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COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES on global warming


I have been on a quest to alter societal evolution into a more benign
directions with my books, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES and

Most scientists now agree that there have been six major extinctions on Earth. Obviously Earth had to be reseeded afterwards. Could the Alien harvest that is going on in all parts of the world today be the result of establishing a DNA repository to reseed the Earth after the next big one? The extinction that occurred 65-million years ago wiped out most of the dinosaurs. Another one that occurred 11,718 years ago froze whole mastodons instantly with buttercups and green leaved in their mouths. It also piled up huge heaps of animal bones on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The impact tilted Earth 23-5 degrees in relation to the Sun thus thawing back the ice caps 1,800 miles. FYI We are still in the Ice Age its just that the Earth has bee tilted to make more dry land to mine gold and to make room for larger populations of humans and animals.

At present there are thirty-million species of plants and animals on Earth. During the time of Noah there were probably more like 40-million species. There is no way that evolution could come up with that many species after the flood in such a short time and Noah did not carry that many on board the Ark. Obviously Earth had to have reseeded. Who is responsible? We don't know.

The last catyclasm shifted the north and south rotational poles over 1,800 miles in relation to the sun. This put Earth's inclination at 23.5 degrees in  relation the the rays of the Sun. The new 23.5 degree tilt to the Earth allowed the sun to shine at a more perpendicular angel on the Earth's surface to thaw the ice caps back more than 1,800 miles doubling arable land for larger populations of both humans and animals. The last catyclasim pushed the whole continent of Antarctica up thousands of feet higher and it now has an average heigth above sea level of 7,500 feet. I was astonded when I came across this fact. No wonder it is so cold and has such a huge ice cap many miles deep. Tilting Earth and putting a large moon in orbit replenished the earth's atmosphere with increased volcanism. It make it more habitable for larger populations of plants and animals but I don't believe it was done to increase human populations. It was done to expose more of the Earth's surface so they could mine gold.

We are still in the Ice Age with an average global temperature of 32 degree Fahrenheit or 0 degrees C.
The avreage global temperature hasen't changed much for the last three-million years yet we have had about 58 Ice Ages during that time.

This may sound a little far out but it wasn't the hard metal that they were after. It was ORME gold which they added to their food to make them live thousands of years. ORMES -- orbitally rearranged monatomic elements are combined atoms of gold and platinum group metals in a non-metalic state  with all the protons at the center and the electrons orbiting much further from the neuclus at around 1000 Fermies. Protons are like little magnets of the same polarity so they purh away from each other making the nucleus ten times larger. Because these particules are so large the atmoic forces are much weaker making transmutation of elements possible. Our science refuses to aknowledge the transmutation of elements yet it being done millions of times a minute within the huma body. It is done with magnetic frequency by the motochnodria within the cells of all living things. Planck's constant rules: E= HF. 

Archeologists found huge repositories of ORMUS or ORMES inside the pyramids and in ancient Egyptian gold mines. Large storerooms of the stuff were found on the island of Crete. They didn't know what it is so they threw it away. Soldiers were digging through the stuff looking for gold. What they were digging through was gold!!! They just didn't understand this monatomic state of matter. 

Orbitally rearranged monatomic elements are quite large and have weak atomic forces. This allows the mitochondria to rearrange them with magnetic frequency to get the proper elements for complete cell division. ORMUS is a superconductor of magnetic frequency. I believe it is used for brain synapse through the microtubules which would explain the speed at which information it processed. It also has antigravity and non-local communication properties capable of sending messages to the other side of the galaxy in a Planck second.  

Nerve impulses can’t explain how a person can play ping pong. You will not understand this process until you read my book. PHILOSOPHERS STONE contains the recipes to make it the most valuable substance on Earth in your kitchen.

COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES explains how the carbon resources were made. The sun didn't make them.

