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This will be one of my longest letters to you ever.


But keep reading, and you may get excited, just as I did.

You’ve heard of the possible release by madmen of a global
virus plague? But were you aware of an even more deadly
intellectual bomb that has been let loose upon us?

Hitler’s atrocities were based on it. So were those of Stalin,
Mao tse Tung and Pol Pot.

Now it is the turn of the New World Order crazies.

As an archaeologist, I already feel the hot breath of this
criminal syndicate. Their lovely tentacles are reaching right
into my field of operation.

You may be wondering, how on earth do New World Order plans
impact on archaeology?

Here’s how. Archaeology, whether you know it or not,
encroaches on some matters that these nice Globalists are
determined to keep from you.

In particular, there’s one crucial ancient document which
freaks them out.

More on that soon.


But first, what is that intellectual ticking bomb common to
both Hitler and the Globalists? It’s the nihilistic mindset –
which has dominated scientific thought for the past century.

Put simply, it says you and I are here by accident – genetic
mutants and useless eaters. It’s no loss if we’re trampled,
crushed or got rid of.

So dump your basic rights as an individual. Your rights become
secondary to those of the State. They can brainwash your
children against you, confiscate your property, vaccinate you
forcibly, and so on.

You see, if the survival of the fittest helps improve the race,
then the use of force and cruelty to crush the weak and unfit
is justified. Get the logic? This is how the 2012 Globalists
are thinking.

If you’re going to sell a mess of whoppers like this, you
need a good advertising campaign. You need to create a well-
oiled propaganda offensive that is almost impossible to avoid.


So, swilling in their trillions of dollars, they have got
themselves a pretty tight grip on the propaganda machine –
which is the education system.

Of course, most ordinary educators are probably honest men
and women who have not the slightest suspicion that they are
being used. They sincerely believe in what they are teaching
(namely, what they’ve been taught). They haven’t joined the
dots. So they remain unwitting puppets.

Likewise with many people in the media. It's been well
observed that:

“Most journalists are so brain-dead themselves, so lacking
in understanding of what they are part of, that they,
like most of the population, play a part in advancing an
agenda they do not even know exists.” (Uncensored magazine,
September-December 2009, page 3)

And even though many leading scientists are now questioning
the evolution theory, the damage has been done. It has had a
free hand and little or no opposition in the universities and
colleges, and through the press and television, all these

And so the propaganda that you are merely an evolutionary
accident has already moulded society’s thinking. But it is
now in danger of committing mankind to a course of automatic

And yet most people remain blissfully unaware of what has
happened. So they continue to believe the litany of Globalist
lies being poured upon them by a compliant media.

After all, some big man said it. It has to be true.

If you were to tell us that donkeys fly, we would believe
that too (as long as you said it on TV).

We’re talking about a deliberate, crafty campaign. And it is
BIGGER than you may ever have suspected.

Let’s face it. The models with which we identify strongly
influence our behaviour. The man who believes he came from a
beast may be more likely to behave like a beast. The image is
not only degrading. It is dangerous.

Perhaps a little nicer is the alternate theory that mankind
was seeded by astronauts from outer space. The same evolution
started us off. The ETs simply sped up the process. Um, OK.

Don't get me wrong. I do believe in variation of species.
And I do believe that other worlds are inhabited. So there!

Anyway, to sum it up, we have the Globalist death squad,
driven by evolutionary reasoning, with a generous dash of
egotism, who are plotting to eliminate most people now

And Henry Kroll, that probably includes you and your family.
Their global agenda has been preparing for several hundred
years. And it now appears within reach.


But as these nice murder mongers step up their pace, there’s
a problem.

One special document continues to stand in their way... a
document so powerful that, were it to be re-awakened in the
psyche of the masses, could seriously hamper their plans.

And here comes the archaeological shock - because what I am
about to reveal to you may be very opposite from what you
have believed. It is totally opposite from what these guys
in charge of the propaganda machine have been telling us.

It concerns the Genesis document.

You must have heard of this Genesis document. It is part of
that most widely translated piece of literature in the world
– the Bible.

Oh, yeah? someone sniggers.

Well, here’s news for you, mate. Let me stick my neck out
right now and inform you that Genesis is a powerhouse of
explosive, up-to-the-minute data that might actually save
your life.

