Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nobel Prizes are given out for less.

I am 65 and may not live too much longer so it is important to get the word out. Feel free to copy and paste this information.

1. By plotting our corse through space I discovered that our Sun was born in Orion.

2. After the planets were formed Earth was in an Ice Age for over a billion years. The oceans were frozen a mile deep. Earh had a 750 PSI atmiosphere extending 2,500 miles above the surface. There was no way to get life started and thaw out the oceans because the sun didn't burn as hot as it does today. Our solar system eventuall drifted between the ancient two-solar mass stars Procyon and Sirius. Little Sirius B the size of our Earth (1.5 solar masses) orbiting around Sirius A every 54 years grabbed hold of our sun and put us in a 1/20th of a light year orbit around Sirius. The additionsl light and heat from these giant stars thawed the ice. Sirius B putting out hundreds of times more ultraviolet light than our sun pierced our thick atmosphere and started plants to grow in the oceans releasing oxygen for animal life to breathe.

3. How, why and who put the moon in robit around earth 11,711 years ago will completely blow your mind.

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