Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hip replacement? Alternative rebuild cartilage!

I am scheduled for hip joint replacement January 11, 2010

I have been limping around with a lot of pain for over a year. There is little no cartilage in my hip joints. The doctors took a total of 9 x-rays in two months to confirm. The right hip joint the cartilage is completely gone. Its bone on bone. They want to saw my leg bone off, drive a titanium spike down into the bone and put a metal ball in my hip bone.

I am having some success eliminating the pain with the following to possibly grow cartilage with the following daily routine. If you are interested I can send you the info.

I went to the doctor and got 100 steroid pills which speed up your healing process about four times. I am taking 6, 10 mg pills a day for the first three days and tapering off to 5 daily for three days then 4 daily for three days, tree daily for three days, two daily for three days and then one pill a day for three days. Two in morning, two noon and two at night for first three days.

I am 66 which means, I have less than 5 base pairs per turn of DNA so the cell replication rate is much slower than a younger person. When you are born you have 25 base pairs per turn of DNA and your cell division is much faster as is your healing rate. YOu have to feed the mitochondria to speed up cell division and increase the number of base pairs per turn.

This is explained more in my old book, Philosopher's Stone which I wrote twenty years ago. The book contains 7 recipes to make the white-powder-of-gold in your kitchen. They were developed by Fizer and are worth millions to you if your dieing from cancer or AIDS. This book can be purchased from Amazon, Barns and Noble, Infinity Publishhing 1-800-Buy-Book or go to my web sites: Listen to my many radio interviews free by clicking on the links. Its easy and free.

The Prednisone steroids are a bad chemical for cartilage growth but it is necessary to speed up my cell division and repair the damage at a faster rate. If you want to take two more weeks of pain it is up to you.

1. Soy Protien powder “Nature Made” 150 calories 2 scoops: 35% of most vitamins.
2. Super collagen type 1&3 “Neocell” brand for hair, bones, mussel, skin and ligaments 6.6 grams powder mixed into above protein with glass of milk.
3. Gllutamine+ 5 grams taurine 2 grams and glycine 500 mg mixed in one scoop into above drink to metabolize your food better.
4. Instaflex 3 Capsules Glucosamine + Condrinten + pumpkin seed and other stuff.
5. Cats Claw 1 capsules 500 mg – a South American herb.
6. 1 Sentry Silver milti-vitamin for active adults 55+
7. Vitamin C with rose hips 1000 mg.
8. Chromium Picolinate 400 mcg reduces risk type 2 diabetes promotes weight loss.

1. Norwegian Cod Liver oil 1 tablespoon --contains vitamin A and B for eyes etc.
2. Norwegian Cod Liver 2 capsules
3. MSM 1500 from GNC --Very important for joint cartilage.
4. Collagen-C 2 capsules --(regular dosage 6)
5. Co Q-10 100 mg Wall Mart.
6. Shark Cartilage 750 mg. GNC
7. D-3 1000 IU
8. ALFALFA COMPLEX with calcium 300 mg, phosphorus 200 mg 10 mg sodium.
9. DHEA 50 mg. Thought to slow the ageing process. Produced by adrenal gland.
10. One aspirin to increase blood flow.

Bone marrow protien is the best to eat for joint repair but the meat you get at the store is pumped full of hormones and antibiotics which you don't need.

I am also eating more mushrooms, apples and oranges. Mushrooms are reported to help repair joint cartilage. I have no pain and can walk without limping.
Drink lots of water! I had two large cups of tea with homey and lemon and one piece of toast with rasberry jam for breakfast. Two eggs and two sausage patties for lunch. No hash browns. No coffe but my old doctor says coffee is an antiflamitory. It may or may not be good for you. I can't prove it one way or another. I feel better without it.

My old dog Gabby 16 years got one boiled egg and some sausage along with canned dog food. She is doing fine. We don't take her on walks anymore because she is loosing weight and old. The other two are large mutts. One is a black lab and the other half German Sheppard and Elk Hound. Both have a lot of energy and drag you along.

I walked the dogs through the woods 3/4 mile today four days after taking the above. I could not walk 100 yards four days ago. I have little pain. Some stiffness is due to sore mussels and lack of exercise.

Under the new health care law you may be billed $80,000 by the IRS for the free health care you received from your Medicare. Do you really want to get the operation?

The IRS will administer this new program so that not only do they know how much you earn each year they know what kind of health you are in. They are getting ready for the Obama death squads. Read my book, THER FROG IS COOKED to learn more about this. I gave a talk about this book on Blog Talk radio last night. Type in my name Henry Kroll.


