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When was the Moon really brought into orbit around Earth???

I could talk a little about Dan Brown’s book The DA VINCI Code.
William Sin Clare of The Knights Templers constructed Rosslyn Chapel as they had done a seven-year archeological dig of Solomon’s Temple in the Holy Land.

I believe Rosslyn Chapel it was constructed similar to if not the exact replica of Solomon’s Temple. I discovered in Martin Lund’s book, DA VINCI CODE DECODED.
As Dan Brown points out in the DA VINCI CODE, Rosslyn Chapel is nicknamed the “cathedral of codes.” It is also known as the Tapestry in stone.”
Professor Philip Davis, the eminent biblical and Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, says that there is nothing at all Christian about the building apart from its 19th century additions. He concluded that the reason it was built was to conceal a medieval secret. Because of its association with the founding of Freemasonry it also known as “Lodge Number One” in Edinburgh above the Esk Valley, a few miles from  the original Templar center at “Ballantradoch” meaning “The house of the warrior.”

“Roslin” is an ancient word meaning “ancient knowledge passed down the generations.” Yet, another more interesting translation is “stone falling from heaven,” a phrase with Masonic, alchemical and Luciferian implications.

Rosslyn chapel was built for the Prince of Orkney, sir William Satin Clair, and it was apparently completed by his son Oliver in 1486. The name “Saint Clare” meaning “Holy Light.” The stone from which it was built has been identified by Dr. Jack Miller, The Head of Studies of Geology at Cambridge University as coming from exactly the same strata as that found in Jerusalem.”

The walls and ceiling of Rosslyn Chapel are festooned produced with symbols of Freemasonry Templarism, Judaism and Christianity, along with a few few Islamic motifs. Although the abundance of carvings appears to be a discordant cacophony, each element is there for a reason and relates strongly to its neighbors.

A monument to the “Green Man” greets you when you enter. His eyes seem to follow you across the room. It is said that this monument is consistently colder than the stones that surround it and some say that it is difficult, if not impossible to photograph it. 

The Apprentice Pillar is a dominant feature of the Chapel and thought by some to contain the Holy Grail. It was investigated by Tony Wood and Greg Mills using Ground scan radar, they were unable to find anything inside. It is more likely that the carvings on the pillar itself form a code communicating one of the secrets for the Holy Grail. Thus the secret would be preserved for future generations of the Saint Clare branch of the Grail family. As to what this code consists of there are many theories. Tricks of light and shadows produce for various observers anything from a pregnant Madonna to an undulating double helix. The apprentice pillar has been said to resemble the Norse tree of Life.

Many researchers have noticed the many carvings of many plants such as (maize and aloe vera) native to the America’s and not found in England or Europe.  These plants should not have been know to the stone masons of Rosslyn when the chapel was built almost fifty years prior Columbus discovered America. However they may have had knowledge o these species through their association with the Saint Clairs. There is a persistent belief among historians that Henry Saint Clair (a.k.a. Henry the Navigator”) sailed to the Americas in twelve ships as early as 1398. Several traces of this voyage  have been left behind. There is still a canon of the type used by the Saint Clair fleet on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The grave of one of Henry Saint Clair’s Knights can be seen at Westford, Massachusetts and there is an effigy of a fourteenth century Knight carved into a rock ledge. There is also a two story circular medieval tower of Scottish design in Newport, Rhode Island. It bears strong resemblance to the twelfth century Orphir Chapel on Orkney and it was built in the style of the Knights Templars. 

Another carving of great interest is that of the inverted Angel. It is positioned at the exact center of the heavenly carved eastern wall and is portrayed as being suspended by a rope tied to his legs. It represents Shemhazai who, according to apocryphal legend, played a part in bringing about the Great Flood.

Shemhazai atoned for his sins, but still felt deeply ashamed. He suspended himself upside down between Heaven and Earth so that he wouldn’t have to face God. In the meantime Azazel had on such feelings of contrition and continued his lascivious ways until God brought about the Flood as punishment to both man and the fallen angels killing off all the giant offspring of the Nephilim.

