanity becomes conscious of these facts then it will eliminates religious wars, and corporate monopolies that lock up resources for world domination. Most of the world's population now lives in a religious manifestation of reality that must be brought back to reality in order to inherit the stars. This book is about raising consciousness for survival. To quote Dr. Steven Greer: "The inner development of consciousness eventually overtakes technology, simply because it must in order for the species to survive..."
Send Check or Money Order to:
Henry Kroll
513 Peninsula Avenue
KenaiAlaska   99611
Phone: (907) 740-0386
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2006

Philosopher's Stone: Immortality Discovered

Inside We Reveal the Substance Within the Ark of the Covenant!
This book is about an alien science so advanced that it is indistinguishable from magic and it may be the greatest discovery of the human race since fire. This technology has been locked up by secret societies for personal gain. Now for the first time in three thousand years it is available to you. This book contains 4 recipes to make manna in your kitchen!
Send Check or Money Order to:
Henry Kroll Phone: (907) 740-0386
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2004
208 pages
$16.95 Paperback - ISBN: 1932672230
$24.95 Hardcover - ISBN: 1932672249
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The Frog Is Cooked: Why you have to work two jobs to make ends meet

A Constitutional Petition for Redress of Grievance
Includes the report from Iron Mountain, Mad Cow, HAARP, Echelon, Taking back your Constitutional rights, Suing the Government and much more.
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2003
204 pages
$16.95 Paperback - ISBN-13: 9781425796907
eBooks available at Barnes and Noble

Home of the Angels

NASA's Tether Experiment
This book is about NASA's long wire tether experiment. NASA astronauts filmed the experiment from the space shuttle Columbia with a hand-held video camera that contained a wide spectrum chip enabling the camera to pick up high ultraviolet images that ordinarily would be invisible to the human eye. The long wire tether satellite contained a reel with a 12-mile-lorig cable and instruments to measure voltage in the upper atmosphere. The satellite measured a voltage ranging from 12 to 14 million volts. While the astronauts were filming the experiment from a distance of fifty miles a sudden surge of over three million volts burnt the cable in half. After NASA retrieved the satellite switches were thrown and a CO2 tank valve had been opened.
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2003
174 pages
$16.95 Paperback - ISBN-13: 9781467850094
eBooks available at Barnes and Noble

Sand Pirates

Foreign Affairs, Middle East History, and Contemporary Politics
An informative book of little known facts concerning U.S. involvement in the Middle East. The author examines the "follow the money" international foreign policy of the United States and its allies. This chronological account presents a concise overview of government misinformation to further an agenda of world domination through problem, reaction, solution, scenario. The author believes it is your civic duty to question government on all levels. To do otherwise is to forfeit your constitutional rights.
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2003
76 pages
$15.99 Paperback - ISBN: 1-4257-9691-5 and ISBN13: 978-1-4257-9691-4
eBooks available at Barnes and Noble

Space Ships of the Gods

UFO and Extraterrestrial Handbook
This is a wonderful collection of documented UFO, and extraterrestrial activity, formatted in one comprehensive volume. The author takes you into the secretive world of the World War II era, German Third Reich space vehicle, rocket, and ballistic missile programs. He also narrates the post war catch-up space programs of the United States and Russia. Some of the this stuff has been around for awhile, but much of the new information will make your hair stand on end! The thorough, and detailed accounts of the 1999 Russian archeology find of ancient glass and porcelain coated Dolomite relief map segments, is reason enough to read this book.
Send Check or Money Order to:
Henry Kroll
513 Peninsula Avenue
KenaiAlaska   99611
Phone: (907) 740-0386
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2002
180 pages
$16.95 Paperback

Gold of the Gods

A 30 Year Search for the Philosopher Stone
Carried in the Ark of the Covenant this Anti-Gravity Superconductor was used by God's Angels to create man. Later it was used by the priests to talk to God. The gifts that go with the Manna are perfect telepathy. You will know good and evil when it is in the room with you. You can project your thoughts, levitate, walk on water, and live forever. This is an intriguing manuscript, which examines ancient Egyptian historical events, ancient Hebrew history, the artifacts, and the Israelite Ark of the Covenant, life extension, levitation. and many other ancient secrets of life. The author's research is a very comprehensive integrated study of ancient history, theological legends, and their relation to paranormal phenomena. Part adventure story, part legend, and part wilderness novel, the information compiled in this work is so richly evocative it defies definition.
Author - Henry Kroll
Published 2003
219 pages
$19.95 Paperback - ISBN: 1412004691
eBooks available at Barnes & Noble

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Fellow Tea Party Loyalist,

Do you love your guns?

