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Societal manipulation didn’t start with the sinking of the Maine. Nor did it start with the surprise attack on Perl Harbor. It may have started with the invention of money or possibly the invention of religion and has been going thousands of years before Biblical times.
It takes a disaster of huge proportions like the demolition of the Trade Towers when Zionist, Larry Silverstein pulled the switch and a whole lot of media brainwashing to get people to sign their rights away with bills like Homeland Security and to get the people behind invading a third-world country with no ‘weapons of mass destruction.’
People are finally getting wise to the False Flag operations designed to rob us of our money and freedom. The pendulum will swing the other direction in November. The next big disaster will have to top all previous disaster. Get ready for a dirty bomb on a subway or possibly a nuclear attack on a major US city.

It may surprise you to learn that Enron chief Ken Lay and the CEO of British Petroleum (BP), John Browne, had a meeting in the White House in 1997, with Vice - President Al Gore and President Clinton. Their agenda was to insure that the US agreed to the Kyoto Protocols. Yes, you read that correctly. BP wanted the US to agree with to the Kyoto Protocols. Why? Such a compliance with the Protocols would have imposed major costs upon the US energy industry and all of those who use energy—a very large hidden tax. Both Enron and BP would have made billion from this hidden tax that would have been extracted from the American People.
Al Gore might thus be seen by many as the one who revealed a truth that the Bush administration was trying to hide. Indeed, for a long time, the fact that Bush was unwilling to endorse and ace upon global warming was seen as evidence that it had to be real! When it comes to climate change, Gore might be a far more evil villain than Bush!

            Dr. William Gray, a pioneer in the Science of seasonal hurricane forecasts, has argued that humans are not responsible for the warming of the Earth. “We’re brainwashing our children,” said Gray, a long-time professor at Colorado State University. “They’re going to the Gore movie and being fed all this. It’s ridiculous.” Gray does not deny the phenomenon, but instead argues that a natural cycle of ocean water temperatures—related to the amount of salt in ocean water—is responsible for the global warming that he acknowledges had taken place. However, he said, that same cycle means a period of global cooling will begin soon and last for several years. “We’ll look back on all this in ten or twenty years and realize how foolish it was.” Gray said. “The human impact on the atmosphere is simply too small to have a major effect on global temperatures.” He said, that his beliefs have made him an outsider in popular science. “It bother me that my fellow scientists are not speaking out against something they know is wrong.” He said. “But they also know that they’d never get any grants of they spoke out. I don’t care about grants.”
            This author has written on the propaganda of ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’ for human control now for five years. For some reason nobody will look up the fact that carbon dioxide is a trace gas making up only .033% of our atmosphere while nitrogen is 78% and oxygen 20%. In other words Carbon dioxide amounts to less than a third of one percent of our atmosphere yet it is necessary for plant growth,
            The most potyent greenhouse gas believe it or not is water vapor. It is one hundred times more effective as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.
Water vapor from evaporation can make up to twenty percent of the weight of air by weight at 100% humidity. I know these things because I have installed evaporators on diesel engines to increase their efficiency. When inducted into a high compression engine 20 % of the weight of the air can instantly turn into steam making the engine burn cleaner and producing more horsepower.
The Earth is a self regulating organism in that when the temperature increases the amount of water vapor in the air (clouds) increases thereby reflecting more sunlight back into space cooling the Earth. Nobody knows how much water vapor is in the atmosphere at any given time.
Then there is the fact that Earth is recovering from a series of volcanic eruptions that started in the 1700’s. Each major volcanic eruption lowered global temperature .5 degrees.   