Our sun could not possibly have made all the coal, oil and limestone layers on earth because the atmospheric pressure 400-million years ago was around 400 PSI whch would have been 1,660 miles deep instead of the current 60-miles. Also, the sun did not burn as hot as it does toady and it is the wrong spectrum to be a good grow light. Obviously it had to be another object. This object puts out more than 100-times the ultraviolet light of our sun/ It was the light source that furnished most of our carbon energy needs of today. Once we realize this fact then maybe we will stop burning the stuff and using up our precious oxygen supply in the process. 

After reading about Campbell and Moore's red shift data the direction our sun is traveling toward Hercules at 19.5 kilometers per second I plotted our course by drawing a line backwards from Hercules through the centers of a constellation map and it wind up in Orion. Iin the process I discovered that we are in orbit around the Sirius A and B which are only 8.5 light years away. At the same time we (our sun) is traveeling back toward Sirius A and B at 7.5 kilometers per second and they are only 8 light years distant. That means that our entire star cluster of about 100 stars that we live in is traveling away from Orion at about 27 kilometers per second but we (our sun and planets) will eventyl accelerate up to around 100 kilometers per second toward Sirius and wip around the back side at less than 1/10th light year.

Once you look at the mass/gravity and velocity numbers you cannot come to any other conclusion. I have taken this info to several astronomers and laid it out for them. They get a puzzeled look on their faces and scribbel a few numbers and eventually start agreeing with me.

The mass of our sun is 2.0 E30 metric tons. The Mass of Sirius A and B is 6.8 E30. The mass of Procyon at 10.3 light years in the relative same direction of Sirius is 6E30. Sirius A and B is about 3.5 solar mass  so therefore it has 3.5 times the gravity of our Sun but then you have to multiply the mass difference time four to figure in the gravity of our Galaxy because Sirius A and B are upstream in the galactic arm of Orion. The galaxy gravity is transmitted from the massive black hole at the center in a giant spiral from star to star in a giant Fibonacci spiral so you got over 27 times the gravity of our sun in that direction and we are heading in that direction toward Sirius at 7.5 kilometers per second. So, what is the orbit period??? Guess! It is exactly 105,000 years which matches the last couple of Ice Ages...

FYI Just to add mor confusion to all this we are also traveling 3-million miles per hour around in a big circle in the Orion Arm of our Galaxy as it makes one rotation every 250-million years. Our Galaxy is also traveling toward the Andromedia Galaxy at several million miles per hour and will eventually eat it up like Pack Man. FYI our glaxy as eaten up at least ten major Galaxies and over one-hundred thousand smaller star clusters. --Astronomy Magazine    

We are part of a cluster of 100 stars ruled by these two giants. Sirius B is a white dwarf star of 1.5 solar masses. It is about the size of Earth but has more mass and gravity than our sun plus all the planets in our solar system. One teaspoon of the material that it is made of would weigh about a million pounds. It orbits 12 earth distances from Sirius A or in other words 12 AU (astronomical units).
Every fifty-four years it gets so close to Sirius A (8AU) that it feeds off from it several metric tons per hour causing it to put out hundreds of times more invisible ultraviolet light than our sun. Normaly it puts out about 100-times the ultraviolet light of our sun. When you drive your car down the road you are recycling stellar energy from the little object Sirius B pictured below. You can't see the light that this object put out because it is in the high UV. 


I am now convinced that the intense light from Sirius B is also responsible for advanced multi-celled life forms on earth. It is the only thing that could break through ancient Earth's thick 750 PSI atmosphere to create all the layers of coal 100-feet thick and limestone 12,500 feet thick that was made during 
the Carboniferous Era 400-million years ago.

Our sun was born with about 40 other stars in an Orion dust cloud not too far from the Horse Head Nebula currently 1330 light years toward the center of the Galaxy (toward the Southeast). After our sun was born and most of the planets formed from dust rings we drifted out in the Orion Arm toward Hercules (northwest) for two+ billion years.

