Friday, May 10, 2013

The dollar is a debt note based on the labour of the people...

Government Debt = Government Investment
by Walter Burien -
I will note that we all must comprehend the game that was played in the selective presentation of "Debt".
Government promoted debt at the front door and used their own investment assets through the back door to fund that promoted debt. In this fashion they:
1. created a parking zone for the truckloads of cash they were bringing in;
2. Locked in a return on their investments;
3. Drew down their budgetary operating funds to give the impression they needed more taxation or debt incurred to operate.
If a complete and "true" audit was done of government debt cutting through all of the masks present to cross match the investor with the same debt, probably 65% of that debt it would be determined to be "self-funded". I can not emphasize how important the comprehension of this one issue is.
People have been kept in the dark per this issue intentionally for decades due to the massive wealth involved.
Now if the population asked themselves one question: Who the hell has that much money (tens of trillions of dollars) in the first place to be able to fund all of that government debt? It is much more than the banks have available on their books. Collective GOVERNMENT is the one! Government keeps rolling over their wealth building it in this fashion. It also gives them the front to funnel massive amounts of revenue out of their operating budgets justified by the same debt so that wealth does not return to the population.
Kinda like if you gave me 10-million in cash and had me start a mortgage company and then you bought a       10-million dollar shopping mall and had me underwrite the mortgage for 10-million with your own 10-million. Your mortgage payments would take away most of your income as it built back "with interest" with me in your behalf. You could now tell all of your friends and business associates how broke you were paying off on the mortgage on the shopping mall. Slight tad bit of misrepresentation when you never mention the 10-million was yours in the first place.
Another area the population is played in their naivety is the chatter about the dollar . The dollar is just a bartering tool. IT IS THE HARD ASSETS that were acquired over the decades with the use of those dollars that is important. Who got the lock on those hard assets over the last 70-years by investment little bit by little bit each year? ANS: Collective government.. done so both domestically AND internationally.
This is all BASICS, but the public is kept intentionally off in La - La Land per this issue due to the massive wealth involved.
If you took the wealth held by Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and twenty others of the like, their combined investment net worth would come no where near that of just LA County and the collective local governments contained therein (about 1.6 trillion dollars).
Please share my comments with your email list and ask them to do the same. When people catch a cognitive thought you would be amazed at how powerful that thought is.
The methods of back-door investment self funding of debt is very intricate and diverse. It can be done through investment pools, swaps with banks, insurance companies, international holding accounts, enterprise operations, between local governments inter-department funding each other, etc. The local governments playing this game will not utter a peep. The silence is golden rule is strictly enforced in this arena due to this being a maintaining / generating arena for massive wealth held and the power / influence benefits derived therefrom.
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