Monday, October 11, 2010

2012 Pole Shift


Charles Hapgood, Flemauth and Einstein tried to explain how Earth got out of the last Ice Age with a crustal shift. Crustal slip is an unproven theory where the crust of the earth slips over the liquid mantel. The Hawaiian Islands that were made by upwelling lava. I wondered how old they are. If they have been in the same place millions of years then there hasn't been a crustal slip in millions of years.

Kauai is 5.1 million years old
Oahu is 3 million years old
Molokai is 3.1 million years old
Maui is 1.32 million years old
The Big Island of Hawaii is about 400,000 years old.

After writing COSMOLOGICAL ICE AGES many people have asked me if there is going to be a pole shift around the date 2012.

There is no such thing as a fast crustal slip where the Earth's crust slips over the liquid mantel. The Hawaiian Islands that are located over a volcanic hot spot about 19.5 degrees north latitude. This is the same latitude as the Bermuda Triangle, the great spot on Jupiter and Olympus Mons volcano on Mars. This location on planets has something to do with orthorotational physics of rotating bodies.

Enclosed is a map of the Hawaiian Islands and their age. As you can see the Earth's crust has moved only a few hundred miles northwest in 5-million years. This was due to the mid ocean ridge expanding and not a crustal slip.

It takes a lot of force to shift the actual North Pole of the Earth like happened 12,500 years ago--in the neighborhood of 650 terramegatons. There is one object up there in the sky with enough mass to shift Earth 23.5 degrees in relation to the sun's rays and that is the Moon with a mass of 7.23 E 22 Kilograms. The Earth has a mass of 5.98 E 24 Kilograms. I used space shuttle entry angle of 11 degrees and a speed of 2.5 kilometers per second which is enough to bounce it off Earth and into orbit. I put the data in effects.

The only way you can put a Moon in orbit around a planet is to bounce it off the surface or have it self powered. The impact released 650 terramegatons of force and depressed Earth's crust 5 kilometers. It shifted the rotational pole about 1600 miles from southern Greenland to its present location.

The resulting impact killed off all the tribe, horses, camels and Mastondons in North America and Siberia. It depressed the Earth's crust 5 kilometers and it bounced back up to 1.3 kilometers. The Arctic Ocean is five kilometers deep in one spot and has an average depth of 1.3 kilometers. Is that synchronistic or what?

It put tremendous pressure inside the Earth causing water to squirt up ("releasing the well springs of the deep causing Noah's Flood") shifting the Earth's rotational pole 23.5 degrees.

The 1,600-mile pole shift 23.5 degree angel doubled arable land and increased the productivity of the oceans for larger populations of humans and animals and increased oxygen production with increas fish plankton growth. A pole shift like this probably will never happen again unless something big hits the Earth. It has to have a mass half or greater than the mass of the Moon.

Magnetic pole shifts and reversals are common. Every thousand years or so when the sun reverses it's magnetic field it changes the Earth's magnetic field. It probably will not harm mankind except solar flares might incinerate internet and GPS satellites. Migratingt birds might have a difficult time flying north to lay their eggs.

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