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Will human life survie? Creation?

If there is no beginning and no end to the energy imbalance that allows three-dimensional mater to exist then the cycle must go on forever and life must go on forever. If that is the case we should be able to tell the age of planets by their content of higher elements which are necessary to sustain life. For example, gold and the platinum group are necessary for cell division. We already discussed how carbon is turned into limestone, which is calcium carbonate. Oil is hydrogen and carbon united by diatoms using photosynthesis. 
Given the latest data that all elements heavier than iron had to be formed in stellar explosions because the process of fusion within the stars themselves is not strong enough to create them. If this is true then planets composed of a higher percentage of heavy elements such as our Earth are much older than the norm and older than the stars themselves. Our Earth seems to have a higher gold content than the other planets in this system. If this is true then there is a good possibility that it is older than the sun and was towed into it present position for the purpose of nurturing life.

The other alternative is that instead of becoming a fuel pellet for the sun’s fusion fire it was captured accidentally along with the moon and went into the perfect orbit all by accident enabling it to harbor life.  If there is no beginning or end to the universe and life has a natural state of existence then any entropy or order variations would be evidence of manipulation by higher life forms to assist the proliferation of life (entropy being the degree of disorder in a system and order being the prevailing state of things).
To further back this theory Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe showed by way of spectroscopy that a major portion of all matter in the Universe is of organic nature. In light of this, Professor Thomas Gold of Cornell University argued that a similar proportion of the matter which later aggregated to form our planet must have been of organic nature as well. One of his critical arguments related to the “Isotopic Composition Of Helium In Earthly Matter” is a good example.
Although helium occurs in the Earth’s atmosphere only one part in 200,000 and small amounts in radioactive minerals, meteoric iron and mineral springs, great volumes of helium are found as a component (up to 7.6 percent) in natural gas (methane, CH4). The common helium isotope, helium -4 (4He), probably comes from radioactive alpha emitters in rocks” (Encarta® Encyclopedia, 2002).
Gold argues that what we call the “geological evolution of the Earth is not a function of the cooling of the formerly molten astral body, but rather a function of the ongoing equilibration of what initially may well have been a cosmic refuse dump. Gravitational accretion, aided by asteroid impacts, is held responsible for the thermal processes indicated by the geologic record.

From a January 2005 Scientific American article by Amy J. Barger.
“---The best way to determine which objects are in front and which are more distant-among the thousands of galaxies in a typical deep-field, image is to obtain a spectrum of each galaxy in the image and measure its red-shift. This is called cosmic stratigraphy.”
“Because of the Universe’s expansion the light from distant sources has been stretched, stretching it wavelength to the end of the spectrum. The more the light is shifted to the red, the older it is. For example, a red shift of one means that the wavelength has been stretched 100 percent, that is, to twice its’ original size. Light from an object when this red shift was emitted is about six billion years after the big bang, which is less than half the current age of the Universe. In fact, astronomers usually talk in terms of red-shift rather than years, because red-shift is what we measure directly.” She goes on to say, “The faintness of some of the galaxies arrives at a trickle of only one photon per minute in each square centimeter. And when observers take a spectrum of the galaxy, the diffraction grating of the spectrograph disperses the light over a large area on the detector, rendering the signal even fainter at each wavelength.” It seems to me that looking at anything over six billion light years distant from us is rather impractical because the light would be shifted completely out of the light spectrum.
The fact is we don’t know what happens to photons after traveling 6 or 12 billion light years. Photons might lose energy after traveling 6-billion years. Team Hubble’s data  suggest that photons have mass because they are bent by gravity so that astronomers can see behind massive stars. Their numbers are as follows: Mass Of A Photon = 5.98-66 GRAMS. They also say that photons are very numerous compared with atoms with a ratio of 1 E 100.

Why not multiply these two numbers together to see the amount of mass of photons compared with the mass of an atom. Simply subtract -66 from 100 and you get a mass of 5.98 E 34 grams. If I am not mistaken then the mass of photons compared with a single atom is equivalent to the mass of our entire solar system including all the planets which is 2.0E 30 metric tons. There could be so many used up photons floating around out there that their sheer number would be equivalent to the 78% mass of the Universe DARK MATTER!!! We don’t know what dark matter is but it could be photons at rest. We don’t know…
If photons wear out and eventually come to rest then the whole idea of an expanding universe whose furthest point that our telescopes and sensors can see traveling close to the speed of light has to be in error. It simply is and is not expanding…      