Galaxies make suns in dust clouds and send them out to make the body of the galaxy. After our sun was born in Orion and the Earth formed from dust a billion years of volcanism gave earth a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere of 750 pounds per square inch. One of the latest theories on planet formation say planets are proto suns that didn't grow big enough to attain fusion,

{The December 2013 Astronomy magazine mentions that early Earth had an atmosphere of
1,450 pounds per square inch and one third of that was carbon dioxide. The reference we found was that early Earth's atmosphere was 50 bars which is 750 pounds per square inch. Right now our atmosphere is 14.5 pounds per square inch at sea lever and is only 60-miles deep. We have lost 98% of the air on this planet and most of our protection from meteors and consmic radiaition. The ozone layer is much less so we are in real danger of extinction.

{At the present time Co2 is only .033 % of our stmosphere. It is a trace gas necessary to grow food and the governments of the world are using this valuable gas as an excuse to control us?} If they really wanted to reduce CO2 emissions they should ban carbonated soft drinks???}

After our sun drifted out of Orion into the cold of space Earth froze up for a billion years known as the Huronian Glaciation. All the oceans were froze over with mile deep ice. Our sun didn’t burn as hot as it does today. After a billion years of being covered with ice, earth and our sun drifted between Procyon and Sirius A and B which are not from thie Galaxy and aare probably a billion years older than our sun. These giant stars were swapped in from somewhere else. Sirius A had a titanium atmosphere. Sirius A and B orbit each other and have a mass of 6.8E30 while our sun has a mass of 2.0e30. In other words they are about 3.5 solar masses but because they are lined up with the Galaxy gravity transmitted in a big spiral through billiions of stars the gravity in that neighborhood is about 27 times that of our sun.

When little, Sirius B (1.5 solar masses) orbiting Sirius A every 54 years came around, it grabbed hold of our sun and pulled it into orbit around Sirius A. This was very fortunate for us because the light and heat from these giant stars melted the ice on earth and started plants to grow in the oceans thereby releasing free oxygen and created all our coal, oil and limestone  which is calcium carbonate made by plants in shallow seas.

Our brother and sister stars in the Big Dipper kept going and are now 75 to 100 light years ahead of us toward the north and are known as the Constellation Ursa Major (Big Dipper).

She is brest feeding... The vest has twelve stones representing the twelve tribes more than 1000 years older than Moses. Go figure!

They came in "celestial boats” and brought laws and wisdom to man through a royal line of pharaohs.

Russian scientists puzzled !
Russian scientist are really puzzled over a new mysterious find! We all know that there probably were giants back in the days. Just like we all know that we aren’t the first age of mankind. There are just so many different cultures that talk of this and share technology and tunnels and pyramids to logically discount it. It’s endless the amount of evidence pointing to this. Much of it is documented in science journals from the 1800′s. Old finds and if that isn’t good enough then you can always talk to native peoples around the globe and get the “stories”. I am convinced, and BTW, some scientist did an environmentally controlled experiment that was based on. “What if there really was a flood and a meteor impact on the earth”. Long story short the atmosphere would be changed and oxygen levels etc after impact. Animals that existed prior to that time intake more oxygen etc and grow larger (plants as well).

What made the Russian scientists so puzzled then? Did Chimeras exist? At least that what you can believe when knowing what Russian scientist found a very unusual and awesome skeleton? A great horse of epic proportions. But something in the bones is absolutely wrong! The spine is curved. Like a bow and the forearms have been bend back like wings.

Sirius A and B.

Our Sun's fortunate capture by the Sirius system happened about 700 million years ago and this was the beginning of all complex multi-cellular life forms on earth. Earh had been covered with mone-mile deep sheets of ice over its single ocean for a billion years and it had 5-mile deep ice on the single continent known as Pangea. This billion-year-long glacial period is known as the Huronian Glaciation based on studies of ancient glaciated rock strata above Lake Huron and in Australia.

