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Under the cover of the geophysical year, the United States again sent a naval task force to the Antarctic. The use of military force -including atomic weapons! -was "covered" by the ridiculous story that the USA and USSR, in a rare moment of nuclear cooperation during the height of the Cold War, were interested in seeing how much of the continent could be "recovered" for use by warming it with nuclear explosions! Accordingly, it would be necessary to explode a few small nuclear "devices" far above the continent to warm and melt the ice as a proof of concept!
A Stevens aptly quips, "You already know exactly where in Antarctica they planned to explode these atomic bombs." Three bombs were thus detonated at an altitude of approximately 3 miles above the target, one on August 27, 1958, one on August 30, 1958, and a third on September 6, 1958.28 If these bursts were indeed intended secretly against an actual target, then why so high? Stevens hypothesizes that they were to knock out any German equipment in the region by the strong electromagnetic pulse that results from a nuclear detonation.
While this is a plausible explanation if the intention were to occupy the alleged base via a ground assault or assaults within the time frame of the bursts, no such contingent is known to have accompanied the small armada of two destroyers, two destroyer escorts, and a small aircraft carrier. However, as we shall see in a
Our own speculations concerning a similar scenario in connection with my examination of the Majic-12 documents and the Roswell incident in chapter confirms the cause of the crash was strong radar pulses. By that time the concentrated beams from one or more extremely powerful radars could set ire to the cockpits of incoming aircraft.
But supposing Stevens is correct for the sake of argument, then suffice it to say that over flights of the American capital by Nazi flying saucers so long after the war's end would certainly have shaken the national security apparatus of the United States much more than over flights by apparently benign extraterrestrial ones, and the response would have been to clamp the lid down on government research of the phenomenon, exactly as happened, since the supposedly defeated enemy was not, if this is true, really defeated after all.
Stevens also notes that these bursts may have something to do with the "ozone hole" over the South Pole and the US government's reluctance to discuss the idea or the events that may have caused it. Additionally, perhaps it is possible that one atom bomb from each of the world's then nuclear powers, the US, the USSR, and the UK, were used. Some reports confirm the number o atom bombs exploded over Antarctica were more than ten.  
This explanation does bear some weight in connection with the allegations of the capabilities of German bases at the other pole. With the Geophysical Year expedition of 1958's atomic detonations, the alleged German base on the Antarctic continent fades, the Germans themselves supposedly gradually evacuating it during the interim period from Byrd's expedition to the final coup de grace for more favorable climes in South America.29 There the case for Nazi survival and continued research becomes much stronger. But before we can turn to that, we must investigate the alleged German goings on at the other pole.
C. Spitzbergen, Greenland, and Arctic Canada: The Other German Polar Survival Myth
The Western Allies, the Russians, and the Germans all relied heavily on weather reports to plan and execute their campaigns, and for this purpose, accurate up-to-the-minute reporting on Arctic conditions was crucial. To this end it is not surprising to find the Germans in particular outfitting special commando units - usually Waffen SS - to operate independently in Spitzbergen Island north of Norway, in Greenland, and in Arctic Canada. Such teams were delivered to their operational areas via U-boat. Spitzbergen in particular seemed to trade hands between the British and the Germans, as each side mounted commando operations to destroy the other's weather stations and listening posts. On one such occasion, the most famous perhaps, the German battleship Tirpitz, sister ship to the Bismarck, sailed to the island where one such British station was operating, leveled her 15 inch heavy guns at it, and promptly dispatched it, no doubt to the complete shock and surprise of the British manning it. Other allegations have a secret German weather base and listening post operating in Franz Josef Land, the islands to the north of Finland and the Soviet Union.
However, with the allegations of German bases in Greenland, one again enters the realm of the surreal. These bases were allegedly comparatively large, as were the contingents of Germans operating them. While they were supposedly known by the Greenlanders and occupying American forces, most efforts to find them ended in failure.31 One postwar German source places as many as three independent SS battle groups (Kamfgruppen) operating in Greenland, under the code name of Thulekampfgruppen (Thule battle groups). The connection to the occult interests of the Third Reich are once again in evidence.
Predictably, these "Thule battle groups" become the subject of another series of survival legends, as former SS officers supposedly reported seeing U-boats loaded with rates designated "Thule 1 K" and so on departing Germany in the final days of the war. Sworn to secrecy by the SS, the "clear implication is that the 'Thule 1 K' is the Thule Kampfgruppe 1" and that it had "no intentions of surrender; and that there was still a mission to accomplish."3' The Americans, so the story goes, were unsuccessful in locating them bases for two reasons: the area was too large, and the bases were "like the German fortifications built in Neuschwabenland...tunneled deep underneath the glaciers of ice (into presumably solid rock) and that they were bored to a length of 2000 meters."34 This allegation is surely implausible, since the transport of sophisticated mining and boring equipment, let alone enough explosive, for such a task by U- boat would have been an enormous undertaking, one quite beyond the labor capabilities of small SS battle groups.35 But this is not the end of the surreal aspects of the story. Should the bases have been detected, they were supposedly defended with exotic electromagnetic weapons, one of which had a short range, but that could cause the ignition of aircraft engines to fail completely.