In the late 1980s a team led by Lenox L. Cowie of the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy and Simon J, Lilly now at the Swiss federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, developed a novel approach to avoid the need for laborious red-shift observations. The researchers observed regions of the sky with filters that selected marrow wave-bands in the ultraviolet, green and red parts of the spectrum and then measured how bright the galaxies were in each of the wavebands.”
“---Thus Cowie and Lilly could separate star-forming galaxies into broad red-shift intervals that roughly indicated their ages. In 1996 Charles C. Steidel of the California Institute of Technology and his collaborators used this technique to isolate hundreds of ancient star-forming galaxies with red-shifts of about three, dating from about two billion years after the big bang.”
None of this makes much sense to me because three-dimensional matter could not be located a distance of red-shift three and still be the age of two billion years. First the matter would have traveled to its present location then the light would have to travel back to us and that would take at least six billion light years. If there was any validity to the big bang at all then three-dimensional matter traveling at a reasonable average speed of one-tenth light speed to its present location of red-shift it would have taken 10 X 6 = 60 billion years. Then you would add another 6 billion years to that for the light to travel back to us. But then, what do I know? It appears that scientests invented 'inflation' to compensate for these discrepencies.

The fastest moving galaxies they say are traveling at 600 kilometers per second. This is 2-million 160-thousand kilometers per hour--- far less than 1/10 light speed. How did all that stuff (three-dimensional mass) get out there a distance of 12 to 14 billion light years in two billion years?  This sounds like magic to me.

To explain the tremendous expansion of a billion light years in such a short time they came up with the magic theory of Cosmic Inflation where a bubble was formed during the first trillionth of a second of the Big Bang that pushed matter, three – d, matter out there faster than the speed of light. This is more nonsense made up to explain a non-existent happening.    

The fastest moving stars they have found so far are only travel at 300 kilometers per second. Three massive stars in the constellation Orion are traveling away from each other about 200 kilometers per second in opposite directions from each other. An explosion occurred three million years ago blasting them out of Orion. There is one star leaving our Galaxy traveling at 600 kilometers per second but this doesn’t count because it is not in or controlled by the billions of gravitational interactions of the Galaxy itself. It was ejected out of the Galaxy by a stellar explosion.    “-Optical studies in the 1980’s suggested that there were far more quasars several billion years after the big bang that there are active galactic nuclei in the present-day universe. Because the super massive black holes that powered the distant quasar activity cannot be destroyed, astronomers presumed that many nearby galaxies must contain dead quasars-black holes that have exhausted their fuel supply.”

“In 2000 a team consisting of Cowie, Richard F. Mushotzky of the NASA Goddard Space flight Center, Eric A. Richards, then at Arizona State University, and I used the Subaru telescope at Mauna Kea to identify optical counter part to 20 x-ray sources found by Chandra in a survey field.  We then employed the 10-meter Keck telescope to obtain the spectra of these objects.”
“Our result was quite unexpected: many of the active super massive black holes detected by Chandra reside in relatively nearby, luminous galaxies. Modelers of the cosmic X-ray background had predicted the existence of a large population of obscured super massive black holes, but they had not expected them to be so close at hand! Moreover, the optical spectra of many of these galaxies showed absolutely no evidence of black hole activity. Without the x-ray observations, astronomers could never have discovered the super massive black holes lurking in their cores.” “---In other words, the contents of the universe have transitioned from a small number of bright objects to a large number of dimmer ones. Even though super massive black holes are now being built smaller and cheaper, their combined effect is still potent.”

“---Fabrizio Nicastro of the Harvard Smithsonian center for Astrophysics and his co-workers have recently detected a warm intergalactic fog through its absorption of ultraviolet light and x-rays from distant quasars and active galactic nuclei. This warm fog surrounds our galaxy in every direction. It is part of the local group of galaxies, which includes the Milky Way, Andromeda and 30 smaller galaxies. Most likely this gaseous material was left over from the galaxy formation processes but is too warm to permit further galaxy formation to take place.” I have been saying it all along, the input of galactic and stellar radiation striking earth warms us a few degrees and without it we would probably freeze.

“---But a crucial part of the puzzle remains unsolved” How did the universe form monster quasars so early in its history? The Sloan Digital Survey, a major astronomical project to map one quarter of the entire sky and measure distances to more than a million remote objects, has discovered quasars that existed when the universe was only one sixteenth of its present age, about 800 million years after the big bang. In 2003 Fabian Walter, then at the national Radio Astronomy observatory, and his collaborators detected the presence of carbon monoxide in the emission from one of these quasars. Because carbon and oxygen could have been created only from the thermonuclear reactions in stars, this discovery suggests that a significant amount of star formation occurred in the universe’s first several hundred million years.”

If they are finding oxygen and carbon emissions from so-called, early quasar, this suggests there were old stars around before the quasars were formed. Something is wrong with this theory!
“Wilson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, a satellite that studies the cosmic background radiation, also indicates that star formation began just 200 million years after the big bang.”

If this is true then how did all that matter get out there to a distance of 12 to 14 billion light years? It must have traveled much faster than the speed of light to get there.  The answer is obvious. The universe is much older than they would have us believe. The more I read about this the more I think the universe is and always was and that astronomers are making it more complicated than it needs to be. For example, the stretching of space where matter travels faster than the speed of light may be a religious illusion created to conform to the Biblical creation.