Remnants of the legend of the watchers can be found in Genesis where the fallen Angels are referred to as “The sons of God.” It has been suggested by several researchers that this misgeneration between man and angel is the true origin of the bloodline of the biblical patriarchs, and therefore the true origin of the Grail bloodline. Thus in The book of Enoch, Noah (an ancestor of Christ) is portrayed as having been one of the offspring of the Watchers. In this account when Noah is born, he is described as:
…a child the flesh of which was white as snow and red as a rose; the hair of whose head was white like wool, and long; and whose eyes were beautiful. When he opened them, he illuminated all the house, like the sun, the whole house abounded with light.
According to the bible Noah lived 986 years.

The biological bloodline from the fallen angels falling from Heaven according to Medeival poet Wolfram von Eschenbach ’s description of the Grail as being not a cup, but a “stone that fell from Heaven,” literally a jewel knocked from Lucifer’s crown during the rebellion that descended to Earth.

To me, the most intriguing feature of Rosslyin Chapel is a basement storeroom accessible only by a wooden staircase filled with a fine white sand. It is said it is sacred sand from Israel. Why would the Knights Templars bring an entire shipload of sand from Israel unless it had great value???
Is it the Philosopher’s Stone? Is it the white-powder-of-gold used for life extension and enhanced brain function? Why else would the brave Knights bring it all the way from the Holy Land?  Clearly our eminent scholars are not to the task of identifying it and those that know don’t tell… 

If we have time I also want to talk about Robert Shoch’s examination of the stone city near Lake Titicaca. He mentions several authors who have speculated about how the ancient cities were raised up over 11,000 feet… 

Dr. Robert Schoch, Ph. D. (of Egyptian Sphinx dating fame) has become a regular contributor to Atlantis Rising magazine. In the May/June 2013 issue his article WHERE ATLANTIS MEETS LEMURIA he examines the ancient ruins of Tiwanaku and Puma Punku.

“…there are also persistent stories of ancient, now extinct animals depicted in the carvings that decorate some of the stone work at Tiwanaku. In particular, it is claimed that toxodons are depicted on the Sun gate/ this would be incredibly significant if true, as toxodons (an animal indigenous to South America that looked a bit like a cross between a rhinoceros and a hippo) are generally believed to have gone extinct about 14,500 years ago. (shortly before the close of the last ice age) but these supposed depictions of toxodon heads are not convincing to me. I am not sure what they represent.” 

“Other arguments for the extreme age of Puma Punku have been proposed by by the aarcheolo-astronomical studies of Arthur Posnansky (1873 – 1946). In particular he was convinced that onf of the major structures at tiwanaku known as the Kalasasaya, was a solar temple.  He observed that when one )stands at the center of the west wall of Kalasasaya … the north and south pillars of the east wall are so located that the sun would rise at the solstices on the outer corners of these pillars . . . Now then if at the solstices, one observes the sunrise without the aid of instruments, it will be noted that it does indeed still come up on the corners of these pillars. However, if we examine this phenomenon with precision instruments, we note a difference of approximately eighteen minutes [of arc, or 0.3 degrees], which represents the change in the obliquity of the eclipse between that of the period in which the Kalasasaya was built and that which is has today” (see his 1945 book, Tiwanaku The cradle of American man, vol. 2 p.88).
Using the best analysis of his day on the changing obliquity of the ecliptic, Posnansky estimated that his portion of Tiwanaku dates back an astounding 17,000  (circa 15,000 BCE).

Dr. Schoch writes: “A single catastrophic event perhaps a fly-by or hit of an asteroid, could have shifted Earth’s axis and caused the discrepancy. Or if Lake Titicaca and Tiwanaku were suddenly and catastrophically given a new geographic  and topographic position (FOR INSTAQNCE A SUDDEN DRAMATIC RISE OF THE Andes), then this could surely account for the “misalignment” of the temple.”