The graph has been subjected to manipulation. This graph was used by IPCC to further global warming propaganda. The graph was produced by modifying temperature data and proxies, and was generated by a computer algorithm to predict a future temperature rise. Detailed analysis of the data and the algorithm by Steve McIntyre          and environmental economist Dr. Ross McKitrick demonstrated very improper and unscientific conduct in the graph’s creation.
For example, the graph does not show the well-known warmer times of the Medieval Warm Period lived and farmed in Greenland for centuries. The chart also does not show the Little Ice Age, which extended from about 1350 to 1850 CE. The history of those times includes show falling in Paris in July, ice festivals held on four feet of ice on the Thames River in London, people walking from Denmark to Sewden across the frozen Baltic, as well as people walking from from Manhattan to New Jersey across the frozen New York Harbor.
What McIntyre and McKitrick found was that the algorithm could produce a “hockey stick”—shaped graph from a table of random numbers. No temperature data was necessary—proving that Al Gore’s statistics lie.
On December 6th 2006, Geophysicist Dr. David Deming of the University of Oklahoma gave some telling testimony to the US Senate. He testified that, around the time that a paper of his was published in Science in 1995 he received an email from a prominent climate change researcher, stating: “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.”
In 1998 Dr. Robinson, director of the Oregon Institute for Science and medicine posted his first global warming skeptics petition on the Institute’s web site. ( It eventually attracted more than 17,000 Americans with science degrees.
In late 2007, Robinson mailed a new copy of the petition tot the original signatories, asking them to recruit additional qualified scientists. Now his list includes around 31,500 man-made warming skeptics with science qualifications. More than 9.000 hold scientific PhDs. Almost 31,500 skeptics happen to me more than 12 times as many scientists as the 2,500 scientific reviewers claimed by the IPCC to form a scientific consensus.
Robinson’s petition states a truth: “There is no convincing scientific evidence that humans release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth.
Recently there have been warnings portending disaster because man threatens to melt much of the ice covering Greenland. But researchers reported in July 2007 that Greenland really was green a half-million years ago—covered with forests. Who or what was responsible for that warming trend?
The sad state of the matte is that our climate has been reduced to a debate about man-made carbon dioxide emissions, and this has bee reduced to a “cap and trade” system in which the problem is not seriously addressed, but politicians have come up with a means of taxing heavy polluters—often underdeveloped countries, whose infrastructure relies on old machinery and which, hence is polluting. Their plan is to arrest the industrial development of India and China. However, those of us who are operating outdated diesel engines that do not meet Tier 4 standards will be put out of business.
Alas, the fallacy of the science, upon which this new form of economy is meant to be based was shot from under their feet because of “Climategate”. It meant that the international politicians left the Danish capital without being able to announce their favorite new toy to manipulate the world economy. Will it continue to be played on in the field of International politics or will it silently fade away?
The question is, what will be their next big excuse to rob of us of our freedom and our labor?
I have been on a quest to alter societal evolution into more benign directions with my books. My book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES explains how the carbon resources were made. Our sun is in a 105,000-year elliptical orbit around the Procyon and Sirius star systems. After reading about the direction our sun is traveling through space I plotted our course from Orion toward Hercules and in the process discovered that our Sun was captured and is till in orbit around the Sirius A and B which are only 8.5 light years away.
We are part of a cluster of 100 stars ruled by these two giants. Sirius B is a white Dwarf star of 1.5 earth diameters orbiting 20 earth distances from Sirius A. Every fifty-four years it gets so close to Sirius A that it feeds off from it several metric tons per hour causing it to put out thousands of times more invisible ultraviolet light than our sun. I am now convinced that the intense light from Sirius B is responsible for advanced multi-celled life forms on earth. It is the only thing that could break through a 750 PSI atmosphere extending 2,500 miles above the planet to get life started.
Our sun was born with about 40 other stars in an Orion dust cloud not too far from the Horse Head Nebula currently 1330 light years toward the center of the Galaxy (toward the Southeast). After our sun was born and most of the planets formed from dust rings we drifted out in the Orion Arm toward Hercules (northwest) for two+ billion years.
Galaxies make suns in dust clouds and send them out to make the body of the galaxy. After our sun was born and the earth formed from dust around the sun a billion years of volcanism gave earth a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere of 750 pounds per square inch. {The December Astronomy magazine mentions that early Earth had an atmosphere of 1,450 pounds per square inch and one third of that was carbon dioxide. Now Co2 is only .033 percent and the government is using this as an excuse to control us?}
Earth was about one-third smaller diameter at that time. After that, we (our sun) drifted out into the cold of space for a billion years and earth had an ice age that lasted one billion years. All the oceans were frozen. Our sun didn’t burn as hot as it does today.
After a billion years of being covered with ice, earth and our sun drifted between Procyon and Sirius A and B which are over a billion years older than our sun. These giant stars orbit each other at 8 to 12 earth distances (AU) and each have about 8 times more gravity than our sun. When little, Sirius B orbiting Sirius A every 54 years came around, it grabbed hold of our sun and pulled it into orbit around Sirius A because they have 12 times more gravity than our sun. This was fortunate for us because the light and heat from these giant stars melted the ice on earth and started plants to grow in the oceans thereby releasing free oxygen.
For the next 700-million years there were no ice caps on Earth and tropical plants grew at the poles because we had light coming in from many directions 24-hours a day.
Our fortunate capture by the Sirius system happened about 750 million years ago and was the beginning of all complex multi-cellular life forms on earth. During the Carboniferous Era the intense UV light from Sirius B laid down limestone layers up to 12,500 feet thick. (The 3.8 solar mass binary star system Sirius A & B is 8 light years to the south and is the brightest star in the sky. We are heading toward it right now at 7.5 kilometers per second are in orbit around it. In my book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES we do the math to concur that our orbit period exactly matches the last ICE AGE cycle.  The continental United States from the Rocky Mountains to the Carolinas was laid down at time with limestone layers on average over 2,500 feet thick. [Look up Carboniferous Era in Encyclopedia Britannica.] Carbon removed from the atmosphere during that era was laid down in Pennsylvania and Virginia as coal layers up to a hundred feet thick.
Coal is made from grass and trees and plants. Anthracite or hard coal is compressed from plant matter at a ration of 40 to 1. Soft coal is compressed down at a ration of about 20 to 1. The point is, coal, oil, and limestone are made from carbon dioxide using photosynthesis and ultraviolet light from space and the majority of it came from Sirius B. Three million years ago an explosion went off in Orion creating banard’s Loop. After that time our solar system went into an elliptical orbit and Earth started to have small ice caps for the first time in 700-million years.
We are now in a 105,000 elliptical orbit where we go out to nine light years and practically stop. At present we are 8.5 light years and heading back toward Sirius at 7.5 kilometers per second. Our orbit period is 105,000 years which directly corresponds with the current Ice Age cycle.
Our sun does not have enough power to keep us out of the ice ages otherwise we wouldn’t have them! If you want to know more please read my book. Go or or Type in COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES.

Earth is loosing its atmosphere. We have a limited time on earth. During Biblical times the Oxygen was 35%. Reference books list it as 20% but it is down to about 18% yet we go on burning things? At the time of the dinosaurs the atmospheric pressure was around 30 to 60 pounds per square inch. Now it is down to 14.5 pounds per square inch. Before our sun was captured by the Sirius system earth had an atmosphere of 750 pounds per square inch. Over time and it was laid down as limestone, coal and oil using photosynthesis in the oceans and light from these stars. We have a limited time to get our act together and get off the planet so that we can seed life in other biospheres. 

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