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    1. Hello Hank, thank you for your testimony. I am sixty years old and have been told I need a hip joint replacement. Not pleasant news. You remedy intrigues me would you be so kind and send me your healing regiment and where you got your resources, If you would so grateful to you. My email adress is

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    3. Please send me the information.

    4. Thanks for sharing your experience. Sepsis has destroyed the cartilage in my left hip; its bone on bone. I'm 33. I don't need a super fast fix but I have plans for living, so if you can offer any suggestions I'd be happy to have them. I'm financially limited, please keep this in mind with your suggestions, and I'm very grateful for whatever you can offer

  2. Hello Hank, thanks for sharing your story and your daily routine. Hip replacement is truly one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine. I'm having some great interest in hip replacement because I'm due to have it in two months, though I'm bit more concern about depuy asr hip replacement recall that's been going on.

  3. Thank you for sharing aspects of your life and your opinion on various things. Hip replacement has come a long way since it was first performed. I’ve done quite a few researches on the procedure and found out that it is now facing a great number of concerns from patients. The DePuy Hip Replacement Recall is among the concerns involving the procedure.

  4. I find surgeries invasive. However, if it is of absolute necessity that I should get a hip replacement surgery then I would have it. Afterall, it offers a new lease on life, like I don't have to go through with it suffering from the pain. However, the DePuy Hip Replacement is a valid concern and to be able to make informed choices, I would ask my orthopedist to explain to me about it so I would also be able to understand it.

  5. This is very informative as there are already several cases of failed hip implants which causes pinnacle metal toxicity.

  6. November 23, 2011. No pain to speak of in my hips, My back has been suffering due to a cold. I have been taking about half the supplements that I listed in this blog. I would say the experiment is working. I went to Dr. Coop, my Chiropractor. he said that they did studies on identical twins living in different parts of the country. One twin might live in Boston and work in an office while the other living in California did hard physical labor all his life in construction and using a jack hammer. They found that both twins developed arthritis at about the same time and the severity was about the same. This means that arthritis is hereditary.

    I would say yes and no. It could be both. What if both twins had micoplasma bacteria growing in their joints growing at the same rate?
    If is possible I want to avoid putting metal spikes in my legs.

  7. It is nice to know in your blog about the life of a person who has undergone a hip replacement as many people are curious about what life could be after hip replacement surgery.

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  9. Hi Hank,

    I am a 71 year old retired Computer Science Teacher, Flight Instructor (Gold Seal CFI-AI) and Charter Pilot. My son does most of the flying now, he recently upgraded to Captain for SkyWest Airlines based at O'Hare International Arpt. I've been avoiding hip surgery for many years now and trying to find a suitable alternative with little success. I have arthritis in my left hip and the pain has gotten progressively worse. This past Fall I was told by an Orthopedic surgeon that it is bone on bone and that my left leg is about an inch shorter now as a result. I've since then been trying to get Humana, my health care provider, to approve a lift for my left shoe, in order to balance out the displacement between my right and left legs... I'm still waiting for an answer to my recent appeal after I was refused orthotics by a doctor that I was to referred to by my primary physician. I would like to try your solution and would appreciate any information you could send me.
    Asshur S. Lazar

  10. In your case I would seriously consider stem cell cartilage replacement. There is a place in Denver Colorado where they take blood or bone marro and inject it in the joint. The stem cells know right where to go and can repair almost anything. The shots are expensive about $3,000 each and you have to stay down there for a month or more.

    Its not covered by Medicare. The government doesn't want to pay for anything that works. All the propaganda bout using human afterbirth and aborted fetuses was propaganda. You can bet our presidents and the elite get it when the need it.

    You can find the place by searching stem cell cartilage replacement or stem cell joint repair. Its experimental but from what I saw on television and read it works fine. Too bad we can't afford it. I suppose a person could get it done in Cuba, Germany or New Zealand or Mexico but you would have to stay there a couple months.

    Keep in mind I am not a doctor and what I say doesn't amount to a hill of beans. I hear Cuba is top notch for stem cell research. My father used to go down there all the time until Castro took over. I was a kid living in Florida when Castro was training his invasion troops with the help of our CIA on one of our military bases in south Florida...

  11. I have some questions about oral steroids healing quickly, I have heard just the opposite, even though they temporarily take the pain away. I have heard they break down bone, and destroy tissue....besides the other side effect of weight gain. I am in dire pain and need some help. I have no cartilage in my left hip and the hip socket bone is being worn down. I do not want hip surgery....I am 62 and would love to get some advice from someone who has been there. Thank you for any help you can offer.

