Friday, February 22, 2013

Cancer, joint pain and micoplasma bacteris...

This e-mail is in answer to a question about stem cell treatment and hip pain.

I still have a little hip pain but I ignore it. I take fish oil tablets and a bunch of joint supplements. I can't attest to if they work or not. Dr. David Williams Joint Advantage Gold was recommended to me by a friend. I think if you keep your immune system working right it will help. I take a Geritol pill when I remember to take it. I work four hours a day putting up sheet rock and insulation in a small house. Crawling around on the rafters on my hands and knees stringing wire yesterday was murder. I am 69. When I have pain I take a NISIAD like verybody else. I know it eats your liver and other organs. Our governmnent wants us to die, so it doesn't have to pay our Social Security.

Wilhelm Rife had an electric machine that would kill micoplasma. I built one from a schematic but I don't use it much. I probably should. I got it from the book, THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASE. You can find that info online. Virus are like living crystals. If you find the right frequency they will explode. There are updated scematics on line for the Rife machine and the parts to build the apparatus are at Radio Shack. It will cure cancer by exploding the virus that alter the DNA of the cells to make them cancerous.

Wilhelm Rife had a laboratory in San Diego back in the 1930's. He also invented a ultraviolet microscope using interferometer science that could see down to 60,000 diameters. Our scientists in this country didn't even know what an interferometer was. Rife was way ahead of his time. With photo multiplication he could take pictures of live organisms down to 120,000 diameters.
He could see the live organisms -- (probably micoplasma) that were exploding out of the dead cells to infect other cells spreading the cancer. His frequency machine was so effective he had to keep his live specimens in a van parked five blocks away. (His machine was using vacuum tubes.) Nobody working in his laboratory ever got sick with a cold.

The company that invented the electron microscope sued him and took him to court. He couldn't speak English very well and our government threw him in jail where he died. He had the cure for cancer back in the 1930's. He was a real German Scientist decades ahead of everybody. With electron microscopes you have to kill the specimen and coat it with metal ions. This limits the ability to comprehend what is happening. 

After Mr. Rife died the people working with him took his equipment into Mexico where it is still being used today. New Zealand, Mexico and several other countries are using Rife machines today to cure cancer. If you want one you can order it online or build it yourself.

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