Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hip replacement? Alternative rebuild cartilage!

I am scheduled for hip joint replacement January 11, 2010

I have been limping around with a lot of pain for over a year. There is little no cartilage in my hip joints. The doctors took a total of 9 x-rays in two months to confirm. The right hip joint the cartilage is completely gone. Its bone on bone. They want to saw my leg bone off, drive a titanium spike down into the bone and put a metal ball in my hip bone.

I am having some success eliminating the pain with the following to possibly grow cartilage with the following daily routine. If you are interested I can send you the info.

I went to the doctor and got 100 steroid pills which speed up your healing process about four times. I am taking 6, 10 mg pills a day for the first three days and tapering off to 5 daily for three days then 4 daily for three days, tree daily for three days, two daily for three days and then one pill a day for three days. Two in morning, two noon and two at night for first three days.

I am 66 which means, I have less than 5 base pairs per turn of DNA so the cell replication rate is much slower than a younger person. When you are born you have 25 base pairs per turn of DNA and your cell division is much faster as is your healing rate. YOu have to feed the mitochondria to speed up cell division and increase the number of base pairs per turn.

This is explained more in my old book, Philosopher's Stone which I wrote twenty years ago. The book contains 7 recipes to make the white-powder-of-gold in your kitchen. They were developed by Fizer and are worth millions to you if your dieing from cancer or AIDS. This book can be purchased from Amazon, Barns and Noble, Infinity Publishhing 1-800-Buy-Book or go to my web sites: Listen to my many radio interviews free by clicking on the links. Its easy and free.

The Prednisone steroids are a bad chemical for cartilage growth but it is necessary to speed up my cell division and repair the damage at a faster rate. If you want to take two more weeks of pain it is up to you.

1. Soy Protien powder “Nature Made” 150 calories 2 scoops: 35% of most vitamins.
2. Super collagen type 1&3 “Neocell” brand for hair, bones, mussel, skin and ligaments 6.6 grams powder mixed into above protein with glass of milk.
3. Gllutamine+ 5 grams taurine 2 grams and glycine 500 mg mixed in one scoop into above drink to metabolize your food better.
4. Instaflex 3 Capsules Glucosamine + Condrinten + pumpkin seed and other stuff.
5. Cats Claw 1 capsules 500 mg – a South American herb.
6. 1 Sentry Silver milti-vitamin for active adults 55+
7. Vitamin C with rose hips 1000 mg.
8. Chromium Picolinate 400 mcg reduces risk type 2 diabetes promotes weight loss.

1. Norwegian Cod Liver oil 1 tablespoon --contains vitamin A and B for eyes etc.
2. Norwegian Cod Liver 2 capsules
3. MSM 1500 from GNC --Very important for joint cartilage.
4. Collagen-C 2 capsules --(regular dosage 6)
5. Co Q-10 100 mg Wall Mart.
6. Shark Cartilage 750 mg. GNC
7. D-3 1000 IU
8. ALFALFA COMPLEX with calcium 300 mg, phosphorus 200 mg 10 mg sodium.
9. DHEA 50 mg. Thought to slow the ageing process. Produced by adrenal gland.
10. One aspirin to increase blood flow.

Bone marrow protien is the best to eat for joint repair but the meat you get at the store is pumped full of hormones and antibiotics which you don't need.

I am also eating more mushrooms, apples and oranges. Mushrooms are reported to help repair joint cartilage. I have no pain and can walk without limping.
Drink lots of water! I had two large cups of tea with homey and lemon and one piece of toast with rasberry jam for breakfast. Two eggs and two sausage patties for lunch. No hash browns. No coffe but my old doctor says coffee is an antiflamitory. It may or may not be good for you. I can't prove it one way or another. I feel better without it.

My old dog Gabby 16 years got one boiled egg and some sausage along with canned dog food. She is doing fine. We don't take her on walks anymore because she is loosing weight and old. The other two are large mutts. One is a black lab and the other half German Sheppard and Elk Hound. Both have a lot of energy and drag you along.

I walked the dogs through the woods 3/4 mile today four days after taking the above. I could not walk 100 yards four days ago. I have little pain. Some stiffness is due to sore mussels and lack of exercise.

Under the new health care law you may be billed $80,000 by the IRS for the free health care you received from your Medicare. Do you really want to get the operation?

The IRS will administer this new program so that not only do they know how much you earn each year they know what kind of health you are in. They are getting ready for the Obama death squads. Read my book, THER FROG IS COOKED to learn more about this. I gave a talk about this book on Blog Talk radio last night. Type in my name Henry Kroll.