So think again.

For starters, it says the Globalists are doomed.


With gold hovering this year around $1600 for a single
ounce, some are asking, Can anything be more valuable than
gold? The answer is YES.

Genesis avows that you and your precious children are worth
more than silver or gold. That every person on this planet is
here by the design of a purposeful, compassionate Supreme
Being, who is over all.

That you were created a dignified, free being, answerable
firstly to your Maker, then to your family. The State is to
represent and serve you, not to oppress you.

I sort of like that, don’t you? And what else?

The Genesis document encapsulates secrets that can empower
you to survive the impending financial crash, the coming
tyranny and beyond. Did you know that?

When common people plug into its secrets, they become ignited,
invincible and unafraid.

This is exactly what the Globalist gangsters don’t want -
an informed, empowered and fearless population.

This gang is beyond the pale. They are obsessed with you
becoming submissive, slumbering, and subdued, so that they
can more easily execute their dark plans.


So an essential part of their dumbing down of the population
was to invent the Genesis lie.

And what is that?

Let’s create the rumor that the Genesis document is just a
hotch potch of old myths. Let’s get it laughed out of town.
What a lovely idea.

More specifically, let's tell the people that:

* There is no scientific proof validating the Genesis document.

* That old Genesis' claim that Eve was created from one of
  man's bones is unscientific nonsense.

* Tell them that there is no evidence for any past worldwide
  flood disaster as described in Genesis.

* Let's tell them that Genesis was copycatted from Sumerian
  mythical texts.

* That Genesis is merely a collection of tales put together
  for religious purposes.

* That the manuscripts have been interfered with so many
  times - so you can never know what was originally in it.

Shrewd move. Cast doubt on the document and thereby,
hopefully, neutralise its power. What a great, massive mind
control strategy!

And so the sheeple will ignore the anti-Globalist message
in Genesis. And we can dumb them down.

May I ask you, Henry Kroll, have you heard any of those
claims I've just listed?

Well, it's a fact. These nice people call on flimsy
archaeological data to convince themselves and us that
Genesis is just plain myth.

Just believe us, they say. We're taking charge of you.

This scam goes on every day… in the controlled universities,
the media and even in religious seminaries.


Now here is a question you might want to ponder seriously:

       (a) Was the evolution theory (the antithesis of
           Genesis) adopted because it was scientifically
           justified, or
       (b) was it deliberately taken on board – despite
           scientific evidence against it - as the excuse
           for an agenda?

And – are you sitting down? – just get this headline which
was released on June 4, 2009, in Times Online:


News reporter Hannah Devlin opens with this shocking

“Faking scientific data and failing to report commercial
conflicts of interest are far more prevalent than previously
thought, a study suggests.”

It's true, you know, if you are a scientist who dares question
the evolution “religion”, you are denied funding. My files are
literally bursting with case histories.

Talk about cover-ups of the truth!

Kenneth Kitchen, Professor of Egyptology in the School of
Archaeology and Oriental studies, University of Liverpool, hits
it on the head.

He says, “scientific and archaeological research is not getting
through to young people in schools and colleges – particularly
all the evidence supporting the reliability of the Bible [and
in particular Genesis].

“In some circles there even seems to be a deliberate withholding
of such information, yet it is the fruit of leading scholars…
known for their restrained, moderate, factual presentation of
their researches.” (Forward to Victor Pearce’s book Evidence
For Truth: Archaeology, 2nd edition)


Doesn’t it make you angry to think that you may have been
cheated? That, ignoring a wealth of research, these trusted
"experts" are deliberately blocking information from you?

While others, less informed, follow one another like sheep,
glibly regurgitating for us old anti-Genesis theories which
they have not allowed to be corrected by factual discoveries.

And did you know, those who claim to be modern critics are
often the most resistant to modern discoveries.

Yes, but WHY are they?

Sometimes we can let our prejudices get in the way.

And then there is the teenie-weenie matter of honesty, or lack
of it.

Their problem is, you see, that Genesis enables us to be wide
awake to the Globalists’ little game. No wonder they will never
welcome Genesis into their play pen!


From my decades in front-line archaeology, may I assure you
that for scientific and historical accuracy Genesis towers
like Mount Everest high above every other ancient document
on this planet.

