Sunday, December 4, 2011

UFO's near Tunguska event. Ivan sent me this e-mail.

Ivan Vesely to me
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Hi Hank,
              I congratulate to you for publishing of your  X' th book. It’s too bad I can’t get hold of any to read it, since I am not equipped for ordering the things via internet. If you can send me a copy over the e-mail I would be happy to try read it and if you would be interested I could even make a translation into a Czech language and according to all the copy rights have it published around here as well.
 Assuming to your "personality unusual" self applaud, or further more- standing ovation you have presented your book with, it must really be a best of The Literature Piece published southerly of Polar Circle, since Shakespeare times.

By the way the Pope comes next week to Prague. He would as an ex member of Hitlerjugend definitely appreciate a copy.

Listen Hank, I have a very old Mercedes motorhome which I am going to use for a following trip next spring.
Do you remember the Tunguzska meteorit(1908)? Well there was not ever found anything left of it. Not even the crater. Just totally destroyed several thousands hectars of forest. Nevertheless close by the natives were finding some extremely weird things.
Please see the pages:

Two years ago I was finding the facts about this phenomena and were supposed to go there with some friends. At the end I could not make it so they went there of their own. They did not found no metal chambers, but since they were known to be slowly sinking into the "Permafrost" the friends were founding only quite exact annual circle of diameter of cca.metres full of cca.60 cm of water and in the middle circular pool of water of 6 metre diameter and the floor of it was a slightly half round hard surface.

See the pictures in attachments. They did not have no possibility to dive and one of them became sick so they had to leave and could not do any examination without equipment. So therefore I have to take my RV so I can take some gear with me to examine the thing more precisely. Part of the journey i have to go with some rubber raft since the place is totally out of any civilisation.
What is funny is that you are actually much closer to the area than me and most likely you see such a terain looking out of your window.
Let me know if you are interested in such a thing I thing that litle "close encounter of the third kind "could be quite interesting. I even have some film they have made but I do not know how to send it to you.
Cheers Ivan

Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009

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