The German novelist, architect, and archeologist Edmond Kiss (1886 – 1969), and H. s. Belamy. (possibley a pseudonym if Han Schindler, (1901 – 1982) and his colleague Peter Allan, reinterpreted Tiwanaku in terms of geological  theories of Austrian engineer Hans Hoeberger (1860 – 1931). In his Wellteislehre (world Ice Theory); also known as Glazial Kosmogonie [Glacial Cosmology]), Horbiger postulated (among other things) that before Earth captured its present Moon, there were other satellites that acted as moons, each of which spiraled closer and closer to Earth over periods of millennia before exploding, disintegrating, or impacting Earth and causing cataclysms  on our planet. At different epochs with different “moons our Earth had different numbers of days in the year and differing numbers of revolutions of the then current moon around Earth.

I take it Robert Schoch hasn’t read my book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES where we used online computers to compute impact forces necessary to tilt Earth 23.5 degrees and raise Puma Punka up 12,000 feet from sea level in 15 minutes.

Furthermore, depending on the position of the current moon relative to Earth, it would affect ice accumulation (expanding ice ages), the levels of the oceans in different parts of the worls due to gravitational effects, and so forth. All in all, those authors argued, Horbiger’s theory could ecplain the cataclysimic destruction of Tiwanaku; and furthermore it would date the site to a much older perod, a period prior to earth’s capture of our current Moon.

I concur with Robert Schoch’s analysis on this point. It took me three years of web searches to find the book IN THE BEGINNING by Immanuel Velikovski where the ancient Greeks talk about a time on Earth when there was no moon. (Chapter 3). To read the book type the first words of the bible into Google, “IN THE BEGINNING.”

Bellamy and Allan took the analysis even further. In two detailed monographics they analyzed the Sun Gate and the Great Idol ( a magnificent monolithic, red sand-stone statue found in Tiwanaku which stands over seven meters [over 24-feet tall] as ancient calendars.

By their interpretations, the calendar on the sun gate records a time with a different satellite other than our Moon, when the year consisted of 290 days, whereas the calendar of the Great Idol records a yea consisting of 288 days. Utilizing various assumptions and extrapolations (see their 2959 book, The Great Idol of Tiwanaku), Bellamy and Allan ultimately concluded that Tiwanaku reached its height about twenty-seven thousand years ago and was destroyed when the then Moon disintegrated circa twenty-two-thousand years ago. This they refer to as the first civilization f humankind. In terms of our previous discussion, might we think of as the Lemurian Civilization.

Post Tiwanaku time, Bellamy and Allan speculate that “The Second Civilization.” Which they explicitly suggest might be equated with Atlantis, developed during a period when Earth lacked a moon, circa twenty-two thousand years ago to around thirteen thousand five hundred – even eleven thousand five hundred, years ago.

[I agree with Robert Schoch on this as my research discovered where two Norwegians studying Antarctic ice core graphs came up with a time that Earth came out of the last Ice Age of 11,718 years ago. This fits within Bellamy and Allan’s time line.]          

“This period ended catastrophically with the capture of our present Moon, which marked the destruction of Atlantis, in terms of classical geology the end of the last Ice Age. Finally according to these authors, after a hiatus of a thousands of years, “The third and last Civilization,” of which we are members, arose first in Egypt and Sumeria bout 7,000 to 6,000 years ago.

Certainly these idea are controversial, and I am not her endorsing them, but I find them fascinating and worthy of further consideration even if many of the detailsl may be questionable. Robert Schoch writes, “I do not believe we have fully explained the mysteries of Tiwanaku.”

I firmly believe Robert Schoch is on the right track. It is heartening to me to see other scientists trying to explain the mysteries of Puma Punku and Tiwanaku. I hope to make him aware of my impact research and the light sources that take Earth out and in to Ice Ages… I have his web site and will contact him soon. 

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Thoth the Egyptian stold five days from the Moon. Maybe he brought the Moon in
Thoth b
Thoth the Egyptian stold five days from the Moon. He also gave mankind mathematics, archeticture, healing etc. etc...
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"Well, how old is the Great Pyramid?" asked Rick. "Some say it is
10,000 years old, long before Egypt waws founded, while others say
it is much younger."
Evidence. that's what Rick wanted. In fact, I do receive quite a
few emails asking this same question.
So, if you were wondering, here are some fascinating facts.