Read that again. And you'd better believe it. This is not a

Do you want some facts?


   * Firstly, did you know this: scientists have discovered
     that our first common mother lived at precisely the same
     time back that Genesis has been claiming all along?

     (But when this discovery was announced, Science magazine
     said, "No one thinks that’s the case.”  - Science, Jan. 2,


Yes, scientists have been pulling Genesis through the ringer.
And in every test it comes up sparkling clean. And this is
shocking them.

But they're not telling us these things.

You may be surprised at how Genesis and confirmed modern science
are fitting more and more like a glove. For example:

   * In Genesis are the principles of Quantum mechanics,
     telling us that nothing can exist until light first exists!
     A modern discovery.

   * There is now undeniable evidence that a global sea of
     original matter "froze" into solid rock in just a few
     minutes - just as Genesis claims. (And not in millions
     of years, as we were brainwashed to believe)

   * Genesis says that all living things were created and formed
     by "words" (the DNA language, which comes in intelligently
     designed sentences).

   * That a portion from one person's body can form the basis
     of another totally complete human being. (We now understand

   * That languages began in the very region of the globe
     specified in Genesis.

   * That natural catastrophe on a global scale reshaped the
     earth's surface and reset all natural processes at the
     very time indicated by Genesis - 2345 BC.

   * That 5 fabled lost cities of Genesis destroyed by burning
     balls of sulphur from the sky did really exist (remains

   * Genesis contains amazing shipbuilding science as modern as
     our 21st century.

   * And the biggest surprise of all: Scientific tests reveal
     Genesis to contain the world's OLDEST piece of writing.
     I ask you, why have we not been told?

   * Numerical sub-surface designs not found in any other book
     on earth have been discovered, similar to an author's
     fingerprint, or manufacturer's watermark, embedded beneath
     the Genesis text. These are proving impossible to for any
     man to deliberately structure. So what Master Mind dictated
     this "impossible" Genesis book?

   * Genesis' uncanny prophetic foreknowledge describes Middle
     East politics today, just as they are occurring in 2012 AD.

   * Genesis' scientifically confirmed, uncorrupted accuracy
     of transmission over thousands of years is unparalleled
     in world literature.

   * Its 21st century science includes: the structure of the
     periodic table of elements; quantum mechanics; the value
     of pi; the value of the exponential variable (the base of
     the Natural Logarithm); details of physics, chemistry,
     biochemistry; anatomy...

And that's just a sampling. The bottom line is this: These
recent discoveries establish Genesis as a credible authority
concerning the Globalist agenda.

You may well ask, do any other books - or even “holy books” -
contain such information?

In raw honesty, it must be stated that neither Homer's Iliad,
the Koran, the Apocrypha, nor ANY other work of man contains,
for example, the complex, interlocking numeric designs found
beneath the surface of the Genesis narrative.


It is the fingerprint of a non-human Master Mind. It matches
a fingerprint discovered in nature - and beyond human ability
to produce.


From first hand research as a front line field scientist over
45 years, I have been driven to this conclusion: The Bible
(which contains Genesis) was right before science was.

The book of Genesis is never catching up to truth. Rather,
truth is forever catching up to Genesis! This is a remarkable
and unique document. So cool!

We need to start rethinking. Genesis is not for old ladies,
Christians, Muslims or Jews. It is a heritage document for
the whole world.

If you only knew, my team and I have put Genesis through all of
the archaeological tests – and it comes up clean.

Of this you can be sure. There is not a person alive today who
is in a position to refute the Genesis record.

Donald J. Wiseman, Professor Emeritus of Assyriology, University
of London, agrees:

“It has been my long experience that…it is never contradicted by
archaeological and historical evidence when that too has been
subjected to strict scrutiny.” (Forward to Victor Pearce’s book
Evidence For Truth: Archaeology, 2nd edition, 1998)


Today's newsletter was motivated partly by an email that came
in from a lady named Linda. She asked:

"Have you had any contact with people not of this world? and if
so what have they told you about the future of mankind?"

A natural enough question, and a good one.

Here's my answer.

Yes, information from out of this world is coming to us. But
there are two opposite forces at work.