After the war, the Vienna Wiener Montag reported in its December 29, 1947 edition that Eskimos reported to American citing O. Bergmann, Deutsche Flugsheiben und U-Boote Uberwachen die Weltmeere, Hugin Gesellschaft fur politisch-philosophische Studien (Horstl, Germany: 1989)
Consider the fact that the huge underground factories in Germany were built over several months by thousands of slave laborers working around the clock with the best available existing mining and tunneling technology. 
They told the authorities that an SS battle group of fully 150 men had been encountered.36 Besides these allegations of large bases and battle groups and exotic weaponry, there is a similar account circulated by the distinctly pro-Nazi novelist Wilhelm Landig in his 1971 novel Gotzen gegen Thule, a novel he billed as "full of realities" (voller Wirklichkeiten), of a large German base in the Canadian Arctic, near the magnetic North pole. This base, he alleges, was serviced by the German military using special long-range aircraft and, of course, flying saucers! As if that were not enough, Landig maintains that these aircraft were not equipped with normal machine guns or cannon for their defensive weaponry, but utilized a Metallstrahl, essentially an electromagnetic "rail gun" used to propel tiny pellets with extreme velocity, a kind of hyper-velocity shotgun that would more than rip apart any Allied aircraft, and do so at great distances.37
All of these allegations would remain merely fanciful if it were not for the discovery by American UFOlogist William Lyne -himself definitely outside the "mainstream" of the UFOlogy community - of a piece of German equipment that, quite literally, he bought at a second-hand store in White Sands, New Mexico!38 The unusual thing about this piece of equipment was not only its circular central swastika - a clear reference to the occult Thulegesellschaft since that version of the swastika appeared on its emblem - but also its designation as a Peiltochterkompass, a "daughter compass." Investigating this strange piece of equipment further, Lyne concluded that it was no ordinary compass, since it appeared not to operate by any magnetic means, which might explain how it ended
Again, the number 150 is realistic for a battle group, but quite below the labor requirements for the construction of such large bases. 
William Lyne is the author of a rather extraordinary book of UFOlogy - a field in which the extraordinary seems to be the norm - called Space Aliens from the Pentagon, the main theme of which is his adamant insistence that UFOs are entirely terrestrial and man-made, and being used to advance a fictitious "alien agenda" and psychological operations campaign. Lyne, notwithstanding the more often than not unbelievable aspects of his book, was, in addition to Stevens, one of the few UFOlogists to take the Nazi origins myth of UFOs seriously prior to the publication of Nick Cook's the Hunt for Zero Point. 
In White Sands, New Mexico! Lyne and his mysterious compass even became the subject of an article in a local American newspaper. Why is Lyne's find so important to the allegations of Nazi bases in the Canadian Arctic that were being supplied by long range aircraft?
If there were ever any truth to the allegations of German bases in these heavily forested regions, then normal magnetic compasses would be of virtually no use for navigation purposes in the region, since standard compasses are notoriously inaccurate at the polar-regions with solar energy cascading down and causing local disruptions of the magnetic field. Some other method, therefore, had to be found to orient aircraft for safe navigation. Landig alleges that this was done by means of a compass that oriented itself to the sun by reading polarized light, rather than magnetic field lines.39 Lyne therefore seems to have found some version of this compass in an area of America known for its secret research laboratories some twenty years or so after Landig's surreal allegations first appeared! [It was more likely a gyro compass.]
But according to Landig there is even more to consider, for according to him the German base in the Canadian Arctic was actively researching and developing so-called "free energy" devices, devices that would tap the so-called "zero point energy" of quantum mechanics. In this connection, the research was allegedly carried out under the auspices of the SS Entwicklungstelle IV, or SS "Developmental Installation IV," an entity, if it existed at all, that would have fallen under the mission brief and jurisdiction of Kammler's SS Sonderkommando, for it was responsible for "research into making Germany independent of foreign energy sources." January 6, 1994 Albuquerque Journal North Article Featuring William Lyne and His Mysterious Nazi Compass 
So with Landig's fantastic allegations, we come full circle back to the exotic energy sources, the technologies, the occult, and the SS research being conducted by Nazi Germany. Therefore, before proceeding to examine more seriously substantiated instances of Nazi survival in the next chapter, it would be worthwhile to summarize the accumulated allegations and evidences of this and previous chapters:
(1) Fact: The Germans undertook an expedition to Antarctica whose hidden purpose was clearly military in nature, since one cannot imagine the likes of Reichsmarschall Goring sponsoring an expedition for any other purpose;
(2) Fact: The United States on two separate occasions over the wide time-frame of eleven to twelve years undertook two large military expeditions to that continent, both under appropriate cover stories for mapping (the 1947 Byrd expedition, Operation Highjump), and for the 1957-58 Geophysical Years (to study the effects of atomic blasts on Antarctic weather!);
(3) Fact: Admiral Byrd, the leader of the first American expedition, was recorded in a South American newspaper as warning of "enemy" aircraft capable of violating American airspace with ease, and of flying form pole to pole with tremendous speed;