During the Carboniferous Era Sirus B laid down limestone layers up to 12,500 feet thick. The continental United States from the Rocky Mountains to the Carolinas was laid down during the Carboniferous Era with limestone layers on average over 3,500 feet thick. [Look up Carboniferous Era in Encyclopedia Britannica.]

Carbon removed from the atmosphere during that era was laid down in Pennsylvania and Virginia
as coal layers up to a hundred feet thick. Coal is made from grass and trees and plants of all kinds. Anthracite or hard coal is compressed from plant matter at a ration of 40 to 1. What this means is if you burn one cubic feet of wood you get x amounts of btu's out of it. When you burn one cubic feet of anthracite you get 40 times as much heat because you have 40 times more carbon.

Soft coal is compressed down at a ration of about 20 to 1. The point is, coal, oil, and limestone are made from carbon dioxide and carbon in the soil using photosynthesis and ultraviolet light from space and the majority of it had to come from Sirius B, not the Sun. The Sun did not burn hot in ancient times and Earth has a thick atmosphere -- so thick in fact, that you would rarely be able to see the Sun. 

Our sun does not have enough power to keep us out of the ice ages otherwise we wouldn’t have them! If you want to know more please read my book. Go to my web site www.alaskapublishing.com.

The point is Earth is loosing its atmosphere. We have a limited time on earth. During Biblical times the Oxygen was 35%. Reference books list it as 20% but it is down to about 18% yet we go on burning
things? At the time of the dinosaurs the atmospheric pressure was around 30 pounds per square inch. Now it is down to 14.5 pounds per square inch. Before our sun was captured by the Sirius system earth had an atmosphere of about 700 pounds per square inch. Over time most of the carbon dioxide was laid down as limestone, coal and oil using photosynthesis in the oceans and light from these stars. We have a limited time to get our act together and get off the planet so that we can seed life in other

I am sure that a man as foresighted as Richard Branson knows this otherwise he wouldn’t be building space ports all over the U S and spending 3-billion on alternate fuel research.

It is not unusual that giants would inhabited the Earth in Ancient times. Everything was much bigger in ancient times. Seqoia and redwood trees grew to heights of 1000 feet. Dinosaurs weighed upwards of 30 to 60 tons. Earth's atmospheric pressurs during the time of the dinosaurs was around 60 pounds per square inch. Some scholars say it was seven times today's atmospheric pressure prior to the flood. That would make it 101.5 pounds per square inch. Venus, which is much closer to the Sun than Earth still has a high carbon dioxide atmosphere of 117 pounds per square inch. With a higher atmospheric pressure and a higher oxygen content it is possible that mankind lived hundreds of years like some of the patriarchs mentioned in the Bible.

The figurines above were found in graves in Iraq and are believed to be 5000 years old. The shoulder pads represent an ephod mentioned in the book of Exodus. The twelve stones, ruby, amethyst, emerald, corundum and diamond etc. represent the twelve tribes of Israel in the Bible -- only these figurines are much older than the Bible. I believe they are half saurian and half human ~ the precursor to modern humans who God said "go forth and multiply…

According to a new Time/ ABC/Stanford University Poll 85% of Americans believe that global warming is happening on some level. We’re still working on the answer to that question. Yes as we get closer to our host stars we will eventually experience global warming and most of the ice caps on Earth will dissappear. Since we just came out of an Ice Age we should expect at least a one degree rise in temperature per century. In the mean time here are a few numbers to throw around.

The average person just sitting there in a chair give off 340 BTU’s per hour. A thousand persons in a building can run the air conditioning costs up to 340,000 BTU’s per hour just to keep the
building at the same comfortable temperature. Given the poor efficiency of the air-conditioning equipment (about 50%) the actual amount of heat released into the environment by 1000 people inside a building is 50% more than if they are outside in the open air bringing the total up to 510,000 or about ½ million BTU’s hour.

