Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Huge Alien Spaceship on Moon Apollo 20 mission

Below is a Hieroglyph discoved in a temple at Dendra Egypt.
Note the spaceship to the right of the Blackhawk helicopter...

From left to right, Death Star, Encaledas (moon of Saturn) object on the right is one of many billion-year old iron objects found deep underground in South Africa where Enki (Thoth), EA, Mauri, Enli and there cloning humans to mine gold.

These people had the ability to move planets and Moons around to terraform planets and create different life forms between planetary extinctions to keep semi-intelligent life active in the Universe.

Thoth brought the Moon in orbit aroud Earth to extend the life of the planet. The resultant impact caused Noah's flood wiping out most all cloned humans. The impact caused the Antarctic Ice cap to slip into the sea causing a 5000-foot tidal wave.The impact piled up heaps of bones in Siberia and instantly froze all the camels, horses, mastodons and tribes in North America 11,718 years ago. 

It wasn't done for us.Tilting Earth 23.5 degrees in relation to the sun thawed the ice caps back 1,800 miles exposing more area to mine gold. The year was lengthened from 360 days (number of degrees in a circle) to 365 1/4 as the Earth was pushed into a more circular orbit around the Sun. The day was shortened by 34 minutes to 24 hours. The Moons gravity increased volcanism to replenish Earth's atmosphere which had fallen from 60 PSI at the time the dinosaurs were killed to less than 14 PSI at seal level. Tilting Earth allowed the Sun to shine more perpindicular to the Earth's surface penetrating deeper into the oceans to double plankto growth turning Co2 into O2. Tilting Earth also doubled arable land for larger populations of humans and animals making it a nicer place to live. Its all in the book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES...Available and book stores around the world. 

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