“The Universe’s expansion causes most galaxies to recede from each other, apparently moving faster than the speed of light. Light’s “speed Limit” applies only to short distances, which are governed by special relativity. But space itself is expanding and, therefore, galaxies are farther from us have increasingly higher velocities, which can be faster than the speed of light.”-Astronomy September 06.  All this may be an illusion because photons might wear out and slow down after 10-billion years. We just don’t know. 

Furthermore, computer simulations have shown the first stars were most likely hundreds of times as massive as the sun. Such stars would have burned so brightly that they would have run out of fuel in a few tens of millions of years; then the heaviest stars would collapsed to black holes, which could have formed the seed of the super massive black holes that powered the first quasars. This explanation for the early appearance of quasars may be bolstered by the further study of gamma-ray bursts, which are believed to result from the collapse of very massive stars into black holes. Because gamma-ray bursts are the most powerful explosions in the universe since the “big bang,” astronomers can detect them at very great distances.
This past November, 2004 NASA was expecting to launch the Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission, a $250-million satellite with three telescopes designed to observe the explosions in the gamma-ray, x-ray, ultraviolet and optical wavelengths-.”

Is this another case of science altering the data to fit the Big Bang paradigm? It will be interesting to see what the Swift Gamma-ray Burst mission comes up with. Also, if the Universe is 12.8 billion years old; then how did all that mass get out there? Even if it were traveling 600 kilometers per second it couldn’t possibly travel that far. But, what do I know? I am just a fisherman!

Oh Yea! And how do they explain distant colliding Galaxies? In order for Galaxies to collide they have to form first which take a few billion years then they have to accidentally drift into one another. It seems to me that all this would take a very long time and is more evidence of an endless process.

If they are finding oxygen and carbon emissions from so-called early quasars, this suggests that there were old stars around before the quasar was formed. Is this a case of altering the data to fit the Big Bang paradigm again?  Another conundrum regarding the so-called creation theory is the presence of large quantities of Iridium in the cosmos. Iridium is quite rare in the earth’s crust; one ten-thousandth that of gold. The abundance of iridium in space means the universe is very, very old indeed. Iridium is one of the platinum group metals on the high end of the periodic table of elements. I believe it has the highest melting temperature of all the elements. In order to have an abundance of iridium in space you first have to have a great number of large stars collapse or explode to create the iridium. That takes a very long time. First you have to create big stars and wait around ten billion years for them to blow up in order to get iridium. This takes a very long time and I view it as more evidence for an endless universe.

“In general, symmetry is the rule in the Universe-the world makes perfect sense if seen in a mirror, for instance - but in April - 2003, physicist Edward Stephenson of Indiana University found a flaw in the balance of nature that researchers have been seeking for decades. Scientists have assumed this imbalance, call charged-symmetry breaking, had to exist because without it there would be no hydrogen, and hence no galaxies, planets, or people.

“There was a point about one second after the big Bang when neutrons and protons condensed out of the underlying mixture of particles, “ Stephenson says, “The neutrons decayed into protons, but the protons remained stable. After 10 or 20 minutes, there was an enormous amount of the subatomic materials needed to form hydrogen, which is the building block of stars and galaxies. It is all a consequence of charge symmetry breaking down.” The effects of charge symmetry breaking are still evident today.  Neutrons are measurably more massive than protons, which have an electric charge but are otherwise identical, because of a bias built into the laws of physics.

Until recently all of this remained theory; Stephenson put it to the test at the Indiana University cyclotron Facility.  He and his colleagues slammed a beam of heavy hydrogen atoms into a cloud composed of more heavy hydrogen. Most of the time, the encounter obliterated the atoms. One time in 10-billion, however, two heavy hydrogen nuclei fused to make a helium atom and a particle called a peon, which helps bind an atomic nucleus together. That reaction can occur only by breaking charge symmetry. Physics at Ohio University observed similar evidence of symmetry violation by colliding neutrons and protons to form heavy hydrogen and pions. They also announced their results in April 2003.

The big question now is why particles can occasionally evade laws that apply the rest of the time.  Stephenson plans further experiments to measure the rate of symmetry violation, which may help piece together this puzzle.

We live on a planet that is friendly toward life with a rich CO2 and O2 atmosphere and then we orbit around a group of stars just close enough to melt the ice ages. The ultraviolet light from a small neutron or white-dwarf star of only 1 ½ earth diameters replenish the oxygen and lays down the limestone, gas, oil and coal deposits and it does this without destroying all life on earth. I would say that the odds of something like that happening by pure chance have to be in the neighborhood of say, a billion---possibly a trillion to one. Such odds go way beyond what any jury in the country would accept as testimony to the truth so I would say that this has to be scientific proof for the existence of God!