When you are working hard the average person can put out up to a thousand BTU’s per hour. There are conservatively 6.7 billion persons on the planet putting out two trillion two hundred seventy eight BTU’s per hour. When you add in the air conditioning BTU’s it is more. Five percent of the world’s energy is produced by nuclear. Scientists claim more but they don’t count the third world nations energy needs.

The moon imparts 2E20 jewels per second on each square meter on the earth twenty-four-hours a day moving the tides around and the magma underneath our feet. How many watts of energy is that? One thousandths of that energy distributed equally over the surface of the earth is equivalent to 490 watts per square meter per hour. The average input of energy the sun imparts to earth is only 350 watts per square meter because the sun only warms one side of the earth at a time while the other side is exposed to the cold of space. Going from a cold winter to a hot summer the sun’s energy difference is only 20 watts per square meter per hour. The suns peak input to earth on a hot day on the equator is 850 watts per square meter. It is much less when it is cloudy making the average around 700 watts of thermal input at the equator. You got to cut this in half because the other side of the Earth is dark. There is 200,000 terrawatts of energy reaching the surface of the Earth each hour. It is much less at higher latitudes and practically zero above the Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circles. The snow and ice reflects much of the suns energy back into space at latitudes above 23.5 degrees. By tilting the Earth 23.5 degrees in increases the suns input to Earth by approximately 20%.

The new solar cells are capable of 40% efficiency so you can get a peak of 280 watts per square meter at noon on a hot day. The world’s current oil consumption is 85 to 90 billion barrels per day. Each barrel of oil produces 5.8 million BTU’s. What is more important than the BTU’s release by this oil is the soot produced. The micro soot is accumulative and causes what scientists call “global

When China comes into the industrial age the global world oil consumption will be over a 100-billion barrels of oil a day by 2010. This figure does not count the oil consumed in production and
transportation. The industry won’t release these figures because they don’t want the government to shut them down. Exxon made a 39-billion-dollar profit last quarter—that is, after spending as much as possible to keep the government from getting it. They would rather give it to the government than pay off their lawsuits.

According to General Motors Corporation the catalytic converter and subsequent federal requirements have lowered greenhouse gasses by more than 97% since the mid 1970’s.

The majority of the world’s electrical power is produced by big jet engines. Most of them have bad thermal efficiencies and the best ones have about a 50% thermal efficiency rating. On top of that they consume vast amounts of fresh water. Utility power plants are the world’s largest consumer of fresh water on the planet and mankind’s biggest contributor of heat to the planet. All the power plants in the world produce 15-terrawatts of electric power per hour. This power output will double within a decade with China coming on line. On top of that you have the consumption of fossil fuel increasing to 10-billion tons per year.

They are still burning several thousand acres of rain forest per day to make charcoal for the steel industry and to furnish charcoal for the locals to cook their food.

CNN news release: Sacramento, California (AP) August 31, 2006 “California will impose broad new caps on it greenhouse gas emissions under a landmark plan that marks a clear break with the federal
government and which backers hope will become a national model.” “Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who helped assemble the plan, called Wednesday’s agreement “an example of other states and nations to follow as the fight against climate change continues…”

The population of honey bees in the United States has fallen by fifty percent and scientists are wondering why. The antenna and micro hairs along the antenna of honey bees is the right size to pick up electromagnetic radiation from FM radio stations, cell phones, high-powered cell phone towers and other sources. As a result they are burrowing underground to escape the EMF radiation.
Twenty years ago when I turned the FM dial on my radio there were only three stations. Now when I turn the dial there are at least fifty radio stations on the FM band each putting out from five thousand
watts to a hundred-thousand watts and more! And that is just in my small area of Alaska. Add to this increased EMF from low frequency broadcast bands, power lines, wi-fi, and 900-mhz mobile house phones and you have a tremendous increase of atmospheric electromagnetic overload.

On the other side of the globe you have the Russian Woodpecker pounding away on the ionosphere with low frequency radio waves to heat up portions of Russia to extend the growing season and operating time in the oil fields. The have more than one transmitter. They also dump coal dust
on the snow around oil fields to extend the drilling season.

