Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How UFOs FLY...

I got news for you. The US had been training pilots to fly flying saucers since the 1950's. They got some of the technology from the Germans who were flying them before WWII. The technology is quite simple: I will try to attach a picture on one.

Above is a picture of the entomologist, Kozrev and his machine.

Oh Ya. Tesla was flying one around in Colorado back in the 1800's. A farmer came out to see why his horses were acting up and saw him flying along on top of a square platform with controls mounted on the handle bars. He was wearing a black tuxedo at the time with a black stove pipe hat. The device he was flying had sparks flowing off the copper bottom. It was probably a big capacitor. When he got near the barbed wire fence it flipped over and he took an nasty spill. He used to fly it out of his hotel window at night over the New York City.

The Earth is a negative ground. That means it has a surplus --(a whole bunch of electrons). If you charge something up with an equal number or more electrons it till repel gravity. The bottom of our flying saucers is a giant capacitor made of copper plates shaped like a piece of pie only they are composed of millions of 14-micron-diameter copper beads. We learn in grade school that electrons flow on the surface of copper wires. That is why they use stranded wire on appliances -- so they can carry more juice. (electrons).

The pie shaped copper plates in the Alien Reproduction Vechile (attached drawing) are stacked up nine deep and separated with plastic resin. The surface area of one plate if you figure all the millions of beads is enough to coven an entire football field and there are over 100 of these plates in a 30-foot diameter flying saucer. You simply charge them up and the thing repels gravity. A small reactor or fuel cell is used to charge the plates. It requires very little electricity. There are no devils or daemons involved...
When you fly near automobiles or other aircraft the electric and magnetic charges are so great it creates havoc with their electrical systems causing the to Short out with induction or induced current. In layman's terms: there are so many electrons in your saucer that they leak over to other craft and short them out. Note the serial numbers and + mounting instructions on the Alien hardware below. 

I believe the story about our 12 astronauts traveling to planet SERPO is real. {Type SERPO into Google to read more about this.} I believe Ike Eisenhower really did make a deal with the Aliens. Where do you think the transistor, integrated circuits, fiber optic cabel and touch screens came from? 

The planet SERPO, 35 light years from Earth, is hot, dry and small. I has only one ocean and a population of only 500,000 people. I can understand why the Aliens would not take our people to one of their more densly populated planets due to our war like nature. We might develop the technology to go there and start droping atomic bombs. Instead, they took our people to one of their lesser populated planets out in the boondocks. 
At left is a star map of nearby star systems. Note you can't travel in strait lines due to the affects of gravity from other stars. The fastest way to travel from point to point is always a curved in space.

UFO's have been around since before the beginning of time and even mentioned in the Bible. 

The large flying triangles are made of something like aluminum fine mesh chicken wire with little needles pointing downward. They are charged with electricity and the electrons escaping from the points of the needles pump the air down causing them to float. Its not majic. It ionizes the air monicules. Its called ionic propulsion. You can shoot through them and it does little or no damage. They can be flown remotely and are used for aerial surveillance and to scare the crap out of the enemy over battlefields. 

They are also used to brainwash the public into thinkiing that Aliens are watching us and that they might pose a threat to us so that we would be more willing to pay our income taxto the Federal Reserve bankers who live in Europe so they will loan more money to the military industrial complex... 

PS. The Chinese and Rama Empire were building UFO's thousands of years ago...

Note the German tank cannon mounted on the 1940's craft at left. 

Below is a styalized drawing of the guts out of an ancient flying saucer. The pipes are filled with mercury which when spun climbs up the tubes to the top and falls back down the central pipe. Send me some money and I will build one. I already constructed the form to bend the pipes on my lathe. I registered the device with the patent office. It looks different than the ancient drawing below because the people who drew this thought the pipes looked like snakes. They were primative people who drew things to match things they were familiar with. It also flew so they drew wings on it. You don't need the wings. They are only trying to tell you it flew. When you run a liquid conductor like mercury through pipes it creates the opposite of magnetism ie. gravity or anti-gravity...time fields.

The stylized ANTI-GRAVITY engine below is a continuous impulse engine capable of delivering 3.8 newton’s per watt thrust or 112 pounds per horse power lift. Impulse engines are 6 time more efficient than a rockets however due the circulating mercury it could be over unity. I don't know for sure and I would like to find out but I am short of funds to experiment. Mercury weighs 112 pounds per gallon and a gallon cost more than $2,000 with freight to Alaska. I could use a little help to do further experimentation.

I  constructed a long forge to heat the steel pipes. I made a four-foot-long tapered steel form to bend the pipes and also bought 3/8-inch and 1-inch schedule 80 steel pipes to make the spirals. The design is complicated to build --almost god-like. It would have to have tie rods to hold it together and be dynamically balanced between live centers on my lathe. Thoth or Hermes may have invented the original design because he is often pictured with a similar thing in his hand. The flowing mercury creates a time bubble around the craft making it rather dangerous for living things near by. That is why it has to be shielded.

It is powered by a direct current electric motor mounted on the bottom. 112 pounds of lift with 100 HP gives you 5+ tons of lift. If it is over unity then the electric motor could be used to slow it down and generate electricity. The rotating part is mounted in a steel ball on gimbals so it can be turned about 19 degrees in every direction to direct the trust to steer the thing. The new light weight DC motors made in China for aircraft would be ideal for this application.



  1. So can we make ionic propulsion ?

  2. The picture inside the flying saucer is most likely a fusion reactor. You can look at the pictures for yourself.