At the present time our government could be doing the wrong thing by attempting to slow down global warming by spraying aluminum powder in the upper atmosphere and using HAARP transmitters to heat it so that cold air near space descends toward earth. This could wipe out whole cities when the cosmic radiation from space destroys the DNA. On top of that you have the aluminum powder, fluroid in the drinking water, Styrofoam cups, microwaves, and genetically modified foods that dumb down the population to where they don’t care.

HAARP is just one of many government-funded toys for globalist, megalomaniacs’ bent on world domination for the purpose of securing what they think are non-renewable resources and they are using your hard-earned tax money to do this.
All wars are planned by people who make money by financing arms manufacturers. It is a global industry funded by power brokers (the shareholders of the Federal Reserve Banking system) that make money financing small arms manufactures and countries to fight against each other. If a particular country has valuable resources the power brokers will own those countries until their debt is paid off and in most cases it is never paid.

Lady Diana Spencer was murdered because she was trying to stop the endless war (jihad) between the Muslim and Christian countries by marrying Dodi Fieaz. The power brokers had to kill both Dodi and Diana in order to stop any kind of alliance between the two warring factions. Bush is working for the people who put him into office. The jihad (endless war) will keep the military industrial complex busy for decades. The next war is already being planned between the United States and China.


Al Gore made millions selling carbon credits (factious currency) to big corporations. This allows them to do business as usual spewing carbon into the atmosphere. It’s like the Mafia’s protection racket. As long as they pay they can still play (stay in business).

Global warming is about the government forcing you to drive a smaller car, live in a smaller house (tent or yurt) and restricting your mobility. You will no longer be allowed to take a jet plane to London or Paris because you won’t be able to afford the carbon credits. Rich people however, can go on doing business as usual and fly to Europe any time it strikes their fancy because they own stock in the airline or have friends in the airline business.   
Note how the Ice Ages were not as long in the past indicating that our Sun is in a decaying orbit around smething that imparts additional light and heat to Earth.

1.      Global warming is good and ice ages are bad. Why is the government so concerned with global warming and the release of carbon dioxide? It has to be just another excuse to control (exterminate or reduce) human populations. Carbon dioxide (CO2)  is good for plants. The more CO2 there is in our atmosphere and the warmer it is the better our farms and gardens will grow! Right now the CO2 content of our atmosphere is down to only .033%. CO2  is a trace gas. At one time in the geologic past it had to be between 20 and 30% in order to have coal seams 100-feet thick and limestone layers 12,500-feet thick on Earth formed during the 80-million year Carboniferous Era.

2.      Human activity on earth releases CO2 which is a good thing. For all we know it might be humanity’s mandate to release Co2 to keep earth green. CO2 also shields us to some extent from harmful UV and space radiation. To understand more clearly where we are in the ice age cycle please refer to the five-million-year-old ocean sediment graph. You can see on this graph that the ice age cycle began about 3 million years ago and that the ice ages are steadily getting more severe. This is due to the fact that our elliptical orbit around the Sirius system is steadily traveling further away from these stars each orbit. The coming ice age may cover up to 90% of the earth. If someone on this planet were smart enough to figure this stuff out, they would have done it by now. Why is it that I, a, commercial-fishermen, has to tell the scientists what causes ice ages?
Note how the Antarctic temperature trend is dropping on the graph below...

2. One thing is for certain. If you took the moon away the earth would suddenly be plunged back into an ice age. The moon came into orbit around earth after Venus entered the solar system. Earth had a much more erratic orbit around the sun and as did Venus at that time. When Venus was at apogee and Earth at paragee the moon came around and was swapped into orbit after bouncing off the North Pole. Moon rocks are two billion years older than earth. The moon came from some place else!
3. The impact of and the gravity of the moon took us out of the last ice age prematurely with heat from the friction of the tides and the lithosphere. The equatorial bulge caused by the moon’s impact stabilizes earth’s rotation so that it cannot undergo another radical pole shift of the crust slipping over the mantel. This made earth a much more stable place to live.
4. After the moon came the exquisitely-carved, Fulsome point arrowheads disappeared and a black layer of algae was laid down by massive flood waters. After the flood the more primitive Clovis Points appeared signifying that the people who colonized the earth had to start over. It must have been rough for them to survive as evidenced by the fact that they had lost most of their technology. If such an event were to occur today the survival rate today would be next to nothing.
5. The course and energy input of our solar system is affected by stars that we are orbiting around in the local group. Precession of 25,920 years is equal to one quarter of our orbit periods of 103,680 years. Galactic extinction happens every 27 million years. When large objects pass close by our sun the fusion tides are activated causing it to put out more energy. The galactic pulse may be responsible for the 26 million-year, extinctions. Such a pulse might also create coronal mass ejection’s (CME’s) powerful enough to hit earth.
6. The Earth’s biosphere is not a closed system. David Rup and Jack Septowski at the University of Chicago cataloged a list of all the known plant and animal species that have disappeared during earth’s recorded history and found that there are regular occurring extinctions every 26 million years. The fact that the extinctions are regular implies that objects associated with orbiting stars or galactic pulses coming from outside the solar system to affect the history of life on earth.  (See figure 3).
7. Brad Guth’s 105,000-year orbit calculations show that changing orbits of Sirius B doubles the intensity (luminosity) in the ultraviolet and infrared light spectrums reaching Earth when our orbit takes us near these giant stars. The incoming stellar infrared and ultraviolet energy changes the amount of heat and light energy that changes the climate causing an average temperature variance of ten to twelve degrees.
Temperature changes up to fourteen degrees have been documented by Antarctic ice core samples. This is enough to cause ice ages to melt. (See temperature-data, figure 4.) The ices ages last 90,000 years and have ten to twelve-thousand year warming periods in between. and