On this side of the globe you have the HAARP (High Altitude Aural Research Project) project in Glenallan, Alaska pumping massive amounts of low frequency EMF into portions of the ionosphere to alter weather patterns. {FYI I was active in maintaining the ionespheric research transmitter
near the University of Alaska in 1963.}

In July 1995 Jean Manning telephoned the Institute of Advanced Studies at Aspen, Colorado, to ask about possible effects of the HAARP-type experiments which would make artificial electromagnetic storms above the Earth – experiments which would lift parts of the ionosphere and would literally expand those areas while accelerating more high-energy particles in the already energetic atmosphere.

HAARP would add more energy to a global system that is already stretched, replied the scientist. By “stretched”, he meant hyper stimulated by particle flows from the sun. In recent decades our sun
has been spewing larger-than-usual bursts of high-energy particles into our planet’s systems. Some of the hyperactivity stated before men got into the act with nuclear explosions. With and effect similar to
solar flares, manmade radiation from atomic technologies adds to the crossfire of super-speedy particles in which we live.
American astrophysicist, Adam Trombly at a Tesla conference in Germany was saying that, before men detonated underground nuclear tests or did anything else that was massively invasive to the state of
balance of Earth’s systems, we were already saturated with an “energy burden” from the sun? “The system is already at ner-terminal capacity in our opinion,” said Trombly.

The fact that Earth was getting hotter was reported in the New York Times in 1991. The article said that “Arctic ice had decreased by 2% in only a nine year period.”
Then HAARP comes along…. “a project that could further destabilize an earth that’s already an unstable environment”, as Trombly put it. The thought of a planet whose systems are overloaded, and which may soon reach the point where it couldn’t take any more high-energy particles was sobering. Manning thought about the enthusiastic attitude of the scientists and military contractors whom the NO-HARP group called: “the big boys with the big toys”. Those big time experiments admit that they don’t know what will happen when they push ionospheric heating experiments into the next level. They seem so excited the macho adventure of passing the “next threshold of effects” in the ionosphere, and do not hesitate to pump gigawatts of power up there and intentionally accelerate particles in the ionosphere to “relativistic” speeds – to near light speed. Why would they be so irresponsible?

“In documents the HAARP planners put together in 1990 they say that they were intentionally trying to get a “runaway” effect in the ionosphere. This effect was new and would represent an energy
threshold not yet reached with these kinds of military tools. The document said “…that at the highest HF (high frequency) energy dissipative capability, beyond maximum RF (radio frequency) energy
dissipative capability, beyond which the plasma processes will ‘runaway’ until the next limiting factor is reached. What will happen when this runaway event occurs? In other words, they don’t know if
they will set the atmosphere on fire destroying the entire planet.

Trombly pointed out a similarity between the decision to pulse several giga-watts into the ionosphere (HAARP) without knowing what will happen, and the first atomic weapon testing. Years after the
test, Scientists were surprised by these results—the amplifying of the signal much like the amplifying that occurs inside a vacuum tube. In other words they were using the entire atmosphere of the earth like a giant vacuum tube to amplify the input signal thousands of times.

Note how the time between Ice Ages is less as you go back in time. Note Also Antarctica is much colder than the rest of the world so the antarctic ice core graphs don't reflect accurate global temperatures... Note also that the time difference is an indication that our Sun is in orbit around smoething that imparts additional light and heat to Earth.

Note on the 5.5-million year sediment graph that the Ice Ages are less severe as you go back in time which is an indication that our sun is in orbit around something that imparts additional light and heat to Earth. There were multiple suns in the sky in ancient times.