Some scientists contend that the Great Pyramid itself tells the date
of its construction (foundation). Its tubular entrance passage
pointed to the north polar star in 2144 BC at the same time that the
pyramid apex pointed to Alcyone, the “pivot of the solar system”,
known anciently as the “Foundation star”.
In the 19th century, the Astronomer Royal of Scotland, Professor
Piazzi Smyth, spent 6 months camped near the Great Pyramid. He went
to work with the mind of a Master Astronomer to solve some of the
pyramid’s mysteries. Smyth explored the Descending Passage which
pointed upward to the sky on the pyramid’s northern face. He found
that it was set at an angle of 26 deg. 18 min. 10 sec.
The eminent Sir John Herschel had discovered that this Descending
Passage pointed to a Constellation of stars known as Draconis (“The
Dragon”). With careful astronomical calculation, Smyth now confirmed
While in the Descending Passage, Smyth was excited to find two “Scored
Lines”, which pointed upwards at right angles. These indicated to an
astronomer to examine their direction in the sky.
These “Scored Lines” were about 4 feet long. Smyth was amazed at their
precision. Having long been an astronomical transit observer, he felt
that he was in the familiar surroundings of an observatory! Calculating
carefully, he found that these “Scored Lines” pointed upwards, through
the Pyramid, to the star Alcyone in the constellation known as “The
Alcyone was regarded as the PIVOT of the solar system, around which all
other “fixed stars” appear to revolve. It was called “The Central One”.
Professor Smyth made an exciting discovery. At the SAME TIME that the
Descending Passage was pointing to the POLE Star (Alpha Draconis), these
“Scored Lines” were pointing to Alcyone, the “PIVOT” star. That
conjunction took place on September 22nd, 2144 B.C.
Here, fixed into the pyramid’s construction, was a definite date - 2144 BC.
In the absence of evidence to the contrary, we may now ask, could the
“scored line” indicate 2144 BC as defining the EPOCH OF THE PYRAMID’S
And now a remarkable fact comes into play. Tradition from the Euphrates
region (Mesopotamia) seems to identify Alcyone with the ceremony of
FOUNDATION-LAYING. This is significant when you discover that the Pyramid
builders have been traced to a Euphratean origin.
Furthermore, a researcher into ancient astronomy informs us that “Alaparos
(the second of the ten antediluvian kings of Euphratean legend) is equated
with Alcyone (Tauri).
The Euphratean astronomical abbreviation of the Sign is Te or Te te, the
highly abraded form of the Akkadian dimmena (‘foundation stone’) = Assyrian,
timmena timmen timme-tim tem te (‘foundation’).
The ‘Foundation’ star (Temennu) is the Pleiad, or particularly Alcyone.”
(Brown, Primitive Constellations, vol. 1, p.57)
Was the pointer to Alcyone the “FOUNDATION Star” fixed in stone to record
the date of the “FOUNDATION” of the Pyramid? A strong probability.
The “scored line” defines actual observations at midnight of two successive
Autumn Equinoxes, that of 2145 BC. and that of 2144 BC. These observations
fix the astronomical zero for reckoning of days, as associated with midnight.
They likewise define the commencement of the Pyramid's solar year at the
Autumnal Equinox.

