Saturday, September 19, 2015

Can you spell ARGENTINA?

Hope this finds you well and busy in your philosophical pursuits. Of late, I’ve had some brushes with the likes of Pericles (Of whom Abe Lincoln appears to have borrowed heavily, in drafting his Gettysburg Address.), Herodotus (For his command of history.), and Thucydides (As a naval general for his classic tactical and strategic military observations.), all of which meld well with contemporary challenges, bringing to the fore the importance of being mindful of our collective history to avoid the needless revisit of past failures and tragedies. As we know, Republicans and Democrats dubiously share the head of the viper that consumes all - both are culpable of the same deceits, incompetence, and lack of transparency that travels on the undercurrent of collectivism and socialism, hell-bent on destroying this once enabled and ennobled agrarian/manufacturing based Republic. This brief video clip serves as an exigent summons to those with reason and an abiding affection for this country.  Hope you enjoy.



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