Saturday, October 29, 2011

How UFO's fly.

Some UFO’s are actually of ET origin. Some are made by
Americans. Some UFO's are made by the Russians and some are made by the German Nazi Party that never surrendered after WWII. The NAZI party also took over our CIA and has shared their technology with us. Most flying saucer-shaped craft create a time field around the craft which makes them appear to be from other dimensions. The time fields are created four different ways. The time fields create reduced gravity so that very little propulsion is needed to reach tremendous speeds. Conventions physics dictates that altering time takes tremendous energy therefore creating time fields is impossible. Real science gets around this idiotic roadblock with cooper paired electrons. Anything that exceeds the speed of light alters time. Simple devise a way to move something faster than light and you have an antigravity time field. In the more powerful craft the time field is so intense that very little propulsion is needed to go anywhere. M-state or orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements exist in this state and are covered in my book, Philosopher’s Stone. These particles alter time depending on their charge. UFO's are made using four different methods--all of which alter time. 1. Miles of fiber optic cables pumping light in opposite directions creates a time field that extends beyond the surface of the craft making them disappear. 2. Opposed magnet pulses in the gigahertz range create time fields working with Planck's Constant E=HF.Energy = Planck's Constant times Frequency. 3. Electrons pumped in opposite directions also create time altering fields. Also E=HF. When you get up in the gigahertz range you get lots of power. 4. The Earth is negative ground right? Everyone knows that the negative terminal or cathod has a surplus of electrons. Charge up a giant ca;' pacitor with the same charge (like charges repel) and that capacitor, add a huge electromagnet to boost the power and the craft will repel gravity. Enclosed is a picture of the one we made at area 51. The copper plates in the base separated by layers of insulating material store tremendous quantities of electrons. Electrons flow primarily on the surface of copper wires. The many copper plates are made of very small beads of copper 15 microns in diameter fused together. If you were to measure the surface area of one of these plates it would cover more area than a football field. This craft has tremendous power because it can store tremendsous quantites of electrons. Its easy to understand thatn when foying overhead how it's electromagnetic field can stall cars and trucks on the freeway by pumping in more electrons to disrupt engine ignition systems. The Alien Reproduction Vehicle is a trainer made to teach American pilots how to fly. The tremendous electric and magnetic fields tend to disrupt human nervous systems causing nausia, I have a fifth method to alter time that I can't talk about at this time.. PS I am still getting around fine on my bad hip joints. We don't get enough protien in our diets to rebuild cartilage.

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