Saturday, April 2, 2016

Get ready to be raped...

The current massive influx of supposed "refugees" into Europe is
having surprise-packed consequences.
1. Terrorists are pouring in with the flood of refugees.
2. Military aged men make up an estimated 70 % of the "immigrants".
3. They are determined to make Europe into what they want it to be.
4. There are almost daily reports of new rapes and gang rapes
   occurring throughout Europe.
5. While rape has always existed, what is happening now is new for
   our day. While rape has always followed war, this is something
   new - using rape as a tool of war.
Bill White, writing for Survivopedia, correctly notes that "Sweden
has become the rape capital of Europe and perhaps of the world, if
we leave out the lands controlled by ISIS."

The Muslim invaders apparently feel they have a right to any woman
they see.
This matches the teaching of their Imams and the Quran which states
that all lust is caused by women; it is not in the heart of the man.
Therefore the women are the ones who cause it.
In a recently published video, a female Muslim professor states that
the rape of non-Muslim women is acceptable in the Muslim religion.
It is to be used as a means to humiliate the women, the ultimate goal
being to force them to convert to Islam. There is even a reference
to the woman being converted by the sexual act.
Her specific statements refer to raping women captured in war, but
the invasion of Europe is a war in Muslim eyes.
The Quran commands Muslims to go to other lands and take the
position of being the heads over the people of the land. They are not
to put themselves under the authority of "infidel" non-Muslims or
their laws. That is a sin. They are to take over the lands.
This is called hijrah. It is as old as Islam itself. The first hijrah
was when Muhammed himself left Mecca to go to Medina. He and his
followers went there for the purpose of conquest, to take Medina and
force its population to convert to Islam.
This was the beginning of hijrah as a means of conquest. It has been
used ever since.
The Trojan Horse of the so-called Syrian "refugees" is not just the
terrorists who are hidden among them, but each and every Muslim. It
matters not if they are terrorists. They are all committed to the
spread of Islam. Refugees are being used as an excuse to send
millions of people into the western world for the purpose of conquest.

A ridiculous statement, that such a small group could conquer a
The truth is, they have already taken over areas of several European
countries, and made them into "no-go" zones. Those areas are totally
under Muslim control and are governed by Sharia Law. The police and
the elected government of the nation have no power and no say. They
have, in effect, been kicked out. The area has effectively been
This has been done with relatively few people, mere thousands.
What will happen when there are millions more?
Will fighting-aged male jihadis come to your city where they can wreak
havoc, just as thousands of Muslim “refugees” did in Germany,
Switzerland and Sweden on New Year’s Eve, 2016?
Hundreds of women were raped, robbed and beaten across Europe on New
Year’s Eve by the Syrian, Iraqi and other Islamic “refugees” who have
flooded into those nations.
How will those governments stand against Muslim pressure, when the
"moderate" Muslims know exactly which buttons to push in order to get
things their way?
Muslims comprise almost a quarter of the world's population - 1.6
billion persons.
You might wonder, how could it ever be that hundreds of women were
raped, robbed and beaten across Europe on New Year’s Eve by the
Syrian, Iraqi and other Islamic “refugees” who have flooded into
those nations?
Listen to this.
An Islamic professor has allegedly claimed Muslim men are allowed by
Allah to rape non-Muslim women in order to “humiliate” them.
Professor Saud Saleh – from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt –
reportedly said rape is allowed between times of “legitimate war”
between Muslims and their enemies.
In a television interview Saleh appears to try to discourage the
purchase of slaves from Asian countries for sex, claiming Allah has
given Muslim men a “legitimate” way to have sexual relations with
slave women.
Cairo-Slavery-Muslim-Women-Pagan-ISIS-Al-Azhar-University Egypt?utm_
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Attacks like those already occurring are going to increase.
While they are mostly in Europe right now, you can expect them soon
to be closer to where you are.
As United States president Obama allows more and more into the USA,
it is well to keep in mind that they are not coming as refugees, nor
as immigrants. They are coming as a conquering army. And, as far as
they are concerned, they have already won the war and your women
are the spoils of that war.

, if you didn't know, events have started to happen in
Europe, USA and Australia right now that are set to change the
world overnight.

Big upheavals are coming to your life and that of your family

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