Sunday, October 21, 2012


Americans are getting smarter despite what the government has done to us with 50 to 100 mercury-contaminated, vaccines, chlorinated and fluoridated drinking water, genetically modified foods, and the chemical spraying of aluminum powder mixed with boron from high flying jet aircraft.

If you were born in the United States you did not ask to become a citizen. You were under the age of consent when the doctor filled out your birth certificate and sent it the Bureau of Vital Statistics so that the hospital could collet two thousand dollars. Your State then put a blue boarder around my birth Certificate creating a corporate trust without your knowledge and consent. You were kidnapped, conscripted, shanghaied and turned into a bonded slave by a government that profits from the bonds it places on the heads of its people and if you think you have any protection under the Constitution think again! You were no alive when the Constitution was written.

I sent my voter registration card back to the state because I am fed up with phony government licenses/registrations/slave contracts for things I shouldn’t have to ask for in the first place. Why do you have to have a license from the government to do anything? It is your basic right to live free on your land with minimum dependence and contracts with government agencies.
“…the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction” relates to time of birth, and not owning allegiance at birth cannot become a Citizen save by subsequent naturalization, individually or collectively. The words do not mean merely geographical location, but ‘completely subject to the political jurisdiction’.” ELK v. WILINS, 112 U.S. 94, at 102 (1884)
“An old principle, laid down from the earliest ages of British jurisprudence, from which we receive our national institutions, is that allegiance is that thread which bonds the subject to the sovereign, by implied contract, owes, in turn, protection to the subject; and the very moment that the Government withholds its protection, that very moment allegiance ceases.” --George A. Smith, from a discourse delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt lake city, on November 29, 1857; 6 JOURNAL OF DISCOURSES 84, AT 85 (London, 1859).

Margaret Thatcher once said that ' Socialism is great until the other guy runs out of money. ' TPTB have built themselves a house of cards and it's about to come down.

At some point we must wake up. At some point we must take responsibility for our selves and for our own destiny. Does our authority come from God, or not? Are we devoted to a Father in Heaven or are we devoted to the dollar and Washington DC?
Before the 14th amendment was put in force, in 1868 an ' expatriation act, ' was declared that enables you and me to separate ourselves from the nonsense of these City State Corporations that have hijacked America. We have every right to; 1 – Exile ourselves from DC 2 – proclaim the meets and bounds in our state as Free 3 – declare an Oath and Affirmation of devotion to God

Some where in the good book it declares that ' when my people repent, and turn away from their evil then I will forgive them and heal their land. ' If we don't declare America and ourselves as ' Free Land, ' dedicated to God then who else will do this work?

Many years ago overlaying surveys were put in place in order to hide the evidence of ' the Reign of the Heavens. ' The Emanuel Trust represents land that jesus set aside for His Kingdom. Jesus has a Great Seal. Jesus had a Royal Blue and Purple flag. Jesus organized a hospital and an army. These truths have been hidden for over 2,000 years. John the Baptist proclaimed exile from the jurisdiction of Rome. John the Baptist declared a separate nation; he declared meets and bounds by the Sea of Galilee. These things may be why John the Baptist lost his head. Jesus was a citizen of Nazareth. Jesus went in to the wilderness, exiled Himself.
Why do elected officials not have their Letter of Acceptance and Acknowledgement? Where is their evidence of authority?
We have every right to self-determination. Even UN law supports self-determination. We have every right to change our jurisdiction. Rules under the Law of Nations support our right to choose the jurisdiction that we will stand under. 

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