Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ready to loose your First, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights?

Obama signed the military appropriations bill which contained legislation allowing to detain indefinitely American Citizens without trial. Barack Obama signed the bill into law in Hawaii on New Years eve when most people were out celebrating. Now we have a another bill about to be signed into law that violates your first Amendment rights to free speech. Internet censoring, all blogs and other means of communication outlawed. This makes it extremely difficult to gather information about who you are voting for except from the mainstream press... Wait! And there's more... 

I was on Kevin Smith's radio talk show six times last year. 
This is what he has to say about our traitorous Senate and congress. Why do we pay those people-we don't!  The corporations do... 

Kevin Smith, Talk Show Host
I must get this sent to you tonight.
The micro-minds in our Congress are at it once again. In their chase for dollars from the lobbyists, and support from the news media, they are once again putting your freedom on the auction block. Not that they haven't done this before. In fact, not that they don't do it daily. But, as they close down one freedom after another, and shred the Constitution into oblivion, with one act of treason after another, the most potent freedom--the one they fear the most--is freedom of speech. And now, they are openly and actively putting it under assault.

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) are coming up for vote. These bastards are probably going to vote it in NO MATTER WHAT AMERICANS WANT. That's their practice. That is what they do over and over. And Americans keep re-electing them--so, maybe my voice raised is completely in vain. Mushrooms want sh$% and that is why they keep re-electing these traitors.

SOPA and PIPA dictate to sites like Google, FaceBook, Yahoo, GoDaddy, etc. that if they even suspect a site is hosting illegal information or offering illegal downloads, they are to de-list these sites. In other words, these sites disappear from the search engines--without formal charges, trial, a chance to face accusers in court and cross examine witnesses against them. This is total and absolute control over the flow of and access to information. This is completely and abjectly UNCONSTITUTIONAL--not that that little fact matters even one flicker to these traitors.
I do not advocate or practice illegal acts. I do not advocate violence. BUT, I do advocate freedom of speech. Don't you? Well, with these little gems of tyranny, will make it possible for the government to simply declare some types of speech as illgal (which they have already done), and then force the closure of a website they say is doing something illegal. Freedom of speech is THE ONLY WAY you can dissent against the policies of the government. WITHOUT freedom of speech, you are absolutely a slave. If SOPA & PIPA pass into law, freedom of speech is over and freedom is well and truly gone.

President Obama has said he would not sign these into law. Let me remind you he also said he would not sign the NDAA bill that gave the military a mandate to police inside America and to arrest any American they SUSPECT of being affiliated with terrorism, or supporting terrorism, and to hold them without charge or tiral indefinitely. He said he would not sign that bill--he signed it. He says he is not going to to sign these bills. Really? Do you believe that?
Folks, you are about to cross the border. You are about to cross the border into Iran where the government has total control of the internet and the flow of information. You have one shot at regaining freedom. It starts right here, right now. Either do it, or bend over and take what's coming.

This is not troubling. This is not something to be concerned about. This is an all out assault upon American citizens by their own government. Either put a stop to this, or welcome to the Empire.
The so-called entertainment industry is the prime mover and shaker on this. They are lobbying Congress with millions and millions of dollars to get them to pass these treasons into law.
If you like freedom (what tiny speck is left) here is what you need to do right now:
1. Contact your hirelings in D.C. (Representatives and Senators) and tell them you absolutely oppose these bills and will not be voting for them in their next election bid if they vote for these bills.
2. Write a letter to each and every organization listed as a supporter of the bills and tell them you will no longer be spending money with them or any company associated with them.
3. Write to the RIAA and tell them you are not going to be buying any more of their CDs and DVD's because of their support of this violation of the Constitution.
THEN STOP. Damn it, just STOP buying any products sold by or produced by these organizations. Money talks and BS walks. It is time to talk the language they understand. It is time to deny them what they crave---MONEY.
You get one shot at that this. Sit and think about it, consider it, mull it over--basically, just waste your time until you have no chance of freedom--or DO IT. JUST DO IT.
Your grandchildren's future is in your hand right now. Got courage? Want freedom? Then DO IT.
I'm going back to bed now. I am sick. I am sickest over watching my once-free country on its knees to the new oligarchy in D.C. This corrupt and treasonous bunch should be rounded up, charged, and put on trial for their crimes against the citizens of this country.
--Kevin Smith

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