    1. Firstly, I would stop all inflammatory foods such as grains,fruit except avocados, and start eating good fats and plenty of vegetables, and organ meats. Secondly, find someone in your area that practices Nutrition Response Testing. You can go on you tube and type in Nutrition response Testing Ann arbor or dr Freddie Ulan. This therepy has helped immensely in my health and all those who come into my drs office. Also you can read Nancy Appleton books. She has several great books. Also one on bone health.

    2. I agree. Animal protein is very important to regrow cartilage.

  12. First I took the antibiotics to kill the micoplasma incognitis or whatever it is then I took the steroids for a week to speed things up. I wouldn't use the steroid for more than a week because I know they aren't good for you but when you are in a hurry to get rid of the pain anything goes...

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  14. The Exeter hip stem was developed in the United Kingdom during the same time as the Charnley device. This is also a cemented device, but with a slightly different stem geometry. Hip Replacement Surgery

  15. Mr. Knoll,

    My mother has a bone on bone condition in her hip and she is seeing a doctor and chiropactor who has put her on a strict diet, suppliment and exercise routine. I was wondering how your condition is since you posted this article?

    My mom's improvement is very slow and we have a lot of conflicting information from people who say she should just get the hip replaced because she will have to do it anyway since the bones are rubbing together. Her chiroprator disagrees. He said he has treated people that have no cartalige and with the proper diet and exercise they can live pain free. I would like more information from someone who has lived through this.

    Thank you for the information. I look forward to reading about your improvement!

  16. Thank you for sharing your story. Hip replacement or metal-on-metal hip replacement can change in many people lives, some were definitely satisfied and happy, some were not because of its complications. It has been reported that these metal-on-metal hip replacement has a high failure rate which are the reason why patients who are affected were claiming for their compensation through filing a hip replacement lawsuit.

  17. I am fascinated by your informative story. I am 57 year old female diagnosed with left hip displasia and the cartilage in my hip is minimal. First injury occurred when I was 27 parasailing, when I slammed the beach on my left leg, but I never had any issue until 40 after 2 births with leg pain off and on after long days of living. In the summer of 2011 I fell in a restaurant and landed hard on my left hip and for one year the pain steadily increased in my leg but with no hip pain whatsoever. As a workout fanatic I thought I just strained my leg. I waited a year and finally saw the chiropractor who ex-rayed and said he knew it was my hip with discovered extensive cartilage loss. Recognizing the seriousness of my issue, I visited an experienced orthopedic hip replacement surgeon who practices an alternative to hip replacement. I recently had stem cell therapy that included a prior treatment of prolotherapy and an after treatment of blood plasma infusion just this past October. Although it was partially sucessful in that I am experiencing better range of motion in the hip and I can put shoes on with no problem, I still have joint pain and pain with walking and limping. It seems to accelerate but there are some days far and few in between when I am pain free. I recognize every individual's case is so subjective, but I am frustrated and am now considering hip replacement or another stem stell treatment as recommended by my surgeon. I would like to try your diet, but wondering if it would be worth a shot at this point. Also I’d like to know if it is imperative to use the steriods in conjunction with the diet. How can I get further information, i.e. how long did you do this to see results or are you still on it? Thank you- Linda Gonzalez

    1. Linda,

      Diet and whole food supplementation is vital to your overall health. Please check out Nutrition response testing. Or you can read it from I have personally seen joint pain disappear and energy improve but diet and designed clinical nutrition were the reason for the improvements. You can call their office and they can fined someone in your area who has the advanced training. Important thing to remember is it takes time for the body to heal, but give it the right nutrients and amazing healing can begin. My health has so improved by this other wise if I had continued with my poor health I would have only gotten worse. Best of luck. Check out too.

  18. I'm impressed. You're truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. I'm saving this for future use. Hip Replacement Surgery

