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WAR IN TWO MONTHS PREDICTED by several sources...

FEMA put the gasifier plans on the internet. Download for free...

During World War Two farmers couldn't low their fields because there was no gasoline to run their tractors. They built gasifiers that mounted on the front and ran them on wood smoke. The first engines were run on wood gas not oil. Review the three videos on This excellent free info.

The pellet stoves cost about the same as a wood stoves only they don't produce smoke so you can use them in the city... You get a government rebate of $300 when you purchase one. The government says they have less CO2 emissions than natural gas.

The fire box is about a foot square and a cast iron auger slowly forces the pellets into the fire. You dump 40 pound sack every morning and it heats 1,500 square feet for 24 hours. Less fuel is used when the temperature is warm. The sacks of pellets cost $5.28 plus tax at Home Depot here in Kenai only-- they are being shipped up here on trucks burning diesel oil from Washington state. If you burn 30 sacks a month at $6 a sack your heat bill will be $180.00. Our natural gas bill is about the same.

If we get into a war which is predicted in the next two months the natural gas may be turned off and the electric service will be bombed. The oil refinery and pipeline will be bombed as will the Valdez oil terminal and the hydroelectric dams.

According to the Nostradamous book translated by Manfred Dimde that I bought yesterday Children will sustain genetic damage in 2011. This could the be due to any number of things like food additives, MSG, chemical spraying, micoplasma incognitos, Roundup pesticide, and GM foods. 

Half the population in the United States will die in a war between 2012 and 2014. Two thirds of the European population and Three quarters of the Muslim populations will die. [Pages 98 and 99]

"By the year 2014 the castrophe will finally run its course. The surviving population will suffer from severe skin disorders." "However, the people who are infected will not be quarantined. Sadly wrong treatment methods will be used."

RE: Energy Grant/loan to save human lives in case of emergency

Dear Sirs:
I had lunch today with a man that heats his 1000 square foot home mostly with a pellet stove. He bought one ton of wood pellets from Home Depot. He paid $6 a sack for the 40-pound sacks. He puts two gallons of wood pellets in his stove every morning and turns it on and it burns seven to eight hours. Once a month he takes out one coffee-can-full of ashes that he spreads on his garden. The pellet stoves burn very clean leaving practically no ash.

We may have to go back to steam power.
There are 10 KW and 20 KW wood powered gasifier generators on the market but they are expensive. 
Our non-profit corporation WORKFORCE TRAINING SCHOOL is seeking a grant or loan to utilize yard waste wood that is filling up our landfills as well as the hundreds of square miles of spruce bark beetle kill here on the Kenai Peninsula. We had a lot of strong winds last winter that snapped off trees making it difficult for moose and people to navigate through the woods. Consequently the animals wind up foraging on the roads and trails. This causes more moose to get run over or killed by bears. This is becoming more of a danger to the public and property as it causes more moose / vehicle collisions and more bear encounters with humans.
How much money does the government spend putting out forest fires each year? How many lives and homes are lost due to fire? How much carbon dioxide is released into the air from a forest fire? We could reduce some of the danger and cost to the government if some of that money were diverted to our non-profit it could reduce the fire hazard.
What we want to do is utilize more of this dead wood turning it into chips that can be used for clean burning fuel. FEMA recently posted the WWII gasifier plans on the internet. Farmers couldn’t plow their fields to grow crops during WWII due to the fuel shortage.
“The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency has endorsed wood pellet heat as one of the cleanest burning most renewable energy sources of the planet. Wood pellets made from waste wood such as wood shavings and sawdust are carbon neutral and do not contribute to global warming because they emit the lowest greenhouse gas of any fuel burned.”

The price of gasoline and diesel in Alaska has doubled in the last five years. We expect it to double again in a five years. If America goes to war with Iran it will accelerate the fuel price to $10.00 a gallon—possibly $20 a gallon. Alaskans will be hurting. FEMA recently put the old WWII gasifier plans on line. To learn more about the history of gasafiers go to and watch the three short videos.
Our non-profit Corporation information is as follows:
Workforce Training School.A non-profit 501 (C) (3). DUNN # 966507183. Go to State of Alaska Corporations, type in: 42875D to see a list of officers. Our Federal tax number is: 94-3087410. Contact: Phone: (907) 283-1456
I propose to set up one facility between Nikiski and Kenai, one in Soldotna and one in Clam Gulch. The pellet and chip facility in Clam Gulch will serve Ninilchik, Anchor Point and Homer. Enclosed is a picture of that building.
CC Governor, Shawn Parnell

RE: Energy Grant/loan to save human lives in case of emergency
Dear Sir:
After doing more research I decided that the best way to make this project work is to get the wood delivered to the plant free. My non-profit will pay local wood cutters $100 a cord for logs and rounds. The money will come from various organizations both public and private that want the trees removed. I outlined 16 ways to get money to buy the wood.
Later on I learned that Homer Electric Association spent over 1.3-million dollars this winter clearing trees along power lines. A cord of wet spruce weighs over a ton (enclosed is a weight sheet) and would make a ton of pellets that sell for $260 at Home Depot. In other words 1.3-million dollars would buy 13,000 tons of wood. If that wood were made into pellets it would sell for $3,380,000.00 at Home Depot prices.
240 days a year operation the net profit is: $360,000 after expenses of $48,000 loan payments.
100 days a year operation the net profit is: $150,000 after expenses of $20,000 in loan payments.
It will take approximately 60 days to install the equipment after it arrives in Alaska.
I discovered two wood chippers in Anchorage and two used delivery trucks with cranes. The medium portable plants made by Henan Kingman M&E Model ZLBIO-C22 can produce 200 to 300 kg/hour sell for $31,245.00 each +plus freight. Two plants will reduce down time…

The cost for all the equipment with freight and installation cost is $400,000.00. I didn’t include the cost of the land and old steel building which is $90,000. I also forgot to include the cost of a chain-link fence around the property, a fire suppression system and three phase electric panel and wiring. To get one pellet plant into operation using two new large pellet machines is a minimum of $500,000. It will employ 3 full time and about 20 part time woodsmen.

If someone were to buy property and erect a new building with all new equipment, the cost would be in excess of one million. $1,000,000. The life you save may be your own...

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