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This book is worth a million dollars for anyone desiring to cure all disease and extend their life and eliminate pain. It done by feeding the mitochondria for complete cell division. The cost is $15. I wrote it 25 years ago. It is a first grade primer on the food of the Gods. They wanted the gold to burn it into the white powder. Its not fiction.

Carried in the Ark of the Covenant the white powder of gold or M-state was put into the priest bread for life extension, brain enhancement and to rebuild DNA. This technology has been kept secret and used by the priests and pharaoh elite to defeat their enemies for thousands of years.

Twenty-five years ago I had to start thinking in Quantum Field Technology in order to understand this material. It took me five years to write the book and my head was spinning in higher dimensions before I finished it. So far I have had about 1000 medical doctors read it and it has been traded around to various university libraries.

Entanglement consists in opposite spins resulting from momentum preservation at the moment of decay/creation. They are not connected by any transcendental cordon umbilical, but have opposite spins. The claim is that by measuring one I know the other.
M-state are combined atoms with all the protons in the center so the nucleus is 8 times larger than a normal atom. Protons are like little magnets of the same polarity. When you have double the number as in the higher elements, gold, and platinum group they push appart so the nucleus is eight times larger than an atom. The electrons pair up (Cooper Pair) in opposite directions forming a ring and passing each other at twice the speed of light. Because the particles are so large (about 50 times larger than an atom) the atomic forces between the particles are much weaker than an atom. This makes transmutation of elements possible because they can be ripped apart and transformed into different elements quite easily by magnetic pulses. Planck's constant: E=HF rules.

When charged up with photons the electrons have more energy and the m-state particles disappear from third dimension. When you cool them off the reappear. Their unique shape reproduce magnetic fields with no loss of power and repels away from magnetic fields.

It’s hard to keep them in a Mason jar as magnetic fields push them through the glass molecules. You have to place the Mason jar inside a metal can (Faraday shield) and keep it in the fridge. Steel wool packed around the outside of the Mason Jar between the metal can offers additional shielding. What you are creating here is a Faraday cage. After you have purified a batch you have to keep it in the fridge because mold loves the stuff.

It is their unique shape that determines their properties. The best information I can gather and my own experience say they outnumber third dimensional matter at ratios of 10,000 to 1 (probably much more near the poles of black holes). Their shape dictates that they repel magnetic fields and fit the technical definition of a superconductor in that they magnetically resonant couple with each other given magnetic fields of the proper high frequency and they do it with no loss of power. Thus their very existence explains quantum entanglement.

The ancients put it in their bread for higher enlightenment and longevity. They carried it in the Ark of the Covenant which was a wood box made of insulating wood and metal designed to exclude magnetic fields. King Solomon made most of his money selling bread. His bread was highly prized by the kings, priests and princes of other nations who didn't have the technology to make it.

When they opened the Great Pyramid in 1909 there was a very fine white powder on the walls and floor. Due to its physical shape the particles have anti gravity properties. They swept it up and sent some to London England. They didn't have the testing facilities to test for rhodium and gold in M-state so they threw it away.

In 1948 American soldiers were digging through two 20 by 20-foot store rooms ten feed deep filled with a white powder. They were looking for gold and didn't realize what they were digging through was gold in the m-state.

In the same year archaeologists were excavating an Egyptian gold mine on the Sinai Peninsula. They found six ten by twelve store rooms off to the side and one of them contained six-inches of a very fine white powder. The desert winds blew it away. Mankind has used the stuff for thousands of years for power and but our modern civilization hasn't got a clue.

I believe the original purpose of the Ark was to communicate with other planets. The story goes; Moses and other adepts could bring forth the Shikana Glory (electric discharge from the M-state inside the Ark) by concentrating on it from a distance. Brain power alone was creating an electron cascade. They ate the stuff and it goes through the blood brain barrier combines with fat and stays there. [David Hudson did platinum, rhodium and gold tests on dried sheep, cow and pig brains to discover that 5% was precious metals.] A powerful adept using 80% instead of the human five or ten percent of their brain practicing fifty or a hundred years could produce holographic images or at least strong thought patterns taking the place of verbal communication.

The information was transmitted instantly to other planets where a similar device was set up in a pyramid. They didn't have to wait years for the slow speed of light to transmit and receive information to the other side of the galaxy or even other galaxies. They worked with nature.

Moses and his brother Aaron used it to defeat their enemies by transmitting commands into the heads of the generals or even to stop their hearts if they didn't retreat.

Every second you have to rip apart six million body cells and replicate new ones in order to maintain your present shape. It takes a lot of energy to unwind six feet of DNA and replicate three billion DNA, RNA sequences. To do it perfectly without loosing DNA requires the proper elements and energy. The mitochondria furnish that energy. We have three or more little alien cells in each of our body cells that produce energy of our human cells. They are known as mitochondria and they have their own DNA.

Scientists have analyzed mitochondria from people all over the world and have only come up with 43 different types of mitochondrial DNA.

Because m-state (monatomic state of matter) particles are so large and the protons further apart the atomic forces holding them together is weaker. Protons are like little magnets of the same polarity. When you have double the number as in two combined atoms the weak force holding them together is weaker making transmutation of elements possible. It is done with frequency. The mitochondria are able to transmute the proper elements for cell division.

To put a little math behind the transmutation of elements try E=HF Planck’s Constant. Energy equals 1.616 times frequency. When you get up in the megahertz range of the mitochondria and the human body you have enough energy to pull protons out of combined atoms that have lots of protons such as m-state gold and the six platinum group metals.

Although scientists tell us transmutation of elements is impossible it is going on inside our body all the time at a rate of six-million body cells a second.

To learn more about the mysterious m-state, the magic Hebrew MFKZT powder read my book: Philosopher’s Stone. For orders of twenty or more go to: It is also listed on and my web sites:

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