Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Economy

After many years of book research I am convinced that all crises are created by government for societal manipulation. I am Henry Kroll, author of ten books that I market on line,

Every country’s worth is measured by its natural resources, commodities, inventiveness and the sweat and blood of its people who earn the original dollar. Correct me if I am wrong about this. If you disagree with this statement I want to know why. Please post your reply on my Facebook page.

The fishermen, farmers, loggers, miners, oil men and manufactures are the ones who harvest the natural resources to earn the original dollar. All others are parasites living off the labor of these people.

When the government gives away trillions of the precious original dollars to foreign countries and prints more money to keep the economy moving it steals our savings, our retirement, our Social Security and our life blood. Why can’t the Harvard economists figure this out?

You can’t have a prosperous economy without money! No amount of Conservative budget cutting is going to solve the current problem—only prolong the agony.

There is a money shortage in America! Bush Junior and Senior sent trillions to Iraq and Affiganistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and every country in the Middle East. We are sending 8 billion a year to Affiganistan. We send five billion a year to Israel and we have been giving Hosni Mubarak one billion a year for decades. They sent 300 billion to Iraq 6-billion at a time. They lost a C-130 plane load of hundred dollar bills. It probably fell into the hands of Al-Qaida

Obama gave the big banks a trillion who sent the money overseas to bail out the fraudulently bundled mortgages and derivatives.  The money went to Germany, England and China…. The US has been sending trillions overseas to maintain over 200 military bases for decades.

The solution:

Get rid of the Foreign owned Federal Reserve banks and print our own money 150-million Americans could die in the next two years if we don’t act. This is the end of America!  


The solution: give every small business in America $300,000. This would be equivalent to what Obama gave the big banks. The government would get all the money back in two years BECAUSE PEOPLE WOULD BE PAYING INCOME TAX.

Businesses would have money to hire people.
There would be no unemployment crises.
There would be no welfare crises.
There would be no banking crises because the money would go into the local small banks so they can make loans.
No mortgage crises: People would have money to pay their mortgages.
There would be no Social Security crises!
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