There is an epidemic of appearances by entities who claim to
be from other worlds, but are not. If you value your life, you
will not trust them.

(See the startling evidence in UFO Aliens: The Deadly Secret. )

So, we might ask, is there a standard by which
       (a) all present day sources of information and
       (b) all records of the ancient world
can be safely judged?

Indeed there is.

It is a source likewise not of this world - a source you CAN
safely trust. There is good evidence that the Genesis document
comes from this source.

Genesis and its associated books contain some 1,000 prophecies
of coming events - prophecies which are beyond the ability of
ordinary man to forecast - which have been uncannily fulfilled
throughout history since, and are still ahead of the newspaper

This includes a blow by blow description of events to develop
under the New World Order. And a detailed description of the
future of mankind.

These messages form part of the Bible, and as a scientist
who insists on good, credible evidence, I believe that we can
safely accept that these have come from the Supreme Mind of
the Creator Himself. So we can trust them.

The discoveries confirming Genesis which we have tabulated
above should at least make us curious. Have we been missing

Does our foundation need to be re-examined?


A caution is advisable here. If any source makes claims which
contradict the watertight testimony of Genesis, alarm bells
should ring concerning that source. And not the other way

The Genesis standard is without equal.

We need to rigorously test our sources, because many plausible
pretenders are in the world. If they speak not in harmony with
the Genesis standard, it is because there is no sure truth in

Here's a short cut to help you. This will eliminate many
sources that you find on the Internet, and in documents,
ancient and modern.

Key words that should raise your guard include "evolved",
"Anunnuki", and "messages from space brothers".

Re Evolution: Variation in nature is not evolution. Variation
takes place within clearly defined limits - it is merely a
selecting from the gene pool of already existing information.

For evolution to occur, new genetic information would need to
be added. But mutations (genetic copying mistakes) cannot do
this. Information cannot be built up by mutations that lose it.

And as for other inhabited worlds, they do exist. But Anunnuki
or other "space brothers" did not create us.

Seeding of life on this planet by extraterrestrials would not
answer these two problems:
       (a) the origin of DNA so that life could begin.
       (b) the origin of ET intelligence in the first place.
           ETs from another planet also needed a beginning,
           programmed with their DNA.

As for the flood of plausible speculation out there to tickle
our fancy, some writers have made names for themselves,
peddling it. But, under close scrutiny, most of their
"evidence" turns to jelly.

The bottom line is this.

If you want to prove your origins, you'd better come up with
an authority whose credibility surpasses that of Genesis.
Or else accept what Genesis says.

Stop cheating yourself. Give the Genesis document an honest
chance. Its widely touted flaws have simply been caused by
our past ignorance. Today, you CAN take Genesis literally.
And benefit from it.

If a man wants to understand the past, the present and the
future, wouldn't it be preferable to consult with One whose
knowledge is not limited by time?

Discovering the Supreme One's fingerprint on the Genesis document
gives you a clear edge.

Experts in archaeology reject the empty pretenders to knowledge
who downgrade the Genesis account.

Genesis stands in a class by itself. It is a remarkable document
– one of its kind.


Always ask yourself, Have I personally checked out the validity
of my sources? Be sure of your ground.


You can be sure that many an “expert” will not be happy with
these findings. He may wish to shrug off this evidence. But he
has a lot of explaining to do.

If he was a cardiologist, all his patients would be dead.
Should a gang this smugly ignorant be running the world?

If a man’s claim of objectivity holds, he should now follow the
evidence to where it leads and not to where he wants it to go.

So, would you like to check out some of that scientific evidence
of Genesis’ absolute, physical, factual truth?

Here’s where to get it… The Weapon the Globalists Fear:

For the ebook:
Physical book:
(Just scroll down to Item No. 81)

Seldom before in all these years have I offered a choice between
two versions of the same report - e-book and hard copy in the
same newsletter.

Why am I doing this now? Because of the tremendous benefit you
will derive from the discovery of Genesis in this dangerous time
of globalisation.

I just don't want you to miss out on such a shattering

Well, Henry Kroll, may this upcoming week be a good one
for you.

Best regards,
Jonathan Gray


Please email me your questions. I am here to help
you with any questions on ancient mysteries. Just
email me at

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