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8-foot tall six fingered Giants GOVERNMENT DECEPTION

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Henry Kroll, you'll be astonished at this news which
Lisa has revealed.
A young New Zealander on a visit to the USA, Lisa
worked for a while with the New Mexico Parks
During her term of employment there was a big
"washout" in one of the Park regions and I'm
assuming it was up in Pueblo country around Taos.
The flash flood scoured out embankments and in doing
so a large number of anomalous skeletons were exposed.
Lisa and her colleagues were assigned the task of
gathering up the remains and placing them into crates.
Also in attendance at the site were Smithsonian Institute
officials and FBI agents.
Each day as Lisa and the other Parks Department
employees went onto the site, they were searched for
cameras. Similarly they were searched as they left the
site each day to make sure they weren't removing
They were also obliged to sign "secrecy documents"
ensuring that they would never divulge details of their
participation in this undertaking.
The reason for this degree of secrecy stems from the fact
that the skeletons were of people who were about 8 feet
tall. They had six fingers on each hand and six toes per
foot. They also had a strange, double row arrangement
of teeth.
The crates containing the recovered remains, at the
termination of work, were taken away by the
Smithsonian officials and, undoubtedly, will never be
seen again.
Lisa later had official "hassles" when trying to come
home to New Zealand and was severely grilled by United
States government functionaries as she attempted to depart
from the US.

There are many ways to avoid having to face a challenge to
one’s theories.

This tactic would do any corrupt politician proud. I must
tell you about some stones that nearly sent a man to
In 1966, Dr Javier Cabrera, of Ica, Peru, was given a stone
by a poor local farmer.
You would not consider a stone to be much of a gift.
Perhaps this villager, just an average sort of man, did
not value it very highly either. But to the educated Dr
Cabrera it did mean a lot.
You see, a fish was carved on that stone – and Dr Cabrera
recognised it as a long-extinct species. This aroused his
So much so that he went looking for more such stones he
could purchase from the farmer. The village farmer explained
that he had collected the stones down near the river after
a flood.
Over time, Dr Cabrera accumulated more and more of these
strange, carved stones. In fact, it wasn’t long before he
had amassed thousands of them.
Eventually, word of these “Ica stones” and their potential
importance filtered out to the archaeological community.
The sophisticated carvings were as puzzling  as they were
fascinating. Some unknown person or persons had carved men
fighting with dinosaurs, men performing operations with
surgical equipment and men with telescopes.
A number of the stones were sent to Germany for examination.
And there the etchings were dated to remote antiquity.
But, of course, we all know, don’t we, that men could not
have lived at the same time as the dinosaurs?
Well, eventually the BBC heard of this discovery. It
wasn’t long before they swooped down to Peru – and the
result was a documentary about these strange Ica stones.
As might be expected, the media exposure ignited a storm
of controversy. Archaeologists criticised the government
of Peru for being lax in enforcing their antiquities
laws. (However, between you and me, that was not their
real concern.)
The next step was to apply pressure to government officials.
The villager who had been selling the stones to Dr Cabrera
was arrested.
To his interrogators he claimed to have found the stones
in a cave. However, according to the authorities he refused
to disclose the exact location to them.  
I tell you, so artfully was this case taken care of, that
it would be a great credit to any corrupt politician.
The Peruvian government now threatened to prosecute and
imprison the farmer. They offered him a plea bargain.
The frightened man accepted.  Then he recanted his story
and "admitted" that he had carved all of the stones himself.
Uneducated and unskilled as he was, he had “carved” all
11,000 of the stones!
Of course, you understand that some of these stones were
fairly large – not to mention that they were intricately
carved with animals and scenes that the poor farmer could
never had knowledge of, unless he was a palaeontologist.

