Saturday, March 31, 2012

Prevent Swine Flu


Young green coconut water can prevent HN1N…please take young green coconut water daily.
Former associate professor of oncology at University of Malaya has authored several books on complementary therapy called, ECOLOGICAL HEALING SYSTEM.

Dr. Palaniappan said his 33 years of research had shown that high acidity in the body resulted in loss of immunity, thus making people more susceptible to viral diseases like Influenza A (H1N1).

Hence, to prevent acidity, it was essential to consume alkaline food and drinks that could neutralize excess acid in the body.

D. Palaniappan recommends coconut water, which is alkaline and therefore could be used as a herbal medicine for the prevention of H1N1

For example, he said, those who felt feverish and developed a burning sensation while attending to a call of nature because of extreme acidity could neutralize it bye drinking coconut water twice a day for three days.

He also recommended orange, lemon and pomelo which, despite containing citric acid, were very rich in potassium and therefore, would not disturb the body’s immunity.

Similarly, he said, keeping lat nights without adequate sleep and working without proper rest could also increase the body’s acidity which in turn, lowered immunity and made the body vulnerable to viral attacks.

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