Sunday, November 2, 2014


I HAVE A 36-FOOT BRYANT FIBERGLASS LANDING CRAFT. I am over age 70 and too crippeled with arthritis to do much with the boat. It would make a lot of money chartered to one of the oil companies for standby oil spill cleanup. The doors open up in front to carry large objects.

It can carry a pickup truck or six four wheelers for a big cariboo hunt. You could load it up with deer meat on Kodiak Island or moose on the west side of Cook Inlet in Chinitna Bay or Point Harriet. It sleeps two but if you removed the engines and installed two large outboard motors you could extend the cabin aft to sleep six more people.

It is powered with two V-8, 350 cubic-inch, Chevys. I would install two 220 hp Cummings diesels or two 300 hp Yamaha outboard motors. 

It has a 12-mile radar, two VHF transmitters, two sounders, and a CB radio. It comes with lots of fishing gear and a fifty pound bucket of halibut jiggs. 

I want $35,000.00 and plan to use the money to build a church.
Call 907 740-0386

PS. We pressure washed the entire boat after the pictures were taken. To build a new landing craft like this one would cost you over $300,000.00. 

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