And just think about this. Here was a poor man, who needed
to work hrad to earn a daily living to support his
dependents – yet, despite that, he would have needed to
spend every day for several decades and do nothing else,
just to produce this volume of carved stones.
Never mind, such underlying facts were neither here nor
there. The Ica stones were dubbed "hoax" and forgotten.
Handled this way, the case did not require any head-to-head
confrontation. There was no need for public discrediting of
non-scientists by scientists.
The whole matter was disposed of with invisible pressure
Because it was filed away as a "hoax", the difficult
evidence of human co-existence with dinosaurs and of
ancient technological knowledge by the ancient carvers
never had to be dealt with. 
How convenient!
Anyway, some questions have been emailed in, which I am
pleased to share with you. Perhaps you have wondered on
these same matters yourself.
So here goes:
Who are these people who suppress, discredit or destroy
historical evidences?, who benefit from it? I really want
to know your opinion - who and why?  Hristina.
Using the Smithsonian Institution as an example, this was
founded by a gentleman whose aim was "the disemmination of
knowledge for the benefit of mankind." A most admirable

Not long after his death, however, at the time when
Darwin's evolutionary theory was starting to take hold,
the Smithsonian fell under the control of others, the
majority of whom were getting caught up in that theory and
desired to promote it.
Any evidence against it was first locked away, and then
denied. A conscious plan was set into action in which the
aim of the Smithsonian would be to educate the public in
the evolutionary mindset.
So it happened that the public displays in their museums
began to be arranged to illustrate this.
That same situation pertains to this day.
Theories which endangered that view included the ancient
relationship of the North American continent with the Old
World. So they fought strongly against anyone promoting
such a concept.
During a rasdio interview on Coast to Coast AM I happened
to mention that the Smithsonian Institute had taken a
boat-load of ancient artefacts out to sea and dumped them.
In a subsequent email to me, Franz von Riedel of the Zenith
Tugboat Company, Duluth, MN and Charleston, SC wrote:
"In case you're interested, I'm a tugboat captain (you can
Google my name and learn I'm legit... Ive literally 'written
the book' on tugboating!) and I can confirm that your mention
on Coast to Coast AM of artifact dumping is 100% correct. 
"For just under 3 years (during 2002 through 2005) I worked
out of the Philly Naval Yard as a sub-contractor, with a
low-level security clearance, on two projects - and I gained
1st-hand knowledge of this practice.  We sunk a tremendous
amount of materials for the U.S. Government. 
"I've not discussed this before, but you really inspired me
to not hold back anymore at all.  And, my job is different
now, and my security clearance expired January 24, 2008 anyway! 
"Email me if you are interested in specific details and I'll
dig up my old logs in storage and see what I wrote down.  I
keep detailed work logs, to make sure details are remembered
correctly.... I know I put what I learned in those logs.
They are here, at home, but just down in storage.  Not hard
to dig out." 
Meanwhile, another email writer, Raina, reports:
I retired early because I couldn't take the museum politics
and the lies. After leaving the Detroit museum and moving
to Florida taking over the Department of Archaeology and
(Director of Education) it was rough.
I decided rather then teach lies, I left the museum to
become a full time artist. Something I always loved. Now
at 61 I am a much happier person not having to deal with
the bureaucrats and all their shenanigans!  I now teach
in my home for the truth seekers.
We take it for granted that the scientific Establishment
is run by men who are all clean and honest.
Let's face the truth, all of us! 
Most folk have no idea of the depth of corruption at the
top, nor of the extreme measures taken to block the truth.
To answer your question, the mainstream scientific world is
currently in the grip of powerful men with enormous money
behind them – and an agenda. They have much to lose if they
And they have had a good run of success. Constant exposure
to something, in most cases, leads to its acceptance. As
Hitler acknowledged, “Tell a lie long enough and people
will come to believe it.”

As a result, many honest scientists are caught up in the
system – and sincerely misinformed. The evolution theory
was all they were taught.
As a result, most university graduates have acquired their
degrees through this system.
But here is the problem. As new scientific discovery brings
a mounting mass of evidence against it, scientists who
question the status quo risk losing their positions in the
universities. They fear for their reputations and loss of
grants to do research if they speak up against it.
Many who have renounced the theory of evolution have not
only lost funding for their projects, they have also been
misrepresented, ridiculed  and fired. And much of their
research has then been destroyed. Examples of such treatment
could fill volumes.

And here’s something else to consider. It is almost
impossible for a person who has taken a public stance on
a certain position, to make a public admission that what he
has taught is wrong.
So many educators continue with the tide. Shame on them!

Therefore the unsuspecting public continues to be fed this
hoax. And a compliant media regurgitates it as though
nothing was wrong.