In order to compute the human effect on global warming per hour on each square meter of earth you have to take the 90-billion barrels of oil consumed per day and add the oil used in refining and transporting it to market and divide that by the number of hours in a day (24) to find the total number of barrels consumed per hour. You then multiply this by the number of BTUs in a barrel. Add the total of waste heat from atomic power plants, coal, natural gas, rice paddies, rotting garbage heaps, cattle, elephants, sheep, cats and dogs plus the 6.7 billion humans themselves each radiating 340 BTU’s hour while sitting in a chair then convert this to watts is a big job. After a while you give up and throw in an arbitrary figure of about ten watts per square meter and call it good. 

Note that the average global temperature dropped back down to the freezing point 32 degrees F. Alaska had below average temperatures in 2013...

The point is: we are releasing an 800-million year accumulation of carbon resources in 100 years—carbon laid down using the invisible light from Sirius B --light that is a million times more powerful than
our sun. Not only are we dumping heat into the environment in the form of low energy photons it is the carbon soot that causes more global warming than anything else--not to mention the irreparable damage it is doing to our health.

I think hydrogen peroxide is one of several viable answers. Not the diluted stuff in your medicine cabinet but a liquid that is much more concentrated and easy to transport. It can be manufactured by excess tidal and wind power. When you burn soft coal with hydrogen peroxide there is practically no waste because there is almost enough oxygen in it to completely combust the carbon and little or no atmospheric oxygen is consumed. [The burn efficiency is about 70%.] You could literally burn oily sand and get clean energy! The same stuff can be burned in a diesel engine in your car. The Germans were powering their submarines with it in World War II. If the US Navy hadn’t towed them out and sunk them so that the technology wouldn’t get into the hands of the private sector we would be
utilizing this source of energy today.

If NASA threw away their booster rockets fired with recycled rubber tires and used hydrogen peroxide and diesel oil they would get 50% more thrust with no pollution. This would allow them to put 50% larger payloads into orbit. But, like most government projects they are constantly shooting themselves in the foot due to a mental constipation brought about mostly by the educational system and the thick-headed Germans like myself who are running the program. The newest solar cells are capable 40% production. There is a total of 200,000 terra-watts reaching the surface of the earth every hour of
the day but the low angel of incidence near the poles and reflection off from ice reduces this amount considerably. The total number of watts per square meter striking the earth near the equator is about a thousand but due to cloud cover and the fact that half of the earth is in the dark the average that can be utilized is about 350 watts per square meter.

Windmills actually produce more power per square meter than solar cells-- up to 40 K. W. per square meter thus leaving a much smaller footprint on the earth. The little country of Germany has 21 giga-
watts of wind power pulling all the time. There are some areas where the wind never stops blowing and there are some areas where the sun never stops shining. We humans, if we are smart enough, should be able to tap into at least a kilowatt of energy per square meter on earth.

There is a tremendous source of tidal energy in Alaska’s Turnagain Arm and Knik Arm and there is a company in Canada that will put in a six-lane, bridge across these bodies of water for free if we let them have the energy. The turbines are like large revolving doors in a department store big enough to let whales through. Whales as well as salmon can go through without being harmed.
If the electrical energy from the tides on upper Cook Inlet was utilized to make LH2 and H2O2 hydrogen peroxide it would furnish enough energy to power most of the United States. All this technology is well understood.

If we can get more of the wind, solar and tidal energy on line we can use any one of these to make hydrogen peroxide from water to smelt glass, steel and other things for export. The hydrogen peroxide can even be used for rocket fuel.

None of the above mentioned potential energy sources count geothermal. There is approximately 40 terrawatts leaking out of the surface of the earth every hour of every day from natural geothermal vents. Iceland gets almost all its power from geothermal. Instead of sitting there waiting for Yellowstone to blow up wiping out a third of the United States our government leaders should encourage energy companies to drill around the area and use the steam to generate electricity.
There is enough potential geothermal energy in Yellowstone Park in the giant underground caldera that extends south into Nevada and Arizona to power the United States for the next ten-thousand thousand years.

