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Twenty years ago I wrote a book titled, THE FROG IS COOKED. Its about all the crimes this government committed and is committing against its citizens. Its as current today as it was when I wrote it. There are sections about plutonium being fed to pregnant mothers and US soldiers, There is a chapter on the REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN and how The Rockefeller Foundation developed it further to manipulate the economy and citizens of this great country.

It can be ordered by going to my web sites and clicking on the book.

1) local cops today are IGNORANT about the rights of the people, and
2) That they're SCARED of losing control, and don't know how to handle people who are OUTSIDE of their corporate jurisdiction..
They wrongly believe that EVERYONE should be subject to their codes and statutes, when in reality, it's only those who are State RESIDENTS and/or who voluntarily use PRIVATE currency of District of Columbia as money, who are subject to statutory jurisdiction.
BTW, a 'sovereign citizen' that the LEO's refer to, is one who has woken up to the corporate Matrix of the United States, inc. And before someone starts arguing that citizens aren't sovereign, here's what the USSC said about that:
"In the United States, sovereignty resides in the people, who act through the organs established by the Constitution." Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 Dall. 419, 471;
BTW, that means that the source of SOVEREIGNTY is the People, and they delegate some of that sovereignty to State and federal gov't. So they OBVIOUSLY aren't subject to State legislatures and Congress, except where the gov't has an EXPRESS delegation of power to it, via the Constitution.
And OBVIOUSLY, the People of the US are American Citizens, because ONLY the People are sovereign, and that did NOT include blacks, as they couldn't, and still can't, be American (State) Citizens. And obviously, you couldn't deny a right to vote to one of the sovereign people.

This is a slightly humorous video of a woman who KNOWS who she is and what her rights in a republic are, but who gets nonetheless hunted by US policy enforcers.
State Citizenship was created when The Declaration of Independence was created. It wasn't until after the civil war and the 14th amendment that U.S. CITIZENSHIP was created. A U.S Citizen is a corporate Citizen, or fictitious person. Person is defined in the blacks law dictionary as natural or artificial. This woman was exercising her inalienable rights, whether she was intoxicated or speeding or on drugs, as there was no damage to any parties. You are yourself and yourself Sovereign. You are presumed to be yourself, your corporate identity. She was exercising her right to travel not her privilege to drive.

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 Comment by Geoffrey Franklin yesterday
Methinks I am a private Citizen. The cops must stand under a private citizen as their jurisdiction only affords violence against the public.
 Comment by WesleyJ yesterday
Ok, well, first of all that lady caused a breach of the peace by not stopping and leading the cops on a high speed chase. Even Diplomats pull over and notice the cops of their status. Leading the cops on a high speed chase IS a threat to the public safety and the cops are well within their job description to put a stop to it. I don't like them wasting my time either. But I still stop and politely let them know I'm not interested in contracting with them. If you don't, and they cant tell that you are a peaceful inhabitant, they must presume you are a threat.
 Comment by Exzanty yesterday
They are not in thirty duty to stop you... They drive emergency vehicles... When they pull you over they're are committing felonies... Declaring a false obligation, making you think that you have to stop for them to Allah you... Declaring a false emergency by using his lights when there is none... That is straight from the gangster mafia type behavior... Stopping you and roving you... Then you're so brain washed you to where you're defending they're criminal activity...

 Comment by Exzanty yesterday
For some reason I can't see my words while I'm typing, but I hope you get the message...
 Comment by grandma sue yesterday
How do you get to the private side? I see what they have done to rod class. His cornobus (not sure of the spell) was dead on and judge Roberts of the corporate supreme court would not let his paper work out and sealed this stuff. I know I'm not the all caps name but how do I exercise my rights. Without harassment.
 Comment by Jay yesterday
Man or citizen
What Is A Citizen?
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and Citizenship

Comment by ken johnson yesterday
grandma sue. i think we are always private. Either we are in our private capacity as a man or woman or we entered a private contract with the US.
Its pretty hard not to. We seem to contract at the bank, dmv, IRS, its endless. I presume we were given the NAME so we could contract with them. I always thought i was my NAME. i am wiser i suppose and now sign everything for my person w/o prejudice at arms length. i did that with the IRS last year and they audited my return. LOL. Didnt hear from them for 9 months. No fines , no harm. I suppose they are onto me now.
i dont think you can get into the public unless you are in a common law court of record.
so i dont know what the public vs private can possibly mean. Everything seems to be private. Thats why they get mad at us for trying to claim our rights in their courts. If we open our court, maybe thats public?
in anycase, i dont recommend using or citing their codes ever. you can Cf. or compare to their codes, but dont rely on them. They own them and change them.

 Comment by Geoffrey Franklin yesterday
As soon as Rod started arguing thereby creating a controversy his private status, if he ever had one, went out the window.
 Comment by WesleyJ yesterday
Remember, the US has been under "emergency" since Lincoln. There is always a dual nature to those things. Yes, they are pretending it's an emergency, but by NOT stopping and rebutting the presumptions they operate under, it now justifies the action taken to keep the peace. Read the Lieber codes, the US is an occupying force, whose first duty is to establish order. The cops, while private municipal corporations, were given authority to act as the occupying army. Hence the gold fringe on the flag on their arm patch. I suggest you study Boris at

 Comment by Sharon Croskey Smyth yesterday
Seems to me "sovereign citizen" is an oxymoron.  A citizen is a subject to all their copyrighted, privatized, corporate codes, rules, regulations, etc.  However, it is the intent that really counts 

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