According to researcher Basil Stewart, the Egyptian “Book of the Dead”,
suggested that the Ascending Passages would represent “years for inches" in
the Pyramid. (Stewart, The Mystery of the Great Pyramid, pp 17 19)
From the “Scored Lines” of 2144 BC, the passage was measured - until at 200
inches a dark granite plug was reached. Calculating on the “inch to the year”
scale, this brought interesting results.
If these 200 inches truly represented 200 years, then the conclusion was
astonishing. Why? Because 200 years would pinpoint the precise date of the
ending of the Great Flood in 2344 BC!
Had this dark plug been set in place to symbolize the darkness which came over
the earth at that time?
Then emerged something almost as startling.
The star group Aquarius (“the Waterman”) was also found to be featuring in the
astronomy of the Pyramid. Ancient peoples associated AQUARIUS with the waters
The accepted date for the ending of the Great Flood is 2344 BC. And would you
believe, the SAME “Scored Lines” that pointed to Alcyone the Foundation Star
in 2144 BC, also pointed to the precise spot in the sky where AQUARIUS would
have been directly overhead in 2344 BC!
Just think about that.
I am NOT saying that the Great Pyramid was already built before the Flood,
with its “scored lines” standing there pointing to Aquarius while the Flood
was on. No, the pyramid was built AFTER the Great Flood. (Its measurements
incorporate the length of the new, post-Flood 365¼ day year, and NOT the
pre-Flood 360 day year.) And the “scored lines” were positioned to commemorate
an event that had already occurred.
Let it be understood that I am not endorsing such things as predictions of the
future in pyramid measurements, as some do. We are simply attesting to some
known facts of history.

The ancient races believed that the devil (represented by a serpent, or dragon)
had hijacked Planet Earth and entrapped mankind into rebellion against the
Creator. They also recorded this understanding in the pictures of the
constellations on their star maps.
In 2144 BC, Thuban Alpha of the DRACONIS Constellation (representing the DRAGON,
identified as representing SATAN) shone down the Descending Passage towards the
so-called “Bottomless Pit” at the bottom. In the ancient world, Satan (Lucifer)
was understood to have caused man’s descent to darkness, desolation and death.
That star of the Dragon constellation, shining over the Descending Passage,
By contrast the “Scored Lines” pointed to the PLEIADES which symbolised a
sweetening influence. Hence in the old book of Job we read:

Can you bind the SWEET INFLUENCES of Pleiades? (Job 38:31)

In ancient traditions, the Pleiades star group was associated with benign
influence and blessedness.
So in this sense, the Great Pyramid encapsulates the struggle between Good and
Evil. Did they see the uplifting influence of the Pleiades as a symbol of the
Creator’s intervention to save man from the results of his own folly? Was this
a message that man need not be always on a slippery downward path but can look
This much is certain. The ancient world was very conscious of the two opposing
forces behind world events.
The influence of Evil, well illustrated by the Descending Passage with the
Dragon Constellation shining down it, was depicted by writers such as Isaiah:

How you are fallen,.. O Lucifer [The Dragon]. For you have said in your
heart, ‘I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit . . .
in the sides of the NORTH.’
(Isaiah 14: 12 15)

Thuban Alpha, shining over it, is situated on the NORTH face of the Great Pyramid!
Modern Astronomy has confirmed that midnight, September 22nd, 2144 BC, was the
date when Alcyone of the “sweet” Pleiades was in position over the “Scored Lines”,
just at the same time when Thuban-Alpha of the “evil” Draconis was shining down
the Descending Passage to the “Pit”.
Thus Astronomy gives a date which may have great significance for the Great

The ancient calendars had a 360 day year. In harmony with this, the earth was
divided into 360 degrees. The ancient Chinese calendar was 360 days long. So was
the Babylonian. And the Roman. And the Mayan. And the Indian. And the Egyptian.
But later, every nation changed its calendar.
This rearrangement of the calendars in antiquity has long been a puzzle to scholars.
Why did ALL those ancient nations change their calendars from years of 360 days to
365 ¼ days?
My neighbour Rob Payne thought he had come up with the answer. “Oh, I can explain
that,” he said. “The ancients first proposed a rough system of yearly count, and
later, when their mathematical knowledge increased, they refined it.”
Nice try, Rob. Except we’ve now discovered that those ancient peoples were already
excellent astronomers and mathematicians - yes, even when they created the 360 day
I put in my book, COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES that the year was 360 days before Thoth the Egyptian and his race brought the Moon into orbit around earth. By bouncing it off the Arctic Ocean it knocked the Earth into a more circular orbit around the sun causing the Year to be 5.5 days longer and shortening the day 34 minutes. The impact exterminated all the horses, camels and mastodons in North America and piled up heaps of bones on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Any indigenous tribes in the Americas went underground to survive.
For example, the Maya have left us some of their calculations. They computed the
synodic period of the moon as 29.5209 days, as accurately as we can calculate today
with our sophisticated equipment. Their degree of accuracy would surely not have
been less for the year.
Now let me ask you: Why would so many cultures in such widely scattered regions
of the world all have made the very same mistake for the length of the year, and
then all rectify it in the same way?
I know some folk like to think the Great Pyramid of Egypt is much older. But
realistically, there is good reason to believe that it was built within a few
hundred years after the Flood. The Great Pyramid accurately stands in the centre
of the land surface of the earth as it NOW exists and must have existed at the
time the pyramid was built.
It could be called a huge planet marker, a giant survey post. It marks both the
longitude and latitude at which there is more land and less sea than at any other
meridian on earth. Evidently the builders were well acquainted with the exact
amount of land on the surface of the earth as it existed AFTER the Flood (not
before), as well as its geographical distribution.. This suggests that results
of the post-Flood global survey were already in.
I believe the Great Pyramid was constricted on the geographic land mass center of the world and was the zero degrees longitude marker at the time it was constructed.