Instead of waiting for it to blow up wiping off a third of the population of the United States off the map we should be cooling it off by pumping water down there and recycling the steam through giant
turbines. What you don’t see in the human impact of global warming is the micro soot given off by all this activity including jet contrails that cause global warming. There are countries in the world today that consume one-tenth the amount of oil that we do and they have higher education, a higher quality of life and they live ten years longer. They pay for it but you don’t see them invading foreign nations and killing people over oil.

The earth is loosing its atmosphere from a high of 750 pounds per square inch to it present level of 14.5 pounds per square inch. During biblical times earth’s oxygen was 36% and now they say it is 20% but these are old figures. It really is down to 18% and much less inside government buildings are manking important decisions about your future welfare.

Obviously we have a limited time on this planet until we burn up all the oxygen have to go underground or out into space to find another planet to colonize with lots of water and a breathable atmosphere. Such a planet with an excess of incoming light in the UV spectrum to release free oxygen with plant growth and a high pressure Co2 atmosphere might be a little difficult to find—if not impossible.

The obvious lesson here is that we had better take care of our atmosphere by not burning it and quit wasting our time and resources fighting wars for planet domination to steal those resources. We need
to get on with the development of more benign energy sources such as geothermal, hydrogen peroxide, fuel cells, wind, wave, and tidal power. There is a host of other advanced concept energy sources such as zero point, helium-3, earth energy, fusion and high voltage capacitor storage of atmospheric phoneme. Do you remember Benjamin Franklin flying a kite in an electrical storm to collect electrical energy? He may have been on to something.

Present day humans were created as slaves to serve the giant Anunnaki—
the result of the mating of Nephilim (angels) with the primitive
inhabitants of Earth. DNA tests don’t lie. They release death row
prisoners on the basis of DNA. Human DNA is 98% the same as Chimpanzee
DNA; only chimps have 48 chromosomes while humans have 46. One
chromosome is missing and two others are fused together. During the process of creation it was necessary to program some human genes to worship their masters because it made them easier to control. This is why modern day humans still need religion. In fact they feel naked without religion.

Thousands of years of programming have made it easy for humans to give up their soul, their free will, their body, their labor, their money
and even their morals to whatever religion feels good at the time.
Because of this humans are easily manipulated into killing each other
over theological semantics or false patriotism generated by government propaganda. Add to this the subtle programming of government mandated school systems that keep people ignorant and it is easy to see why modern humans are so easily manipulated by contrived events to where
they will sacrifice their offspring to fight an imaginary enemy dreamed up by presidential advisors to keep the economy rolling.

One of the cylinders is broken but probably not needed to keep the baloon inflated. It probably ran on hydrogen manufactured by electrolisis and electricity generated by windmills.

The above craft made at Area 51 is designed to train our pilots. The bottom is a giant capacitor made of copper plates separated by insulating resin. The plates are made from 14-micron diameter copper beads fused together under pressure. The surface area of one plate then would cover an entire football field. Electrons travel on the surface of wires. That is why you have stranded wire on your appliances. This craft has a tremendous electron storage capacity. Since like charges repell and the Earth is negative ground with a large surplus of electrons; to make something fly away from Earth it has to have more electrons. This is real antigravity. The huge magnet coil above the plates gives it the capability of flying to the moon and back. No rocket propulsion system is needed.

Is it any wonder why the ignition system of cars quit working when this thing flys overhead?

We have made 58 orbits around Sirius A and B in the last three miliion years. 
Every time we get close the ice caps dissappear on Earth and small thin layers of coal ar made after we leave the area and the ice compresses the vegetation.  At our closest point to Sirius of 1/10th light year the average global temperature rises 13 degree F and the invisible ultraviolet light from Sirius B doubles incoming UV to Earth. We can compute that because we know the distance compared to our sun and the UV output of Sirius B. This won't happen until another 14,000 years.

Global warming is about forcing you to drive a smaller car and live in a smaller house restrict your travel and keep the energy companies in business forever. Global warming is about your eventual enslavement!

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