8. I believe that since the time our sun was captured by the Sirius system two billion years ago more circular orbits around Sirius A and B is responsible for producing most of the World’s oil, coal and limestone. It wasn’t until something pushed into an elliptical orbit that we went into the ice age cycle three million years ago. A stellar explosion near Orion put us in the ice age cycle.
Oil deposits generally occur alongside limestone deposits and are thought to be made by ancient sea creatures such as diatoms or possibly the fermentation of plankton. I personally saw pieces of limestone that had been ejected out of volcanoes in Kansas with crude oil tar on them. The Internet says that Oil is formed in shallow seas by diatoms. Take your pick! You can’t drive a car without a neutron star!
I am now convinced the earth would have a perpetual ice age if it weren’t for our orbit around the Sirius System.  Most of the Earth would be covered with ice except for a narrow band of exposed surface extending around the Equator about twenty degrees north and south. Evidence of glaciations has been found as far south as the Hawaiian Islands.

It is generally accepted common knowledge that ice ages last about 90,000 with brief warming periods lasting 10 thousand or so years in between. The warming periods correspond with the drop in CO2 data and Oil, limestone, and coal deposition. It is obvious that something outside our solar system is adding just enough energy in the ultraviolet spectrum to bring this about. In other words, the earth would be in a constant ice age forever and there would be no oil or coal if it weren’t for something outside our solar system warming it up from time to time every 105,000 years.
The fact that, galaxies are most all the same size, suggest that there are fundamental forces at work limiting their size. The black holes in the center that create the m-state dust that stars are made of. Galaxies limit their size unless they collide with other galaxies in which case they grow larger. Feeding it a few hundred million stars seems to make them larger.

Note how the time period bewteen Ice Ages is less the further you go back in time. This is an indication that we are in orbit around something that imparts additional heat and light to Earth.

The Earth’s so-called, 2012 galactic alignment has not affected us. I personally don’t think it will have too much of an adverse effect on life. From our prospective billions of stars will line up creating an electron and photon field. There will be more cosmic radiation than usual and earth’s atmosphere will be brighter at night. The increased radiation may cause human brains to be more active (probably not smarter). Photon and electron fields do affect DNA and it could activate certain codes making all cells evolve faster. From our prospective time will appear to speed up as everything will come on faster.

Everything out there seems to be moving in a circular orbit so how could there be a big bang? Everything down to the basic building blocks of matter including the quark is moving in an ellipse or orbiting around something else, how could there be a big bang? If there was a big bang then everything should be moving further away from everything else instead of heading toward the big collector. So, why do galaxies collide? Why do we see so many remnants of galaxies that have suffered a collision from another galaxy?  Is our local-group of stars a remnant of a collision with another galaxy? The red shift distortion of the expanding model is misleading.
In 1964 George Gamow, the principal architect of the Big Bang Theory made the case for a universe that began billions of years ago as an explosion from an infinitely dense and infinitely small seed or energy. Fred Hoyle championed the Steady State Theory where the universe was infinite with no beginning and no end and where matter is continuously created in the space between galaxies. Both theories had strengths and weaknesses, for example, the Big Bang successfully accounted for the known abundance of hydrogen and helium but posited an embarrassing beginning that could not be explained.

The Steady State Theory avoided the stumbling block of a universe that seemed to come from nowhere but replaced it with particles of matter appearing continuously from nothing. This was before we knew about the existence of ORME particles (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements). The Big Bang Theory made one prediction that was testable: if the universe began in a blaze of luminosity, a degraded remnant of that radiation should still be in existence everywhere and this microwave radiation could be calculated.
With the calculation of the cosmic microwave background radiation, the Big Bang Theory delivered a knockout punch to the Steady State Theory.  In my opinion the idea that a single point the size of a proton exploded with such force as to create space itself belongs in the loony bin. It gets even loonier when they say it expands to a bubble 100,000 light years in diameter and then creates all the dark matter and dark energy plus the more complex matter and higher life forms in the entire Universe. This is nothing more than the religious dogma of certain scientists placating the Church by trying to make String Theory and Big Bang Theory fit the creation myth.  Now we know however, that there are thousands of black holes in our own galaxy alone that could account for the background radiation of space.       