It would also explain why the NEW LENGTH OF THE YEAR was also incorporated into
the measurements of the Great Pyramid.
The external features, dimensions and units of this pyramid together give
precisely and accurately every essential value of the earth’s PRESENT motions
and orbit – not the PREVIOUS one that existed before 2345 BC.
This identifies the Great Pyramid as a post-Flood structure. Definitely not

For example, intentionally or by accident, the circuit distance around its base,
measured direct from corner to corner, is 36,524.22 primitive inches. This is
exactly 100 times 365.2422 - the value in days of our solar year.
Even though the calendar was still 360 days long.
This is so astonishing, we must take off our hats to those early post-Flood
scientists. They were ahead of us in many ways. There was no rough count; it
was precise to the ten thousandth of a decimal point.

A tablet discovered at Tanus in the Nile Delta in 1866 reveals that in the
ninth year of Ptolemy Euergetes (c. 237 BC), the priests at Canopus decreed
that it was “necessary to harmonize the calendar according to the present
arrangement of the world.”
The reason the ancients gave for the re-calculated calendars was not that they
were in error, nor that they had improved on more primitive techniques. It was
that there was a “changed order of things.”
And with each passing century, the calendar misalignment had become more
The nations that sprang up after the Flood with a ready-made culture, inherited
their knowledge basically from the world that was wiped out at the Deluge. They
continued where Noah left off. They inherited, along with everything else, the
antediluvian (pre-Flood) calendar of 360 days.
Was there, at the time of the Deluge, a change not only in the planet’s axis, but
a change in its orbit, which in turn caused the lengthened year?
It does bring to mind that curious biblical reference to the Creator, who was
believed to “move the earth out of her place.” (Isaiah 13:13)
The Great Pyramid constructed in 10,500 BC? No, not before 2144 BC. So much for
another myth.
Would you like to know more ancient secrets?
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Dear Mark
As you know in my book, COSMO9OLOGICAL ICE AGES I put the arrival of our big Moon at 11,718 years ago based on Antarctic Ice core graphs. It hard to pinpoint an exact date because the colanders have changed and there were so many of them. If there was a way to correlate all the data like the Peri Reis map showing Antarctica ice free, Earth tilt etc. and make it match I would do it but everything is so confusing it’s hard to arrive at any definitive date that makes sense. Every time you think you have it something else comes up. Maybe Jonathan Gray is right I don't know. I will look at the data you sent.

It really interesting when ASKET says the flood occured 9545 years BC. When you add 2013 it comes to 11,558 years ago. My estimate based on Antarctic Ice cores when Earth suddenly came out of the Ice Age is 11,718, which is only 160 years different. So the Moon was brought into orbit 11,718 years ago and it took 160 years for the ice to build up on Antarctica to the point where a good portion of it would slide off into the sea 160 years later 11,558 years ago. Noah had 160 years to build the Ark and load everything on board before the Antarctic Ice sheet slid off into the ocean causing a mile high tidal wave? 

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