But we can help change that.
Shirley wrote in, "I will never understand why all the secrecy
and denial that all these things exist, what do you think?"
To set the record straight, an increasing number of scientists
are now standing for the truth.
But Shattered myths still dominate the universities, schools
and textbooks we learn from.
Here's an example of how a discredited theory can persiast.

Do you know that up to 200 years after the flat earth theory
was disproved, schools in Europe were still teaching it as
Entrenched theories do die hard. It takes time. And the
discoveries I keep sharing with you do challenge the
entrenched evolution theory.
Chuck, an American guy, had this to say:
Why are so many scientists and media members so against
the abundant evidence of past advanced civilizations?  Why
is this such a horrible thing?  When anyone writes of this,
I've seen many times where they will call the writer "foolish"
or "unqualified", but never once have I seen them debate the
facts the writer presents.  Just make an attack on the
person, never discuss the facts presented, and move on.
Yes, I know reputations can be at stake, and scientists do
not like to admit being wrong, but is there something more
to this? 
Are you sitting down? The underlying reason why many
reject the evidence is because the sacred evolution theory
demands it.
Believe it. This is a battle between two “religions”

Did it ever occur to you that evolution theory is really a
Let me explain.

When Darwin offered his “Origin of Species” theory, the reason
that many gladly embraced it was because it offered an
alternative to “God.”  They wanted God out!  Out of their
lives, out of their memories. 
Why? Largely because a hypocritical Church had turned them off.
Darwin’s evolution theory gave them an “out.”

You see, evolution makes definite statements about God.  It
states that
     1. we have destiny in our own hands,
     2. that the Creator plays no part in the processes
        around us;
     3. that we shall never answer to any Higher Being. 
Those are religious claims. Evolution, you see, is an
atheistic religious belief – a religion and a philosophy.

Indeed, here is an evolutionary scientist admitting this:
“In fact, evolution became in a sense a scientific religion;
almost all scientists have accepted it and many are prepared
to ‘bend’ their observations to fit in with it.”  (H.S.
Lipson, Professor of Physics, University of Manchester, “A
Physicist Looks at Evolution”, Physics Bulletin, vol.31)

The major issues at stake are at long last being clarified by
evolutionist leaders themselves – the DELIBERATE CHOICE of not
wanting to invoke the Creator.
Dr. Michael Walker, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, Sydney
“One is forced to conclude that many scientists and
technologists pay lip-service to Darwinian theory only because
it supposedly excludes a Creator.”  (Michael Walker, Senior
Lecturer in Anthropology, Sydney University, Quadrant, October,
1981, p.44)

Like it or not, evolution is not “just another” scientific
theory.  Evolution is really a faith and heart commitment,
a complete world-and-life view;  in other words, a religion.

You see, evolutionary scientists dismiss many alternative views
(for example a Global Flood and superior ancient civilizations)
for religious reasons… and not on objective reasons based on
geological or ancient historical data.

Often, their furious rejection of any theories involving the
supernatural seems almost pathological.

"What about governments?" writes Joshua. "Is there any kind of
reason why governments around the world would cover up 'giant
human remains' and maybe terminate those who know about them
or have them?"
Governments are influenced by pressure groups. Today, I see
evidence of at least two powerful groups at work:
     (1) Indigenous peoples who are making land claims based
         on the belief that they were the first here - which
         they were not (and these ancient finds prove that)
     (2) Philosophical globalist power players with loads of
         money who are in control of the state education system
         (which includes the media). Their philosophy
         - the evolution theory - is jealously defended to the
         point of a religious fanatism, despite the growing
         evidence against it.

Despite their attempts to destroy this information, my book of
a thousand ancient wonders (Dead Men's Secrets) has become one
of the best sellers.
In fact,it's one of the most powerful tools you can use to
astonish your friends and family... and just watch their
Here is where to claim your copy:
Meanwhile, I wish you and yours a great week ahead.
Until next time,
Jonathan Gray
PS. A little girl asked her mother, “How did the human race
appear?” The mother answered, “God made Adam and Eve, they had
children: and so all mankind was made.”
Two days later the girl asked her father the same question. The
father answered, “Many years ago there were monkeys from which
the human race evolved.”
The confused girl returned to her mother and said, “Mum, how is
it possible that you told me the human race was created by God
and Dad said they developed from monkeys?”
The mother answered, “Well, Dear, it is very simple. I told you
about my side of the family and your father told you about his.”
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