So far our investigations have shown that there is no such thing as the big bang because everything out there is revolving around something else. The orbits may last millions even billions of years. For example, ‘scientists’ and ‘astronomers’ say our galaxy takes 200 million years to make one revolution. According to the books that I have read our galaxy will make about 20 revolutions before it dissipates. This is a lot of hogwash because Hubbil enabled us to see colliding galaxies. In order for this to happen, galaxies have to be much older than mainstream scientists so dogmatically proclaims. You see, they are all desperately trying to make everything fit into the “Big Bang” theory.  Mankind’s total existence (using mainstream astronomy) represents one percent of one revolution of our galaxy. The total existence of the dinosaurs represents only three-quarters of one revolution. How could there be a big bang that created everything if everything is orbiting something else?

Some physicists and astronomers say the Universe is collapsing due to some unknown particle that makes up the dark matter mass. They are looking for neutrinos, wimps and other particles using photo-multiplier tubes under tons of heavy water buried deep in underground salt mines. So far they have not found what they are looking for. Now they are saying that the furthest out galaxies are accelerating away from us. I wish they would make up their minds.  What they fail to realize is that empty space itself has one to three billion atoms per cubic meter. This mass alone might be enough to account for the gravitational force of dark matter. Then you have the inter-dimensional ORME particles.

This particle our science doesn’t seem to recognize is m-state (ORME atoms), orbitally rearranged monatomic elements may account for most of the mass and they are inter-dimensional in nature (due to their high-speed electrons). There could be incredible amounts of them throughout space and we would never be able to see or detect them because they exist in a higher dimension and have little or no mass. If you heat them or charge them with a magnetic field or electricity they disappear from third dimension. They also repel magnetic field due to their unique shape. The electrons orbit in a ring so that when a magnetic field is introduced they produce the same magnetic polarity and like polarities repel each other. Due to this unique property they could be used as shields for spacecraft and possibly tractor beams. When energy is added they go to a higher, non-reactive, energy-state and time. Cool them off and they reappear. They weigh seven tenths of the weight of the original element they are transmuted from at room temperature. Half of the periodic table of elements can exist in the ORME-state.

ORME atoms respond to brain-wave frequencies. I am reasonably certain they were created by a higher power for the purpose of regulating the behavior of the Universe.  The evidence speaks for itself. Read my books Philosophers Stone, Spaceships of the Gods and Home of the Angels to find out more about this advanced alien technology.
Our Universe is based on geometry that changes constants as time and energy change. This points to m-state as being the dark matter and energy and mass that make up 69% of the Universe. As you will learn from reading my book, Philosopher’s Stone this subsistence can be controlled by thought [magnetic or Messner fields] and exists in ratios as high as ten-thousand to one. Would a supreme intelligence have it any other way?  Manifestation of three-dimensional matter from m-state is simply a matter of thinking the proper Messner frequency.  On January 8, 2005 Theoretical Physicist, Michio Kaku was on the Coast to Coast Art Bell radio show talked about sting theory and why the Galaxy doesn’t fly apart.  According to Dr. Kaku the Galaxy should have flow apart a long time ago because it is rotation too fast.  Astronomers and Theoretical Physicists theorize that dark matter surrounding the Galaxy must be holding it together.  This material whatever it is has a lot of mass. NASA and other scientific organizations have been trying to take a picture of it for years. Every time they point a camera at it they get nothing so they theorize that it exists in another dimension.” {This is true!} Art Bell spoke up at this point and said, “Whoever figures this out will get the Nobel Prize.”

My research into the inter-dimensional ORME particles (orbitally rearranged monatomic elements) or m-state in my book, Philosophers Stone explains how this might hold the Galaxy together and solve the dark matter problem. ORME atoms are two atoms combined sharing all their protons and neutrons in the center nucleus. Since these particles have basically the same charge they tend to push apart like little magnets so you get a nucleus that is eight times larger in diameter than a normal atom. Instead of one Fermi in diameter the nucleus is eight Fermi’s or larger.  Since you have double the number of electrons orbiting these particles they tend orbit out much further away from the nucleus at about 1000 Fermi’s’ and form a ring much like Saturn. This produces a particle that cannot form an electron bond into the three-dimensional matter that we are familiar with but is pushed around with various magnetic fields it comes in contact with. These particles have to remain a monatomic or in the single atom state because their electrons are paired up in a ring orbiting in opposite directions. They cannot form an electron bond. Everything we are familiar with in the third dimension is held together by electron bonds.

