Monday, November 28, 2011

Why is the government spending billions building detention camps?

Six years ago I did the numbers on the Fairbanks detention camp to find out if such a thing is possible. The numbers tell a gruesome story outrivaling anything Hitler could dream up. In order to take care of 2-million people and feed them this is what you need. For example, if you employed half the people in the entire state of Alaska 2-mllion divided by 350,000 = 5714 people. There is no way that one person could take care of 5714 people so obviously something is drastically wrong here.

What will happen to the dogs and cats owned by 2-million people? Who will take care of them?

Now let’s see how much food 2-million people would need to keep them alive. If you rationed the people to 1/2 pound of dried food a day you would need 1-million pounds of food a day. Where is this food going to come from? Say for instance, you brought a ship into Anchorage once a month carrying 30-million pounds of rice you might be able to keep them alive for a little while. However there is not enough people to cook 1-million pounds of rice a day. Where would you get the energy come from to cook 1-million pounds of rice each day?

Say for example, you charted jet airplanes to fly two million pounds of food into Fairbanks each day to keep the people alive, how many 747 plane loads would it take. Two million pounds is 1000 tones. Each plane can carry about 120,000 pounds or about 60-tons of food so you would need 17 plane loads each day flying into Fairbanks to feed the people. Where would the 1000 tons of food come from. Is there enough grain stored in Louisiana and how long would the supply last. What is on the government’s mind? Why did they build the 800 detention camps?

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