Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to really fix the economy!!


Like millions of other seniors, I depend on my Social Security. 

I earned my Social Security through a lifetime of hard work. I deserve an open, thoughtful public discussion about how to strengthen Social Security and I am opposed to a short-sighted deal that cuts my Social Security benefits to reduce the deficit.

If Congress gave every small business in America with a business license $300,000 (--same amount of money they gave to the big banks) they would put the money in the small banks. There would be no banking crises. The small banks would have more money to loan out. There would be no job crises because more people would have jobs. There would be no housing crises because people could borrow money and they would have money to pay their mortgages because they would be working. There would be no welfare crises etc. The state and federal governments would get trillions of extra dollars back in income tax because more people would be working and paying income tax. The government wouldn't have to raise taxes and it wouldn't have to cut Social Security.

The big banks got Obama elected and orchestrated this whole depression/recession thing. Rich people have hundreds years experience hiding money. Money never trickles down hill. Giving the big banks trillions of dollars was wrong.

This whole depression thing was planned from the begging so that the big banks could buy up all the businesses, the small banks and real-estate at pennies on the dollar. Also they bundled the mortgages and sold them overseas. When people could no longer pay their mortgages the small banks had to foreclose taking the homes away from people so that they can sell them back later on. 

It’s all about greed money!!!  Its another problem / reaction / solution make money for the rich banks.  Why can't anyone see this???

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