ORME particles or m-state floats around between third-dimensional matter and actually repels it. Whenever one of these particles with a ring of opposite rotating electrons encounters a magnetic or gravitational field they reproduce the same field and push third-dimensional matter away. It works on the same principle as the electric transformer that is composed of rings of copper windings.  This is not rocket science. This stuff repels 3-D matter and it has mass. In fact, it has the 5/8th the mass of the two atoms it is lowest transmuted from. As far as we know half the periodic table of elements can exist in the ORME or m-state.  We are finding in huge quantities compared to three-dimensional matter. It seems to exist in rations of 10,000 to one. In other words, when there is one atom of gold there could be 10,000 m-state atoms in the neighborhood. If this ratio hold true for the rest of the Universe then dark matter has to be m-state and the way it behaves repelling three-dimensional matter it does seem to fit the cosmological model. A tremendous repelling mass would hold the Galaxy together and allow it to rotate much faster. ORME particles are opposite of three-dimensional matter which is held together with electrons. This stuff repels everything with a magnetic or gravitational field. It will jump away from a magnet. Go to and watch the video clip.  
According to physicists (as mentioned elsewhere in this book) dark energy makes up 78 % of the universe. Dark matter makes up 28% of the mass of the universe and three-dimensional matter makes up less than 1 % of the mass of the Universe. These figures could be off by a factor of one thousand because scientists don’t have any way to weigh dark matter and dark energy. ORME particles could very well account for the bulk of this dark matter mass, especially if they exist in ratios as high as 10,000 to one. ORME particles can be mass-less depending on their energy state.  ORME particles exist in a higher dimension, or dimensions, (higher energy-states) most of the time when their electron rings exceed the speed of light. This makes them invisible to third-dimension, telescopes and other means of detection. If you could see them they would look like miniature galaxies.

The vibrating strings that bind everything in string theory are actually the non-local Meisner Fields propagated by the electrical rings of ORME particles. If these particles exist in space in the quantities that we think they do (up to 10,000 to 1) then it would explain how photons travel through space with little or no loss of power or amplitude.  Since ORME particles super-conduct at room temperature they would be even more efficient in the cold of space. Since photons have little or no mass and can exist as a wave or a particle they are kind of inter dimensional particle in their own right. Every time a photon enters the proximity of an ORME particle it would be absorbed and kicked out 180 degrees on the other side faster than the speed of light with virtually no loss of power. It would actually be leaving before it entered but that is a matter for Physicists to argue over.    
Bring on the Nobel Prize!

One of the arguments for the Big Bang theory is that there appears to be large areas of empty space beyond 14 billion light years. Who is to say that electrons don’t come to rest after traveling 14 billion light years? Maybe they run down and loose their ability to travel through space. All particles decay and nothing lives forever. Our perceptions are warped because we don’t live long enough to see these things happening.     

The following article in July 2004 issues of Scientific American by George Musser lends more credence to my theory that there was no big bang and space is an ongoing process that has neither beginning nor end.  Reinhard Genzel of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching, Germany: “...For instance, sensitive infrared observations have spotted giant galaxies just a couple of billion years after the big bang, which is early by cosmological standards. Many of these systems contain mature stars and so must have arisen even earlier. Moreover, the mix of elements in galaxies indicates that bigger ones are older than their smaller brethren.”

Genzel and his colleagues’ latest work tightens the screws even further. They focus on sub-millimeter galaxies, so called because astronomers see them in light with a wavelength a bit shorter than one millimeter. Because Cush light is hard to detect, these galaxies were discovered in 1997, even though they are some of the brightest objects in the universe. Genzel’s team has measured the orbital speed of gas clouds within 11 of these systems, giving the first unambiguous measurement of the mass of galaxies in the early universe: greater than 1000 billion solar masses, as hefty as the biggest galaxies in the present-day universe.  Extrapolated to the whole sky, the team’s work implies 50 million of these heavyweights, 100 times as many as models predict.”
“They’re absolutely right,” admits theorist Carlos Frenk of the University of Durham in England. “The models we put out three years ago did not produce enough big galaxies” in the distant past. Some claim that the findings cast a pall over the very concept of dark matter, but Genzel, Frenk and others say that the dark matter is behaving as it should; it is the ordinary matter mixed in with it that is causing the trouble.”
“Dark matter may seem exotic, but cosmologists regard it as the essence of simplicity. It is “cold,” endowed with little energy, and it responds only to the force of gravity. Ordinary matter, in contrast, is a cauldron of nuclear reactions, shock waves, magnetism, and turbulence-a mess that cosmologists whimsically call gastrophysics...” Even by the exacting standards of astronomers, the galaxy that Alan Stockton of the University of Hawaii at Manos and his colleges discovered last year is a real head-scratcher. It is massive (300 billion stars or thereabouts) and mature (its reddish hue implies that the stars are two billion years old) in a comparatively (some 2.6 billion years after the big bang). Stranger still, it seems like the Milky Way.  For a disk to endure, the galaxy could not have collided with another sizable galaxy. Because such collisions are the usual triggers for rapid star formation, astronomers are left wondering how the galaxy managed to create so many stars so quickly!!!

