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Subject: Fwd: Foreclosure: Judical Recusal Updated Information
For those who are not up to speed, California Judges were served with a lawsuit because over 40% of their retirement accounts are in bank products. Therefore, because of conflict of interest, they cannot be involved in any banking disputes.

Howard is directly involved in a lawsuit to save a defaulted mortgaged home, so he his his fingers on the pulse of the matter.


I was able to track down national trustee Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, who appeared on the Fred Smart radio program mentioned below with Charlie Miller. She said that she briefed and debriefed a witness named Brett Myers to the judge stepping off the bench. Heather claims that the Riverside event occurred around October 13, 2011. [I have an additional call in to California trustee Donald Westover to attempt to get a court reporter's transcript or something ...]

She further asserted that judges are being challenged for conflict of interest "all over the country".

I now believe that this is real and that this will help our cause greatly.

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I have been listening to the audio of Charles C. Miller of:

If you go to this website, and listen to TalkShoe radio program under Audio, Charlie Miller claims that a judge voluntarily stepped down in Riverside County for lack of jurisdiction. I have a call into Mr. Miller and one of their local representatives, Susan Daya Hamwi (the brunette attorney in the serving of the Los Angeles County Judges video). I have asked for a copy of the court reporter's transcript.

In addition, I just spoke to Mark Luther, Millie's friend. He knows someone who claims that she has disqualified five consecutive judges. Mark is attempting to get proof.

Again, we have no proof yet. However, I think that we have at least the start of smoke.

I believe that the tide continues to turn in our favor.

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