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Arthritis Cure

Henry How do you know you have mycoplasma bacteria?

As you age the more harmful bacteria you collect. The latest Scientific American magazine says we are only 10% human. The rest is bacteria. I had assumed we were at least 505 human but I may be wrong. I know this is hard to believe so check it out. 

A shot of whiskey once in a while will kill some of them. Colidial silver can kill about 650 varieties of bacteria. A glass a day won't hurt you despite all the stupid hype against using it. The FDA can't condemn it because it is used by the medical profession and has been around forever. The elite avoided the plague in the middle ages by taking silver in various forms. Before refrigeration people used to drop a silver dollar in a quart of milk to keep it from spoiling. A glass of red wine a day can boost your immune system. 

Killing off bacteria with electric devices (Rife machines or Beck machines) or any way you can, will help reduce their numbers. I build a transistor device. The schematic is in the book, THE CURE FOR ALL DISEASE. I don't have a copy of the schematic but I am sure you can find in on the net.

Mycoplasma live on the surface of your skin and in your gut. Everybody has trillions of them. They grow very slowly so doctor's cant culture them. Most doctors refuse to acknowledge that they exist because they can't see them. They can be cultured but it takes a week or so. Old people are getting arthritis because their immune systems have been compromised and the mycoplasma is eating their cartilage. They love to eat protein and cartilage is animal protine. If you can kill them off and add more protine to your diet you might have a chance to rebuild it.

Here is a tip that can help reduce the number of mycoplasma in your system: Stop eating preserved meats like hot dogs, sausage, bacon, ham etc that contain nitrates. Nitrates feed mycoplams and increase their numbers!!! Nitrates make good fertilizer and explosives but don't eat it!

Our soldiers are coming home from the Middle East with mycoplasma incognitos which is so small it gets into the DNA and soldiers are giving it to their wives and kids. This is a new kind of mycoplasma that was probably genetically engineered to alter the human race. Into what, we don't know yet???? The government knows more about this than they are letting on…

Its a numbers game. You have to kill most of them off so that your body can rebuild. This can be hard especially when you get older. Because your gut doesn't work as efficiently when your are old you may have to take a lot of supplements to get any effect from them and some pills pass right through.

Here is what I have been taking lately: Shackle Joint Health four pills a day to begin with reducing to two a day after a couple weeks. The only reason I am buying Shackle is because some older friends of mine are selling the stuff. Its expensive at $30. Remember most pills can be worthless due to your aged gut's inability to absorb nutrients and the type of coating on the outside of the pill. Osteo Biflex pills might work just as well as the Shackle products. I don't know for sure.

I also take Osteo Bi-flex Nutra Joint and Immune support formula most mornings. It is a powder and comes in a cardboard can at Wallmart for about $16.00. I mix a scoop in an 8-ounce glass of juice such as Newman's grape juice or orange juice and drink it down before coffee or tea along with blood pressure medication. It contains D3 and Acai. I think this stuff is helping me the most. Some mornings I start out with a glass of milk and protein powder, Cartilage is protein so you need protein to rebuild it.

Another product that was recommend to me is Joint Advantage Gold. This product is in Dr. David Williams catalog 1-800-888-1415. I will order some when the Shackle stuff runs out. 

I usually tap a couple birch trees and drink the sap each year but I didn't this year. It contains aspirin-like benefits. I hear it is bottled and drank as a tonic in Russia. The sap only runs about two weeks in May so the supply is limited. I drill a half-inch hole in a birch tree      angled up slightly and drive in a 6-inch-long piece of copper tubing with a flange on the outer end. I then take a one-quart or gallon juice bottle, poke a small hole in it and work it over the flange so it hangs there on the tree. Insects love the stuff. I use the juice bottles to keep most of the bugs out. Commercial operations use long plastic hoses to large tanks. When the sap starts running you can get over a gallon a day out of a big tree. When the sap quits, remove your copper pipe and plug the hole with moss or a twig to keep the bugs out. 

Its too late to do this now. Try it next May. I made mead out of it one year and that was wonderful.  

I have been getting around real well lately with little or no pain and without a cane. I am 6-foot and weigh 230. If I lose more weight it will help but it is hard to lose weight when your joints hurt. I have been working like a dog installing a 250 HP Cummings diesel in my 42-foot boat and getting my fish sites ready for another salmon season. I pick fish during the day and run the boat all night for 2.5 months which makes you crazy. some years I transport up to 250,000 pounds of salmon.

We live in the bush most of the time and drink good water from our stainless steel well point. The water is filtered through miles of volcanic sand from Mt. Redoubt. Clean water without fluorides and chlorine is important. I break in when I drink Safeway water in one-gallon plastic bottles. I would recommend staying away from all plastic. Mankind never used to have so many of these arthritis problems because we lived simpler and ate more natural foods.

The health topic is extremely complicated. We are being attacked orally, genetically and chemically by our own government for profit so that they can hire more people to pry into our affairs. The corporate chemical and food industry is making billions on us.

Hitler discovered that if he fed fluoride to prisoners that they stayed calm and didn't riot when they walked to the gas chambers. Stalin used it later on in his gulags.

My book THER FROG IS COOKED has a vast list of things about what the government is doing to kill us.

My book Philosopher's Stone has information about feeding the mitochondria for life extension. They have the ability to electrostatically rearrange (transmute) matter particularly orbitally rearranged matter like ORMUS to make any element necessary for complete cell division. Because ORMUS is so large (over 1000 Fermies in diameter) the atomic forces are weaker enabling mitochondria to electrostatically rip them apart (pull out protons to make necessary elements.) Planck’s constant is E = hf. Energy equals Planck’s Constant times frequency.

When you are dealing with cooper paired electrons traveling at the speed of light around a large atom 1000 or so Fermies in diameter you not only warp space you are producing with a magnetic frequency way above the gigahertz range. You can compute this frequency by taking light speed at 186,282 miles per second and calculate how many times it would travel around an object that is 1000 Fermies in diameter in one second. Since they are passing each other at twice light speed the magnetic pulse frequency would equal that number. You can see that when you use E=hf the power of the magnetic pulse is easily strong enough to rip apart ordinary matter and can easily rearrange monatomic ORMUS.     
We lack minerals in our diet. The deserts in the southwest used to be ancient oceans and the soil is loaded with essential minerals. Over the centuries the rain leaches these minerals down about three or four feet. You can see a white layer about 2 to 6-inches thick in the dry washes. This material is worth more than gold. In fact it contains monatomic platinum and gold along with magnesium and other trace minerals—many of them in the ORMUS state. This info is worth billions. Run with it…

40 years ago I worked in the Corpus Christi shipyard building 135-foot crew boats for Argentina. I attended University of Corpus Christi.

I was born on a barge in Seldovia, Alaska and fish king crab with 650 pound crab pots for 25-years. I used to flip them end for end to roll 75 of them up the beach at the end of the season. That will wear out your joints real fast. I have more than 13,000 days of documented sea time. A person can live 30,000 days if he reaches the age of 82.19 years.

Stem cells taken from your bone marrow have been proven to rebuild cartilage, Also the T cell taken from your own blood and injected into joints seems to work. If you are in pain all I can suggest is that you look up these technologies on the internet and try it. maybe go to Germany or some other progressive country that allows the actual curing of disease contrary to the Rockefeller doctrine~that founded the medical schools and hospital establishments in the US... 

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