The answer can only be that the Universe is incredibly old-possibly ageless. The following is transcribed directly from a video about Stephen Hawking. It is his voice created by speech synthesizer. Stephen Hawking: 
“...The No Boundary Universe is a proposal that has some interesting implications. Without boundaries the Universe has no beginning and no end. We don’t have to explain its creation. The universe simply exists. But, the consequences of the No Boundary proposal cannot be worked out fully without a complete quantum theory of gravity that will unite General Relativity and Quantum mechanics. We are back to the search for the theory of everything.” 
“The Expansion of the Universe suggested the possibility that the Universe had a beginning in the past. The point at which the Universe may have started out became known as the “Big Bang.”

“In an unchanging Universe one can imagine that God created the Universe at any time in the past. On the other hand, if the Universe is expanding there may be physical reasons why there had to be a beginning. An expanding Universe does not preclude a creator but it does place limits on when he might have carried out his job.  Einstein’s theory of General Relativity show that the Universe was expanding.”

However, we don't know what happens to photons after traveling 12-billion years. They might looose energy and appear to shift to the red which would make it look like the Universe is expandig but ir really not.. Photons might wear out in a universe with no beginning and no end. In fact, the unknown dark matter might be photos at rest. We don't know. At this poinnt in time there is no way to tell what it is made of.

“Roger Penrose proved that a dying star collapses into a singularity. I wondered if the Universe would also collapse into a singularity? As a massive star collapses its gravity becomes so strong that light cannot escape. The laws of physics do not apply under conditions as time and mass no longer exist.”
“...The number of black holes may outnumber the number of stars in our Universe.” “Particles can escape from a black hole. Black holes are not completely black. At first, I didn’t believe it. I was unsure of my discovery so I didn’t tell many friends.”

“According to Quantum Mechanics space is filled with virtual particles that are constantly materializing in pairs separating and coming together to annihilate again. In the presence of a black hole one member of a particle may fall in leaving the other particle with nothing to annihilate with. Quantum Mechanics allows particles to escape from a black hole. Einstein did not fully accept Quantum Mechanics and said, “God does not play dice...” “Black hole radiation has shown us that gravitational collapse is not as final as we once thought. If an astronaut falls into a black hole his atoms will be recycled.”

“In 1981 my interest in the fate of the Universe was reawakened when I attended a conference on Catholics in the Vatican. Afterwards I met the pope and he told us that it was all right to study the evolution of the Universe after the big bang but that we should not inquire into the big bang itself because the moment of creation was the work of God. I was glad he did not attend the conference I had just given-the possibility that the Universe had no beginning and no creation.”

“If one goes back in time one comes to the point where the laws of physics break down. Time is a word invented by man.” “If the Universe is completely self contained with no boundary or no end it would neither be created, not destroyed. It would simply be.”

“Where does the difference in the past and the future come from? The laws of physics are not changed by time. I began to wonder what would happen when the Universe began to stop expanding and began to contract. Would we see broke cups gather themselves together off the floor and jump back on the table?”
Stephen gave a colleague the problem to solve. He worked on it a month or so and came back to Stephen with a no answer. Again Stephen sent him to solve the problem but to no avail. Eventually Stephen ordered that they write a computer program and in a few months they had their answer. Stephen had made a mistake. His idea that time and the Universe would reverse like a collapsing star was wrong.  Time will not reverse and we will continue to get older. The Unified Theory is so compelling that it brings about its own existence.
“Whatever happens 10-billion years from now I will not be around to be proven wrong?”
Stephen fully realized that when matter approaches the speed of light time slows down. Much like the race between the turtle and the hare the hare can never catch the tortoise. Therefore there can be no beginning and no end.  The number of heavy elements on earth is proof of an endless, no-boundary Universe. Heavy elements like irridium, platinum and gold are made in stellar and glactic explosions. In other words, many stars have to gow to old age and blow up before the heavy elements cand find their way to earth. 

Apophis was the ancient Egyptian name for evil and destruction that plunged the entire world into eternal darkness. Today it is the name given to an asteroid 1,200 feet across which is on a collision course with earth. Discovered in 2004 it could hit with the equivalent force of 100,000 nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima. If it fails to hit us in 2029 it could swing around the sun again and hit us in 2036.
Experts studying near earth objects are warning us to prepare by developing the technology to deflect them. The Guardian, a British newspaper, reported a London meeting of experts that suggested that efforts to deflect asteroids should begin now. The chances of such an object hitting the ocean is five times greater than hitting land because the oceans cover 4/5 of the globe. The devastation of the coastline caused by such an object would be tremendous and there are other even larger, undiscovered objects out there that couldn’t at any time.

A congressionally directed program called Pan- STARRS is intended to increase earth’s early warning system. Whether or not this or any government-funded program will work remains to be seen.

The above article was taken from my book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES. If you would like to read the entire book please order from one of the following:,,,  Thanks! 

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