Tuesday, May 15, 2012


As you know I am author of several books on advanced science including PHILOSOPHER'S STONE and COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES. Buy them from Amazon.com or www.GuardDogbooks.com or www.AlaskaPublishing.com and book stores around the world. 

Recently I did a little more research as to what might happen December 21, 2012 and several months before that date.
Apparently our solar system will align perfectly with the super massive black hole at the center of the Galaxy December 21, 2012. This only happens every 12,800 years as evidenced by the Mayan, Aztec and Egyptian Calendars. The center of our galaxy is indicated by Sagittarius arrow and Scorpio's tail. The ancients knew all this thousands of years ago and this event has happened in the past. NASA infrared satellites have observed several super-sized stars traveling at very high speeds in highly elliptical orbits around this area at the center of our galaxy. 

Normally the Earth is bombarded with 500-million electron volts from the sun. When you have a planetary alignment plus the galactic core alignment the electron and light energy bombarding Earth will increase 7-million times to the incredible 3.5 trillion electron volts (7-million times the output of the sun). Also the amount of gamma radiation will increase substantially. I don't know how much. Probably lethal. Check New York University's web site for more info.

God said he would return as light... People may see a blue light in the sky during day time that will look like a giant eye. There may be more lightning. "Lightening from the heights of Heaven."

You cannot shield your body from Gama radiation unless you are 50 feet underground. Any kind of metallic shield will turn the Gama radiation into x-rays which are deadly. You are better off living in a tree for a year. That way the Gama rays will pass through your body and do some cell and DNA damage but you will live. If you are living on solid rock the x-rays will kill you because Gama rays back scatter x-rays. If you live under a metal roof the x-rays will kill you. If you live under a tar roof you might survive providing the cosmic and Gama radiation. 

I think the only way you are going to survive this is to live under 50 to 100 feet of rock. This may be the reason the ancient people all over the world constructed underground tunnels and rooms. Send me the money and I will buy a big bull dozer and bury several 40-foot connex vans underground and stock them with food and water. 

Many people are selling connex vans in this area and they are selling like hotcakes. You need the heavy steel shipping containers to withstand the weight of the dirt otherwise you may have to build support timbers or pour concrete piers to support the weight.

Youtube is filled with videos on how to stock up and survive whatever cataclysmic event is coming this year. There is talk of  huge waves covering the land and solar CME's touching down on the surface.

This is urgent...! I am selling my Seldovia Property cheap and buying a huge 850 John Deere to bury several 40-foot vans underground and stock them with food and water. 

My wife and two dogs are in Tuxedni Bay right now mending salmon nets. I fly over once a week in my plane with mail and groceries to stock up our cellar. I hope to have the new engine in our 42-foot boat soon and take diesel fuel and supplies over to survive a couple years. My son and I have been working like beavers to switch the new engine back into the boat.

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