How strongly do you feel about your Second Amendment right to bear arms...and about protecting your family?

If you feel as passionately as the rest of us then you better get ready.

Obama is not done and if he gets his way in the near future, we're finished.

America will be reduced to a system of government slavery.
We will have no guns, no ammo and will be stripped naked, exposed and vulnerable

We the People will be shackled, bleeding from the inside out, suffocated and strangled. You can stop this—even help us keep intensify our efforts. I need you tosign our Congressional Gun Warning now.

As you read this urgent message you will see why this cannot wait. The more I hear the more shock and disgust fill my gut and tear through me like a circular saw.

Here is what has me wound up in knots...

Obama has nothing to lose. He can't be reelected and his as a result, his reign of terror we've repeatedly warned you about, has begun.

He's on a terror-filled rampage like America has ever seen before, and it scares the hell out of me. That is why it is as critical as every breath you take to sign our Congressional Gun Warning today—get your "NO WAY, YOU’RE  TAKING MY GUNS THAT I HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO HAVE—NOT NOW, NOT EVER!!! STOP OBAMA’S GUN AND AMMO GRAB!"

Look, Obama's next steps—his plot against America is unthinkable. He will carry out crimes against the Constitution, We The People and against God. Heaven help us.  He has made it clear: he wants your guns and he is coming for them—and he will do anything to get them.

I am reluctant to tell you the details, but I must. 

I have to warn you. Patriots across America are expressing shock and disbelief, disgust and anger as they learn more about Obama’s egregious plan.

Even our long-time allies are shocked, sickened and embarrassed by what America has become under the Obama regime. They can see the writing on the wall so clearly—and ask why so many Americans cannot see it or refuse to!

It is up to us to let them know. We are fully prepared to do so with your help. We've been working day and night, on little sleep and little to eat, putting ourCongressional Gun Warning campaign together. Please sign it—now, not tomorrow.

If you're even hesitating one iota, think about how important keeping your .38, .22 or 9mm handguns or your rifles and shotgun are to you. Obama could give a rip if you use your guns for protection or for hunting. He wants those firearms and he intends to take them—right along with the ammo.

I'm about to reveal his shocking plan right here.

Obama is a predator, preying on America, violating her at every turn. 

His actions are disgraceful—from his ghastly plan to disarm US citizens and grab our guns to his pressuring states to outlaw ammunition—his true color has been revealed. Vivid communist red.

It is like bitter stain against freedom that runs down the walls, seeping into the seams and cracks, staining, even destroying everything in its wake like a vile poison.

Do you know every day my Tea Party intelligence teams and undercover operatives call, email and text me, alarmed with more stories of how Obama will wreak havoc with his gun grab and ammo confiscation and his New World Order mandates.


But that's why the TEA PARTY—YOUR TEA PARTY—is fighting back with everything we have! Will you be part of it? Please I am asking you one-to-one: help us. Sign the Congressional Gun Warning now.

Listen, Obama blatantly and knowingly with malice and purpose broke the law in an all-out effort to prohibit one of the most popular types of ammunition for the AR-15.

Don't think for one second it ends there.

Just weeks ago the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), announced it was going to fast-track a ban on 5.56 mm M855 ammunition.

That fast-track ban was not going to happen by Congressional mandate but by poison pen—AGAIN! Obama's plan was to fast-track the ban through executive action.

When I heard this I immediately alerted our troops. Thankfully the Tea Party loyalist’s stormed into action and bombarded Congress with millions of fax blasts, emails, phone calls and personal visits.

We pushed hard and gave it all the muscle we had and the ATF backed down—for now.

There's no time to sit back and enjoy our victory because Obama is already back at it. Pushing relentlessly like the vicious predator he is.

Are you ready to lock and load? Good.

We already know Obama and his liberal thugs are secretly planning another gun and ammo grab. We must be ready to move on a dime. This is very serious. Can you help us stop him by signing our Congressional Gun Warning—and helping us build our arsenal with a donation?

Without you it just won't happen.
Obama and his socialist scum have found it difficult to grab our guns so they're looking for a way around it. What would be the next most logical maneuver?

They're making a grab for our bullets. Without ammo a gun becomes a worthless piece of metal..

Cunning liberal socialists are getting ready to dance in the streets, overjoyed with the thought they can grab and destroy America’s bullets, leaving gun chambers empty and the American people defenseless.

As if that's not heinous enough, their gun and ammo grab is going straight to the state level! Several states are now considering outlawing lead the name of the environment!