(4) Fact: The German Navy showed great interest in the "free-energy" ideas and coils of Hans Coler, for the ostensible purpose of creating a means of submarine propulsion that would allow German U-boats to stay submerged more or less indefinitely;
(5) Fact: Admiral Byrd's diaries and logs from his expedition are still classified;
(6) Fact: Coler's inventions were highly classified by the German Navy, and later by the British, who only declassified them over thirty years after the war's end;
(7) Fact: The Germans had also apparently contrived a sophisticated compass for possible use in polar regions by aircraft, and possibly by other less conventional aircraft; 
( 8 ) Fact: the alleged time span of the German Antarctic base's survival is coincident with "golden age" of the UFO, from the Arnold sightings, the Roswell crash, up to and beyond the great 1950s Washington DC UFO flap;
(9) Fact: SS General Dr. Ing. Hans Kammler had assumed total control of all the Third Reich's secret weapons research by the end of the war, a position which would have made him privy to the German Navy's research;
(10) Fact: It is evident from the movements of General Patton's divisions in the closing days of the European war that Kammler's SS secret weapons empire was the deliberate, and principal, target of these military operations;
(11) Allegation: Grand Admiral Donitz on more than one occasion alluded to the role of the German U-boat fleet in the construction of secret bases in polar regions;
(12) Allegation: These bases were staffed by SS troops, and presumably technicians conducting ongoing secret research into "zero point energy" or "free energy";
(13) Allegation: Said research fell under an SS entity called S- IV, recalling Kammler's S-III mentioned briefly in part one;
(14) Allegation: These bases were said to be defended by exotic types of weaponry, including electromagnetic "rail guns" to devices that could interfere with and halt standard electrical engine ignitions systems;
(15) Allegation (from part one): There were secret SS teams working on "areas of physics" even more exotic than atomic and thermonuclear energy;
(16) Allegation: There is a connection to Nazi occult interests in the polar regions via the myth of "Thule", the pre-war occult Thule Society (Thulegesellschaft);
(17) Fact: The highest levels of the SS were initiates into Himmler's occult inner circle at Wewelsburg, making it likely that Kammler himself was such an initiate;
(18) Fact: The 1944 German atom bomb test at Rugen island took place at a location with its own occult pedigree and significance for the pre-war Germanic, and very occult, Order of the New Templars.
 What emerges from this list is disturbing indeed. Clearly, a prima facie case can be made that the Nazi leadership had invested significant resources in the investigation of any and all avenues to power, occult and otherwise, and to new sources of energy. And equally clearly, the Nazi leadership was willing to think "outside the box" and to go to any lengths - often quite literally - to research those matters. What also emerges from this list is a preoccupation with areas of physics, and areas of the globe, almost completely neglected - at least publicly - by the wartime Allies. Moreover, what also emerges is a disturbing sense, that maybe, just maybe, there was something to the survival myths after all, for one thing seems clear from the pattern of events after the war, particularly in respect to Antarctica: such myths were inevitably connected to the exotic research pursuits the Germans were conducting, and such myths seem clearly to have been the hidden motivation for American counter-strikes.
The Bush family emigrated from Germany under the name of Schrif and promptly changed their name to Bush. Grandfather Schrfis was instrumental in funding WWII through Kun Lobe and Company. George Senior was head of our CIA before he became president. Immediately after WWII our CIA was modeled after and staffed with former SS agents.
It is reasonable to assume that the German scientists brought to America with Operation Paperclip and the German CIA agents and the Germans in South America, Antarctica and other secret bases would have communicated with each other by now. Who is really running America
The following was taken from an interview by Linda Moulton Howe of “Stein”, a former US Army lieutenant working with the CIA in the late 190’s.
“My bosses theory on the whole thing was that we lost the battle down in Antarctica and lost all our airplanes, which were no competition or the flying saucers. We couldn’t do a thing to counteract the “laser cannons” on the saucer craft, and the saucer craft could maneuver so rapidly and easily that we could not even shoot at them.”
“My boss and I were discussing this with some other people that the Marshall Plan started about that same time. We felt there was some contact between the Nazis and Argentina and our government at that time. We felt that was why the Marshall Plan [was] started to re-build Europe. We had to, in order to keep the Nazis in Argentina happy. It was almost like we won the war, but later surrendered by paying or the war.
“I think this thing that happened down in Antarctica that beat us so badly, the US started working on the Marshall Plan to re-build Europe, and that was almost like a peace treaty: the aliens would not touch our cities I we rebuilt Europe.”
LMH: The Marshall Plan was a capitulation to the Nazis and the extraterrestrials?”
Stein: Yes, I think so.”
“LMH: I don’t understand why German Nazis lost World War II if there were six-fingered exterritorial beings that had technology and were teaching the Nazis how to build their advanced aerial craft. Those same being could do whatever they wanted to on this planet. So, why did they not move against the United States, England, Australia, and the Allies, if they could take out of the sky any plane they wanted to…?”
The answer is obvious. They already have! Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum—the One World Order is here.

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