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Earth has lost 98% of its atmosphere due to expansion...

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You have probably read the following article which demonstrates how plants grow much more rapidly in a high pressure atmosphere. At the present time we are not seeing any coal, oil or limestone being made because Earth is still in the Ice Age with average global temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to make coal layers 100 feet thick and fill up oceans with diatoms it takes a lot of ice and heat. During the Carboniferous Era 400-million years ago the average global temperature was around 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the air pressure was close to 300 pounds per square inch.

At the time of the dinosaurs the average global temperature hovered around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the air pressure was around 100 PSI. Remember those winged dinosaurs that or grade school teachers said couldn't fly but could glide after jumping off from steep cliffs? They didn't know that Earth had a much higher pressure atmosphere 100-million years ago. They winged dinosaurs could fly just fine and they didn't need feathers. The average global temperature was 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  

That's  right!
Japanese physicist Dr. Kei Mori exposed plant life to two of the conditions of the original world ecology - before it was changed by that cosmic catastrophe known as the Great Flood.

He grew tomato plants under a plastic dome which filtered the ultraviolet rays; and he increased the carbon-dioxide.

After two years, a cherry tomato plant was 16 feet tall, with 903 tomatoes on it. After six years, the same tomato plant was over 30 feet tall and had produced over 5,000 tomatoes.

That tomato plant just didn't want to die. Ask yourself now, How long do tomato plants usually live? Perhaps five or six months? They die of old age, destroyed by ultra-violet radiation.

Could this have some bearing on how old people would have lived under the same environment?


The atmospheric pressure, as well as the oxygen content, had to be greater in the past, in order to support the huge life forms which then existed.

My friend Dr. Carl Baugh, of Glen Rose Texas, has set out to build the world's first hyperbaric biosphere, 62 feet long.  Its purpose is to simulate the context of our original world.

An engineer from NASA has called it the greatest experiment in history, ever performed in the name of science.

Research indicates that essentially everything was larger in the past. For instance, the club mosses which today reach sixteen to eighteen inches often approach two hundred feet in the fossil record.

The difference may well be in the atmospheric pressure:

In today's atmosphere we have 14.7 pounds atmospheric pressure per inch at sea level.

But to oxygenate the deep cell tissue of those great dinosaurs we need much greater atmospheric pressure.

Research has shown that when you approach two times today's atmospheric pressure, the entire blood plasma is saturated with oxygen.


Such atmospheric pressure would also PROMOTE RAPID HEALING!


In the 1980s, a hammer found inside a rock stratum was analyzed by the Batelle Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio, the same laboratory that analyzed moonstones.

The elemental analysis showed it to be 96.6 percent iron, 0.74 percent sulfur, and 2.6 percent chlorine.

Physicists tell us that under today's atmospheric conditions you cannot compound chlorine with metallic iron. Yet here it is. Today, chlorine can be joined with iron as solid metal only in two atmospheres of oxygen pressure, and only in the absence of ultraviolet radiation.

Of course, ultraviolet radiation would have been filtered out by the protective canopy. 

It wasn't a canopy dummy. it was a high pressure atmosphere starting out at 750 PSI. The 80-degree Carboniferous Era took 1/4 of the atmosphere down with plant growth in the oceans and on land. Hundred-foot thick layers of hard anthracite coal were laid down at this time. Anthracite takes a 40 to one compression. To make 100 feet of the stuff takes 4,000 feet of trees and grass compressed down to 100 feet...

The sun could never pierce such a high pressure atmosphere. It took the power of a white dwarf putting out more than 100 times the UV of the sun to make our carbon fuel... You can't drive a car without a white dwarf star...

Research indications are that the pre-Flood atmosphere is the only plausible explanation, for the forging of this metallic artifact.

The above article is written with the view that our puny sun was the only light source. The truth is, we were part of the Sirius multiple star system for 750-million years. It was the additional light from Sirius A and B the created most all the coal, oil and limestone on Earth. What that means is when you are driving your car down the road, the energy that you are recombining with the oxygen in the air didn't come from the sun. It was mostly created by Sirius B.

One you know this then maybe somebody can figure out rather or not we should be burning the stuff. That is why I wrote the book. It was to raise consciousness. 

I believe Earth and Mars were Terra-formed and colonized by the Sirians hundreds of millions of years ago. They witnessed our sun's capture by their star system and could have seeded Earth, Mars and various moos with small primitive rockets.

Earth didn't have ice caps until about 3-million years ago after the Banard's Loop explosion. At first the Ice Ages were only a few thousand years long but as our orbit decayed now Ice Ages last 90-thousand years as we go out to nine light years away from Sirius. The warm periods last three or four thousands years. 

Note how the Ice Ages were much shorter meaning our orbit period was shorter hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Ice Age cycle began 3-million years ago. The first Ice Ages were small ice caps covered the poles were only 500 years but as our orbit period decayed they increased to the present 105,000 years. We made 58 orbits around Sirius A and B in the last three million years.

Earth was tera-formed by tilting it 23.5 degrees in relation to the sun's rays to thaw the ice back creating more living space for humans and animals. Then they took off and gave mankind dominion over the planet. "Here is is boys." "Don't screw it up or you won't have a place to live." and

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