What kind of cockamamie crap is that? 

Lawmakers at the state level have been brainwashed!

As I write, there are dozens of gun and ammo control bills sitting on Governors' desks waiting to be signed. Should these bills get signed it would outlaw lead ammunition under the umbrella of an “assault-weapons” ban.

Some experts estimate about 95 percent of all ammunition sold contains lead. But the insidiousness doesn’t stop there. Lead based bullets are not the only issue.

Alternative metal bullets have already been outlawed by the ATF.

This is all part of the great gun and ammo grab in Obama's master plan. They’re hoping Americans do nothing but sit back and shut up!

It is up to us to end this lunacy. Sign the Congressional Gun Warning and give your best donation ever today.

Do you believe in your Second Amendment rights? Do you believe you have a right to own a gun and to protect yourself and your loved ones? Damn right. That can only mean one thing...

It's time the Tea Party shoots this gun and ammo grab scheme full of holes once and for all!

We're going to have to move mountains to make it happen but if you step up, we can do it.

And if you don't?

Then you better be prepared to have every single gun you own and every single bullet confiscated—and you have no one to blame but yourself.

Don't sit there and wait for someone else to do it. Be part of our campaign to fire a warning shot!

Besides marching on Washington and putting key Congressmen in place throughout the halls of Congress and top Congressional hangouts, we've created a warning so powerful it'll rock the Obama socialists—stop them dead in their tracks.

We're going to blast the CONGRESSIONAL GUN WARNING to every member of the House and Senate and it will make their blood boil and their stomach churn. They WILL fear us and what we will do if they allow this gun and ammo grab to go through.

Are you with me? Can I count on you? We are in this together. Side-by-side, holster-to-holster.


Our strategy could stop Obama’s gun and ammo grab cold but please understand once it’s deployed there is no telling how he will take payback on the American people.

But no matter what, the Tea Party will not allow Obama and his minion Army to strip our guns and bullets from our hands leaving us defenseless and hopeless, we will resist!

I'm sharing this plan with you because I want you to be part of it. 

If you choose to do nothing then all those rallies, protests, demonstrations, marches, letters, faxes, phone calls and clandestine operations we have in place—you can kiss them goodbye.  I WILL have to order them to come to a grinding halt.

We have a strong Tea Party conservative Congressman in place, willing and able to protect our right to bear arms. The Tea Party has slowed down the ATF and Obama’s plan to strip US citizens of the right to bear arms—but there is a lot more work to be done.

How BAD do you want this gun perversion to end? 

If you choose not to send the Congressional Gun Warning to every member of Congress and choose not to help us rebuild the Tea Party war chest now...then be forewarned:

You can kiss your Ruger, Beretta, Smith & Wesson or your Sig Sauer goodbye—or any other firearm you own for that matter—right along with the ammo. 

Maybe you don't know this but with our Tea Party war chest replenished we can blast faxes, letters, phone calls and emails and hold face-to-face visits with our Congressmen...whether they like it or not.

Time is running out and we still have to organize rallies, demonstrations, and protests and get more boots on the ground in Washington—and we've got to do itnow.

Freedom is NOT free. It comes with a price. 

I am asking you, begging you, pleading with you...

Please sign the Congressional Gun Warning right away and give your best possible donation to help the Tea Party get this Congressional Gun Warning out across America. We are on High ALERT and I need you to do it now.

Do you want to know why? 

Obama is dead set on an executive gun and ammo grab no matter how the new Congress may try to stop him

Our Commander-in-Thief, Chief Bully Puppeteer is complying with the U.N. gun grabbing scheme... and pushing his One World agenda, flipping off Congress as he does it. And he is damn sure he can get away with it.

With every fiber of his being he intends to break America...force her down to third world level at any cost. Obama views America as a colonial power—one that is unjust and unwilling to join the global community.

He's going to make sure we are punished for it by grabbing our guns and ammo!

Obama and his evil cohorts will continue with this malicious plan in spite of the American people, in spite of the pain and hardship it inflicts and even despite the mass destruction it brings.

Obama has his gun and ammo grab all plotted out.

Do you see it now—why it is SO urgent you sign the Congressional Gun Warning right now—not tomorrow or the next day or when you get around to it.By that time the Feds or even your own police could be knocking on your door, demanding you "hand it over!"

Obama not only wants to complete his mission to bring America down to her knees and humiliate the United States in the eyes of the world, but to prove liberal socialism cannot be stopped.