  19. im suffering with a worn left hip, ive had xrays etc and been told its worn out and arthritic, ive had cortisone injected , the right one is similar but not as bad,it started about 8 years back with pain in hip and leg cramping up, i now get a huge variation in pains,,,,,,, hips burning and sore , left shin pain, right quad is sore , stiff and lame , groin feels like ive been hot knife stabbed all over , both buttocks freezing up and sore as hell, both quads are all stiff and sore constantly , pains across lower stomach , lower back frozen up and sore , i find it extremely hard to do most things because i freeze up and get very sore and stiff, which leads to laying in bed , which also leads to pain after a while,,,,,,,, it just goes round in circles and drives you insane , i take meloxicam anti inflams and tramedo pain killers if it gets really bad , i have done hard labour orientated jobs mostly , including running behind and driving the old rear loader garbage trucks ( extremely heavy burden leg / hip orientated work ) , i am guessing my work has done 99% of the damage to my hips, a lovely rheumatologist tried to say to me, it can be a generic reason more so i said well the work would not have helped , you get arthritis after your bones are worn , seldom before ,,,,,,, im currently fighting a work claim on it , the hearing is next monday, it has been mentally debilitating being left hanging and in bad constant pain and left me in a state of mild depression , mix the being made to wait with the arguments i have with myself about having a operation / actually getting it done / bones being cut / metal in my body / failure possibilities etc etc etcccccc , im just lost , confused , scared and going insane , i find it therapeutic to read about or talk to people who've had it done , but inevitably you come across ones who have had problems or sites suggesting not to do it ever,,,,,,, i have to get it done because i cant exist like this for much longer ,,,,,,,,,, your info is great but sadly id say for anyone with major wear like myself, surgery is the only answer, i get great mental relief when i see or chat to a person whos had it done and they say 'just do it, you wont regret it' and i feel rather silly when i see a lil old lady who has had one and is all fine, yet here i am a 45 year old male panicking about it !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Thank you for the article. Do you still make your cartilage building regimen available? How have your hips been since you took these supplements? I appreciate the food based approach with supplementatiin you write about.

  21. Your article has given me hope. My orthopedist said after looking at my x-rays I should not be walking. I want to do everything to avoid hip replacement. I am only 42 and am not overweight. I am taking glucosamine, condriotin, hyaluronic acid, and now after your article collagen. I just began water therapy which seems to help. The key is rebuilding the cartilage. Please let me know if the cartilage in your hips has been rebuilt.

  22. Hi everyone,

    I'm sorry but I've got to comment. Much of the science in the original post isn't accurate! I have a degree in Biochemistry and I can vouch that you should seek a additional source of information on this issue. Don't follow the advice posted here without consulting your physician!

    Kind regards,

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  28. I read recently that frankincense can stop arthritis pain. I sent for a book and newsletter on the subject. I recently got an MRI and the hospital is billing me $5250.00 which is crazy and medicare refuses to pay. The x-rays cost $560.00. Since I don't have a job and living on Social Security they won't get paid for a while.
    The lady at the Medicenter injected something into my hip joint and my right leg grew at lease 1/2 an inch. I don't know what it was. I plan to ask. Medicare might cover her bill.
    I have a crushed disk at L5 and nerve damage from a fall in 2001 above L5. At the present time I don't have much pain and can walk some. I split wood every day and constructed a 4 by 8 plywood sign last weekend for my wife's jewelry and installed it on the highway. My age is 70.

  29. Ageing is caused by cell division slowing down. When you are conceived you have 50 base pairs per turn of DNA. When you are born you have about 25 base pairs per turn and the cell division slows down. At age 50 you have about 5 base pairs per turn and you notice your wounds don't heal as fast. To maintain your present body you have to replicate 6-million cells per second. The rate of cell division is regulated by base pairs per turn which depends on how tight the DNA is wound. To keep it wound up tight you have to feed the mitochondria. The best food is ORMES. or ORMUS. look it up on youtube. My book Philosophers Stone is a first grade primer on ORMES which is the sacred Hebrew MFKZT powder carried in the Ark of the Covenant. It is also known as the white-powder-of-gold. It takes a two day lecture to describe how it works. Basically it is combined atoms with all their protons at the center nucleus. Protons are like mono pole magnets of the same polarity so they push apart. The electrons orbit in a ring so they would look like a miniature galaxy. Because the electrons are in this configuration they can't bond into a solid and have to remain a monatomic. I discovered them 30 years ago doing tests on complex gold and platinum ores. They lack electrons to bond into the metal. Then I discovered David Hudson's writings and lectures. I had already started the book. The shape of these particles repel magnetic fields. The ancients put it in their bread for higher enlightenment and longevity. They carried it in the Ark of the Covenant which was a wood box made of insulating wood and metal designed to exclude magnetic fields. King Solomon made most of his money selling bread. His bread was highly prized by the kings, priests and princes of other nations who didn't have the technology to make it.

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  31. Hi Henry,
    I have read your blog dated 2011. How is you hip now after 4 years.


  32. Hi Henry,
    I still have not had your reply for my previous question.
    How is your hip now.
    Tumay Sismanoglu

  33. Hi Henry,
    I still have not had your reply for my previous question.
    How is your hip now.
    Tumay Sismanoglu

  34. Hi Henry
    how is your hip now I am very close to surgery and do not want to go if I dont have to.

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