This is why I’m depending on you to sign the Congressional Gun Warning right away so we can get it into the hands of all 100 Senators and all 435 members of the house representatives immediately. Then give your best donation!

Do it now, time is running out!

The Tea Party, conservatives and freedom-loving Americans must be mentally, physically and financially prepared for the battle ahead and it’s going to take everything we have to brave this new domestic gun and ammo grabbing Cold War.

If not for the Tea Party where would America be now? 

Because of our extreme success in temporarily stopping the ATF and DHS gun and ammo grab, our war chest is almost empty. But we have to meet our deadlines now, not tomorrow or "later."

If we miss our deadlines we will be set back more than 100,000-fold. Please, you won’t let that happen will you?

This scares the h#& out of me and it should you, too.

Tea Party caucus, millions of Tea Party members, conservative Republicans, independents, libertarians, retired military—we all must unite together to stop this gun and ammo grabbing madman in the White House.

I know this Tea Party strategy is bold and brazen and it has a shot at working’s going to take everything we've got to get it done.

You can't sit back and expect someone else to do it. That is just not an option!

Just like the British in the revolutionary war making a run at a gun grab to make the colonies defenseless, so is Obama’s Royal Court trying to make America defenseless against the One World Order Agenda.

Yes, the Tea Party strategy could throw America into chaos. Civil unrest, gun confiscation and fistfights on the floor of Congress could erupt, but with your help we will be ready.

If you have been drinking the Obama Kool-Aid then you will stay silent and watch America get flushed down the sewer being defenseless, hopeless and ruined. Think I’m kidding?

Let me ask you this:
  • Why would Obama want to disarm America?
  • Why would Obama give away armored cars and mobile weapons to local police forces?
  • Why would Obama replace many of the military officers with his handpicked minions?
  • Why would Obama demand America’s guns and ammo be seized and destroyed?
Because this vile predator is desperate to finish his global master plan to disarm America and bring her bring down to her knees.

We must stop Obama’s gun and ammo grab at all costs! I don't beg but today I am begging you. I will do whatever I have to do make sure this vile excuse of a president is stopped. Will you?

All you have to do is:


We will deliver it to all 100 senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives and tell them we refuse to let Obama take America from us—or take our guns and ammo!

#2. Give us your best donation so we can keep fighting on the most massive scale yet.

Please, I pray I can count on you in this dire time of need.

In case you do not understand the critical nature of this call to ranks let me tell you...

Massive number of letters, emails and faxes must go out in addition to hundreds of thousands of CONGRESSIONAL GUN WARNINGS.

The number of phone calls we have to make around the country is astounding. It takes more than an army to get all of this done and a mind-boggling amount of financial resources.


Please, sign the Tea Party CONGRESSIONAL GUN WARNING today! I already signed it and I would like to see your name at the top right next to mine—Patriot-to-Patriot, gunner-to-gunner.

Are you with me? Great, I knew I could count on you!

Sign it right away so we can unload these powerful warnings on all 100 Senators and all 435 members of the House of Representatives. We will create a massive avalanche they can't miss and can't ignore.

Hurry, time is running out!

I have to raise $217,76.00 in the next 15 days and I need everyone’s help to do it.

Every time we engage the enemy it siphons money out of our war chest. We are fighting gun and ammo grabbing with everything we got, but will that be enough? With your help we can get closer to victory. are all we have left, grassroots, mom and pop America. Help merebuild the Tea Party war chest and get ready to stop the gun-grabbing predator in the White House!

Whatever you can donate will be used in our Tea Party war chest to rescue America and turn back the vile forces of those who want to take over our government, destroy our Constitution and annihilate freedom, liberty, and justice.

Please sign your Congressional Gun Warning and give best donation today without delay.

We won a significant battle when we temporary stopped the DHS and the ATF from gun and ammo grabbing just a few weeks ago. But’s time to finish this war once, prevent the perversion of our Constitution and let freedom ring throughout the land.

Think:  how bad do you want to keep your guns and ammo? Yeah, me, too. Sign and donate today!

God bless you and your family.

Steve Eichler,
CEO, Tea Party

P.S. - Listen up! Obama can't be reelected so this is his last shot at grabbing our guns and ammo and bringing America to her knees. Obama’s reckless disregard of the Constitution and abuse of our time-tested system will only expand into lawless totalitarianism. We must warn Congress: if they side with the Obama's socialist ideals, desecrate our Constitution or eradicate our freedoms there will be hell to pay. Hurry! Sign the Congressional Gun Warning today.

** Please forward this email to at least four of your friends and ask them to support our efforts. **